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Meet a few of our happy customers.

Emily Clinton

Actress & Blogger, www.everydayemilyeve.com

Walpole, Massachusetts

I am very aware of what it is I put into and on my body and use about 90% naturally based products. I have such a passion for it and love making others aware of it. I was in the film, "The Fighter" with Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams. Recently I was also in a film for HBO called "Clear History" starring Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Larry David, Michael Keaton, and Eva Mendes.

Bethany Trainor

Writer & Full Time Student, Sprinkles and Allergies

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I'm a contributor to Delight Gluten-Free Magazine and a full time student working towards my Master's of Nutrition and Dietetics. I struggled with undiagnosed Celiac Disease for 21 years until I was finally diagnosed 4 years ago. Red Apple Lipstick has completely eliminated my anxiety over wearing lipstick!

Shannon McClure

Mommy Of Two

North Pole, Alaska.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in the fall of 2012. I love writing, reading, knitting and spending time with my family. I have two teenage kids. My daughter also has a gluten sensitivity. I found Red Apple and it has made such a difference in my life. The Rallye Balm is the best. The extreme cold of an Alaskan winter can be hard on your lips and the Rallye Balm has saved my lips. My daughter and I love the lip glosses.

Angel Hooper


Henderson, Nevada.

I am a girly girl. With that being said I love jewelry, clothes, purses, shoes and especially makeup...lipstick more importantly. I am a lipstick-a-holic. Life tends to have enough stress without having to wonder what is inside my lipstick and being Celiac that is so important to me. With RAL, I have no stress or worries. I can be safe and sassy.

Beth Maturevich

Country Singer

Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

I was sick for years before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, going GF changed my life. I am on stage all the time in the areas hottest country band and make-up is a big part of my world...knowing now that my lip product won't make me sick and looks absolutely fabulous helps me shine up there! Thanks for helping me live just like everyone else without worry!!!

Debbie Dribin

Celiac Sports Fanatic

Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

I enjoy sports (a lot!), reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I love to go out and have fun, or just stay in and enjoy time with my husband! I’ve become very aware of what I put in and on my body. Finding Red Apple Lipstick has given me freedom to not worry about my makeup and know that I look wonderful at the same time! Thank you so much for the peace of mind, providing beautiful, safe, non-toxic makeup for women everywhere!

McCall Walgren

Nerdy Musical Mom

Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Im a Nerdy, musical mommy of one energetic girl who was diagnosed with celiacs in 2010. Trying to keep a positive outlook on living a total gluten free life so I can have the health and energy to live life to the fullest. Red apple lipstick has given this busy mommy a healthy and easy chance to look beautiful each and every day.

Angela Lunt

Cancer Survivor

San Antonio, Texas.

I was never a girly makeup girl until I found RAL! I have been gluten free (due to Celiac and Hashimoto's) for five years. I have a history with skin cancer, so I am very careful of what I put in and on my body. I LOVE Red Apple Lipstick because I know every product is on my "safe" list.

Pamela Prinkkila

Paleo Life Expert - www.pamelaspaleolife.com

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

I enjoy reading, walks with my dog, cooking, photography, scrapbooking and blogging at PamelasPaleoLife.com. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac disease, both autoimmune disorders caused in part by gluten. I discovered Red Apple Lipstick in 2012 and immediately fell in love! As a former flute player, I am especially conscious about lip care and Red Apple is the BEST I've ever used!! I am so obsessed with Red Apple products.

Ashley Teague

Full Time Student

Mesa, Arizona

I'm 20 and I'm obsessed (in a good way) with health, fitness, nutrition, and all things beauty related. I have Rosacea, extreamly sensitive skin and the allergies that come along with Rosacea. It took a while to find a brand like Red Apple that delivered good quality products that made me feel beautiful without the worries of "Will this cause me more health problems?" or " What if this causes a bad reaction?" Until these products came into my life I didn't wear much makeup. So a big "Thank You!" To Red Apple Lipstick for helping me rediscover my love for makeup.

