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Rallye Balm™

What's To Love

This Gluten Free Lip Balm Stops Dry, Cracked Lips Once And For All!
Rallye Balm is uniquely designed to knock chapped lips out of the ball park - forever! Rallye Balm is a high quality, 100% gluten free Vitamin E suspended in a special, cold pressed Castor Seed Oil.
Healthy Lip Skin is the only way to beat chapped lips. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that zaps the free radicals in your lips causing the problem in the first place.
It allows the lips a chance to heal naturally, and once healed, it helps your body maintain the healthy, un-chapped lip skin.
By keeping the oxidized free radicals zapped, they never have another chance to go bonkers in your lips, and healthy lip skin retains moisture better!
It's completely odorless and tasteless, has no toxins, preservatives, waxy coverups, drying or addictive ingredients. Your life will never be the same!
Product # 501

Application Tips

Rallye Balm has a multitude of wonderful uses and benefits!

• Lips - Apply just like you would a lipstick.  Rub it in deep with your fingers if you plan to put lipstick right over the top, which is a great idea!  It makes a wonderful base for lipstick!

• Mix Your Own Blush - Dab some Rallye Balm onto the back of your hand, then dab a little of your favorite RAL Lipstick next to or on top of it.  Blend the two together with a cosemtic spatula.  Dab the mixture lightly on your cheeks and blend to your temple.

• Make Your Own Gel Eye Liner - Swipe some Rallye Balm on the back of your hand. Use your favorite eye liner brush and dip it into any RAL Gluten Free Eye Shadow, and run the loaded brush right over the Rallye Balm on your hand.  The apply to the eye.  Here's a video provided by a great customer on exactly how to do this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgczw6yDcvA

• Use Rallye Balm under your eyes to reduce puffy eyes and wrinkles.

• Use Rallye Balm on any dry skin!  Elbows, Feet, Dry Patches of Skin, and even sore skin from runny noses.

• Strengthen and Heal nail beds and cuticles by rubbing Rallye Balm in deep.

More Details

Simple and nourishing. 
Balm without the yucky (gluten, lead, paraben, allergens and soy)!
No tint but great natural sheen.
The best daily lip moisturizer.

It's unique. It's different. It's amazing. It's awesome. 

It's a one of kind lip balm brought to you from the mind of lipstick designer Jay Adam Harper; it's the world's very best lip balm. This balm was designed to specifically combat the dry lip issues shared by most women with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.  And if it's tough enough to tackle cronic "Celiac Chap", it's tough enough for any lips!

Rallye Balm is no ordinary lip balm. This lip balm is gluten free. It's paraben free (as in no danger of breast cancer). It's allergen free.

Rallye Balm ends dry lips. Rallye Balm stops lips from cracking. Rallye Balm™ protects lips by surrounding them with a moist, protective shell.

Rallye Balm helps protect your lips from the damaging rays of the sun with an SPF level of 8. Rallye Balm makes an excellent base for lipstick and lip glosses, extending it's staying power.

A clear coat of pure perfection, pucker up to sheer protection! Red Apple Lipstick's gluten free lip balm, Rallye Balm, is your solution for dry, cracked and peeling lips! Your lips face many harsh elements every day-wind, sun, heat, cold, oils, etc. Exposure like this breaks down the sensitive skin on and around your lips. Due to it's moisturizing properties and clear formula, Rally Balm compliments every Red Apple Lipstick lip product perfectly while keeping your lips healthy, supple and smooth!

Rallye Balm targets the source of problem, giving your lips the gluten free vitamin E and sun protection they crave most. As with all Red Apple Lipstick products, Rallye Balm is 100% lab tested gluten free, paraben free and allergen free. This vegan formula is completely odorless and perfect for everyone-women, men and children! 

- Try coating your lips with Rallye Balm before bed each night and wake up to smooth lips.
- Wear Rallye Balm under your favorite lip color for a smoother application.
- Top off your lip color with Rallye Balm for a true shine without manipulating the color payoff.
- Use Rallye Balm under your eyes
- Use Rallye Balm on your nails and