Michelle Dunlasky

Mommy of Three

Gilbert, Arizona

I am a married mom of three children. I have been gluten-free for 9 months. I am so happy to finally find the perfect Red! lipstick. The fact I can wear it knowing there is no gluten to make my eyes water or skin break-out is a dream come true. I am really impressed with the staying power of Red Apple Lipstick. I know it will last no matter what the day brings: Blogging, Yoga, Zumba, Boot Camp, Couponing, Cooking and of course eating. I feel confident knowing that my make-up will still look beautiful.

Laura Messer

Devoted Wife and Mom

Buckner, Missouri

I love volunteering, its my passion. I also love to garden, fish, cook, take pictures, and I love MAKEUP! I have Celiac Disease, and I have struggled with Rheumatiod Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Red Apple lipstick has changed my whole view on makeup. I am a girlie girl, and being diagnosed with Celiac Disease was a huge blow. However Red Apple has turned a negative into a positive! When a makeup company does that, it should be recognized. Thank you Red Apple for making me feel safe about the makeup I wear. I love you guys!

Alissa Raschke-Janchenko

Gluten Free Blogger, Shopper, Professional Nerd - www.breakingupwithcaptaincrunch.com

Chicago, Illinois

My name is Alissa, and I'm a blogger, shopper and professional nerd. I'm just another wacky celiac trying to fight the good fight, all while looking fab. Red Apple lets me be glam and gorgeous without having to worry about gluten!

Rachel Anderson


Midland Texas

I am a freelance artist dabbling in photography, music, abstract painting, and a homemaker. I have been worried about toxins in products and makeup and Red Apple Lipstick puts me at ease. Not only is allergy friendly it's free of parabens. I love the way it feels and makes me feel beautiful.

Tracy Georges

Acitivist, Lipstick Addict - www.crazyasnormal.com

Midland Texas

I have a lipstick addiction. I readily admit it. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I carry around no less than 7 lipsticks and/or glosses in my purse. I may want to randomly change colors during the day. Or the lighting may change. I decided to go vegan two years ago, buying make-up became a chore. I received a sample of RAL, fell in LOVE with it. It stays on, it looks great, and it's one less thing I have to feel guilty about. Next step is owning one of each color. And yes, I may very well carry them ALL in my purse. :)

Melissa Jennings

Gluten Free Blogger - www.stockpilingmoms.com

Independance, Kentucky

I have been gluten-free since 2011 when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I turned my passion for saving money into being dedicated to helping others living a gluten-free lifestyle save money too. I am Stockpiling Expert, experienced teacher, author and spokesperson, and a HUGE Red Apple Lipstick Fan!

Kathryn Hess

Physics Professor

Lafayette, Indiana

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease while working to complete my Ph.D. Celiac made me much more aware of the ingredients in my make up, and I recognized too many chemicals that were also being used in my materials experiments in grad school! I'm a make up novice, but I really wanted to look more professional when I re-entered the workforce. Thank goodness for RAL!! It means so much to have a safe product that also makes me feel pretty.

Hannah Bingham

Full Time Student

Edmond, Oklahoma

Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm a student with Celiac. I love travelling, taking photos and writing. I love the Red lipstick because it gives me great moisture and lets me dress up my makeup routine without fear of gluten!

Danette Otto

Mom & Special Needs Advocate

Anaheim, California

I'm a mom of 4 adult children, my youngest has autism and he is gluten intolerant. I've had him on a special free diet since he was 7 and he's made amazing strides. I kept gluten out of his diet but what most don't understand is it is hidden in lotions, shampoos, soaps, play-do and yes even our makeup. When I was lucky enough to come across Red Apple Lipstick, I was over the moon. I could touch and kiss my son without fear of transferring gluten onto him and poisoning his system. What a relief to know that I've done everything I can to keep my son healthy and gluten free. Every mom who worries about their child getting gluten should use Red Apple Lipstick products. The lipsticks are amazing and the eye shadows are fantastic. Even my son loves the Rallye Balm! Thank you Red Apple Lipstick for giving me worry free makeup.

Stephanie Ferguson

Lifestyle Blogger - www.stephanieannferguson.com

Raleigh, North Carolina

I am a wife and a mother of two lively, handsome boys. We learned of our allergies as a family about 5 years ago after the birth of our second son. I was so focused on eating to maintain our allergies, that I did not focus on products until about a year after our diagnosis. I couldn't figure out why I was still experiencing breakouts, hives, skin reactions, etc. Turns out, I needed to make more conscious decisions about the beauty products I was using. I was SO incredibly grateful when I stumbled across the Red Apple Lipstick, Thank you Red Apple Lipstick for maintaining your values, fighting for and keeping safe products on the market for all of us, you are loved and appreciated!

Carol Hartman

Retired School Teacher

Shawnee, Oklahoma

I am still teaching special ed kids suspended from school, doing homebound, and other tutoring part time jobs. I love FaceBook, Pinterest, aromatherapy, beading, exercise, and reading. I believe in Red Apple Lipstick like no other!!! I am 66, my dream is to get to "old age" and still have kissable lips:) Red Apple Lipstick helps all of us age gracefully and always be radiant!

Meg Bashey

Art Teacher

Fort Dodge, Indiana

I love to bake gluten free baked goods, I head a celiac chapter for CSA, involved in lots of local charities as possible
Enjoy the outdoors esp. my campfires in the backyard and a great glass of gluten free wine. RAL has helped me to realize I can wear lipstick again when I haven't for so many years due to my celiac disease. I'm excited to get back into having fun trying out new colors of makeup, lipstick and balm so that I too can feel special when I walk out the door of my home everyday. Thanks RAL!

Leah Johnson

Animal Caretaker

Quitman, Texas

I enjoying riding and training horses. I was a professional horse trainer until diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had to stop training /showing. I was so excited to find RAL and safe products for me. I use Rallye Balm, the lip glosses, lipsticks and now their beautiful eye shadows and I have no reactions from any of them, well other than, "you look good"! RAL products make me feel "normal" and help lift my spirits on days when Celiac disease tries to get the better of me. Thank you RAL!!

Jennifer Pike

Full Time Student

Denton, Texas

I'm a 23 year old college student and nanny. I'm working on my education degree. I have a gluten intolerance (currently undergoing testing to find out if I'm celiac). I got to meet some of your staff in Dallas at the Gluten Free Expo. I quickly bought two lip glosses and a few eyeshadows! They have changed my life! Due to B12 deficiency from my GI, it's hard to keep my lips from cracking. This is the first lipstick that I have found that does not make it worse! I love it!! I use it all the time!

Terrie Williams

Techie Grandma

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am a retired IT project manager. I love making jewelry, and reading books of all kinds. My interests include natural health and reading and teaching people the bible. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 yrs and was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity a year and a half ago. It has been an real education learning about what things I need to avoid to keep symptom free. It's nice to know that I can enjoy my love for makeup ( I especially love lipsticks!) without getting ill.

Susan Lindau

Lupus Survivor

Hammond, Wisconsin

I am a mom first, an animal rescuer second, and a nature-lover at heart. I am a 51 year old woman who lives a very healthy lifestyle, and I battle daily with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Rosacea, and Celiacs. I don't want anything potentially harmful to myself, especially with wearing make-up daily. Your line has lessened my stress, and I thank you for taking such an active role in your company.

Angela Peters

Hair Spray Lover! - http://www.hairsprayandhighheels.net/

Turnersville, New Jersey

A lipstick wearing, nail polish hoarding, animal print loving Jersey girl with a passion for all things beauty! My heels, hair and standards are all high so RAL is the place for me, since finding RAL I've learned that you don't need to put junk on your face, you can get a gorgeous look with an amazing all natural product, they give me the confidence to rock a *healthy* red lip!

Elesha Downs

Devoted Wife, Dedicated Mom, Reality TV Junkie

Evansville, Indiana

I love my life! Wife of 21 years. Mom to 20 year old Brennan, a student at the UofNebraska-Lincoln. Doggie mom too. Three years ago I lost 175 pounds, over half my body weight in 14 months. This definitely helped the JRA that I was diagnosed with at 10 years old. Thirty three years later, after learning I had been misdiagnosed, they now have determined I have an auto-immune disorder called ankylosing spondylitis. Going GF is a decision I made in search of pain relief. Finding Red Apple Lipstick has been a great aid in supporting my make-up obsession. Boys 'N' Berries Rocks!!

Lisa Whatley

Pediatric Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Sammamsish, Washington

My personal and professional passion for all things safe and natural, led me to Red Apple Lipstick. While I most adore Rallye Balm and Exfoliate Stick, I've discovered a repressed love of COLOR! I have purchased more eye shadows than lipsticks. I feel good about the money I spend on myself and the money I send to a company I believe in. And I feel very good about my gluten free, kissable lips!!!

Alyson Burton

Student - Ayurvedic Medicine

Van Nuys, California

I'm 23 and a student of Ayurvedic Medicine. I have been vegetarian for over 11 years and vegan for over 1 year. Since becoming vegan I have made it a point to only use vegan and cruelty free products. I also have very sensitive lips that break out when I try most standard lip products. Red Apple lipstick has been a godsend because not only is it vegan but it doesn't irritate my lips. I also love all the colors and options they offer. Thank you Red Apple Lipstick!!

Kim Schneider

Event Manager

Crystal Lake, Illinois

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in September of 2011. Durning a time when I felt I had to give up all of my favorite foods and beauty products to accommodate my new lifestyle, I was ecstatic to find RAL who has an incredible line of products that are ALL gluten free!! Celiac disease or not, I love their products and I tell my friends about them any chance I get. My personal favorites are the Clear Peppermint and Metropolis lipglosses!

Jenny Lewis


Lexington, Kentucky

I'm a librarian, a runner and a newly diagnosed Celiac. I had no idea gluten was in so many things OTHER than food! After being diagnosed I threw out all of my beauty products that had gluten in them and I was left with a tub of medicated lip balm and some hand lotion. That was NOT going to cut it. I'm so thankful that Red Apple lets me still feel girly and play with makeup, without worrying that it will make me sick. My favorite colors are the lipgloss Metropolis and lipstick Mauve Me.

Bonnie Para


Hollywood, Florida

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 12 years ago after suffering with symptoms for about 18 years. I have been 100% gluten free since, and have had a lot of difficulty finding makeup that I trust. When I received my order of Red Apple Lipstick, I was so pleased. It is always a crap shoot when ordering new products on-line, but I was totally delighted with the color, the consistency of the lipstick and how well it stays on. I don't feel like I'm eating it like I did with other brands. The packaging is great too. Great company and great products!

Janice Simcic

Vegitarian & Health Nut

North Ridgeville, Ohio

Being a woman over a "certain age", I am quite a fan of Red Apple products.........I love knowing that the lipstick I'm wearing is paraben and gluten free and looks fantastic too! I have been a vegetarian and health nut for over 20 years and was thrilled to find these products. As for myself and my life, I just learned to snow ski, am a Foosball enthusiast , love to dance and travel, and am enjoying life to the fullest. I love the compliments I receive when I wear my "Secrets" lipstick.........Thank You Red Apple!

Gillian Carlson

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Co-worker, Manager

Lake In The Hills, Illinois

I was diagnosed with an autoimune thyroid disease called Hashimotos. In my quest for better health and to reduce inflamation in my body, I switched to a gluten free diet. With my diet changes I realized that I also needed to switch my lipstick as well. That is when I discovered Red Apple Lipstick! I love the colors, that the lipsticks are not tacky or smelly, and I am not putting on and ingesting harmful chemicals! I tell all women in my life about Red Apple Lipsticks; I care about their health as well as showcasing their beauty! I feel beautiful and confident when I have fresh coat of Red Apple Lipstick on!

Georgia Rabert

Cancer Survivor

Irmo, South Carolina

I am a cancer survivor, wife & mom to 2 girls. I was diagnosed with celiac in July 2009. Most days I spend volunteering at my daughters school, carpooling or taking my girls to their afterschool activities. When I get time to myself, I love to go shopping, pedicures & have mom's night outs. Finding Red Apple Lipstick has helped me feel more pretty and a little better about myself when going out now.

Melanie Ertle

Fun Lover

Grand Prarie, Texas

I am a fun loving, out going lady. I love to dress up and go out in style. I have so enjoyed getting healthy and going GF is one way I am doing it. I love your lipsticks and in the process of trying your eyeshadows.. Can't wait..I will for sure spread the news on your awesome products.

Sarah Silva


San Antonio, Texas

I'm very sensitive to gluten, among other food/hygiene substances, so I'm cautious about which products I put in or on my body! Not only is Red Apple Lipstick gluten free, but I know there's nothing else in it I could have a reaction to, either. Before I started using it, I owned one lipstick, and rarely used it. Now I have several, and use them daily! Thank you!

Tracie Markley

Writer - Mom Of Two - www.lifeintheharbor.blogspot.com

Virginia Beach, Virginia

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and am finally feeling like myself again. When diagnosed, I was not educated about makeup and products containing gluten. Through research, I finally replaced everything that went in or on my body with products I knew were gluten free and safe for me. I tried a lot of gluten free makeup that was just awful...but then I found Red Apple Lipstick! I love this makeup! I feel beautiful and most importantly, my mind and body are at peace wearing it.

Michelle Wasserman

Art Teacher

Missouri City, Texas

My gluten-free journey started 2 1/2 years ago and has led me to improved health, increased energy, lower weight, and best of all, my little miracle daughter! The only make-up I wear daily is lipstick. When I started reading nutritional labels to avoid gluten, I thought my lipstick-wearing days were over. RAL to the rescue! Beautiful, safe, gentle on my lips, and yummy smelling, too. I'm a role model for my daughter to look good and be healthy.

Victoria Garcia


Colorado Springs, Colorado

I had been struggling with extreme eczema for almost a year when I found out it was mostly due to my high gluten sensitivity. I knew right then and there that my friendship with gluten was OVER. Little did I know gluten was everywhere! Yes, even in my cosmetics. After a little research, I found Red Apple Lipstick...and I am so glad I did! Thanks to them I can wear fun makeup without all the worry of toxic ingredients. RAL has beautiful products, and I feel great wearing them, from sitting in class to hiking at Garden of the Gods. RAL totally rocks my world!

Laura and Tannah Marshall

Mom, Supporter + Student

Chicago, Illinois

We're Laura and Tannah Marshall, a mother-daughter lipstick team! Laura is wearing a Rebel/Boys n'Berries combo, and Tannah is wearing Rebel and one of the lovely RAL eyeshadow palettes! Laura is a stay at home mom and Tannah currently goes to The Chicago Academy for the Arts for Theatre training. Neither of us have allergies to any cosmetics, but we both LOVE RAL! (Tannah wears it all the time to school). We both believe that everything we put on our bodies should be totally organic and naturally based, and with Red Apple we can look beautiful at the same time!

Jackie Spencer

School Teacher

Port Allen, Louisiana

I have been gluten-free for 8 years. I purged my beauty products for naturally based gluten free substitutions when I came down with another auto immune disorder. It is very important to me that the products that go on and in my body are safe. I love that I know the lip products I use from Red Apple will not cause my body any harm. My favorite color is "Plum Sexy Crazy"! The color looks great and stays on all day! I will forever be a user of Red Apple products! Thanks for helping me highlight my smile again!

Erica Dermer

Celiac Blogger and Cat Herder - www.celiacandthebeast.com

Port Allen, Louisiana

While my path to celiac was a rough start with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, I'm finally happy to be an advocate for the celiac and gluten-free community. After years of not knowing what I was doing and never reading a lipstick label, I finally committed to using gluten-free cosmetics! I feel like this is the final piece in keeping me healthy, and looking like a total rockstar. Red Apple Lipstick was the first gluten-free lipstick that I purchased and will probably be my last. I am in love with too many colors to name, and why shouldn't I be? We have the right to be healthy and beautiful!

Traci Ferrance

Living With Celiac

Richmond, Virginia

I was diagnosed with Celiac 2 years ago, I expected a shift in my diet. What I didn't expect was to have to switch out all my cosmetics. I'm one of the few people with Celiac who presents with a topical reaction to any gluten in anything that goes on my body. Red Apple Lipstick was a Godsend; I know without studying labels that every single product is safe for me to use. Having access to safe cosmetics makes it so much easier to keep my house completely gluten free.

Prany Medina

Beauty Vlogger

San Antonio, Texas

I never would of thought about a Gluten Free Lipstick till I found Red Apple Lipstick. After trying these two amazing colors, I'm thinking about buying their whole Lipstick line. The lipsticks goes on creamy, glossy, and as you see in the picture, very vibrant. I don't have any alergies, however, I do live a healthy lifestyle. Anything that's Alergen, Gluten and Paraben Free is definitely an A+ in my book. Thank you Red Apple Lipstick for introducing this Great Product. You Rock!!

Brandi Simmons


Guntown, Mississippi

Born into a family of photographers, I'm in front of a camera as much as I'm behind one, and that means owning beauty products that help me to look my best anytime a camera is flashing in my face. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy. I had to rearrange my entire diet as well as every beauty product, but nothing was harder than throwing away my lipsticks. I went without for a full year then I found RAL. I can't even describe the happiness I felt being told about your gluten free products. A girl just can't live without lipstick! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Lynda Abeyta


Vacaville, California

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in Nov 2010. This picture was taken on our vacation to Mexico in Nov 2012 my 2 year anniversary. I LOVE your Red Apple lipsticks and Rallye lip Balm. Now I don't have to worry about what I put on my face and lips...Thank you I am working to help bring awareness to Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Michelle Maile

Living With Celiac

Norman, Oklahoma

I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2010. I immediately went gluten free. I had found what was wrong with me! But after a year of being GF, I started feeling sick again. I went to 3 different doctors trying to figure it out. They kept saying I had to be getting gluten from somewhere. But I check everything I eat. Then an allergist suggested I was getting glutened from my lipstick. You end up swallowing bits of your lipstick throughout the day through licking your lips or by it getting on your food as it goes in your mouth. So I looked up "gluten free lipsticks" and found Red Apple Lipstick. I immediately ordered a lipstick and gloss. I LOVED they way it looked and felt. But most importantly, stopped having stomach pains!

Julia Grace

Project Manager

Fishers, Indiana

I’m a project manager and I care for my 85 year old dad. I knit, read, cook, explore cookbooks & troll the internet to find new recipes, and grow herbs and perennials. I was diagnosed with lupus over 20 years ago and then 2 years ago I found out I am also gluten and dairy intolerant. I was delighted to come across Red Apple Lipstick at the Gluten Free Expo in Indianapolis last fall. The lipsticks are awesome, the colors are beautiful and long lasting, and I love that you can mix the colors together and make your own custom color.

Kaitlyn Hortsman

Craft Crazy Girl

Shabbona, Illinois

I'm a craft crazy girl that will jump at the chance to make new things with a geeky spin! From zombie nail art to TARDIS clay earrings, I keep myself very busy but never thought much about make up. Diagnosed about a year ago as gluten intolerant, I started looking at ingredients and was absolutely amazed by what was in things like lipstick. I absolutely love Red Apple Lipstick, specifically "Plum Sexy Crazy" (and it's the first I tried!) The ingredients are safe and I never have to worry about anything I purchase from them. Safe Product, Safe mind, Safe body.

Tracey & Lindsey

Mother / Daughter Duo

Shabbona, Illinois

I just turned 6 and was diagnosed with Celiac at 18 months. While I can't eat a lot of foods, I still have fun playing dress up because of Red Apple Lipstick. Santa brought me some Red apple Lipgloss for Christmas. Before Red Apple, mom wound't let me touch makeup and I hope to be a model someday!


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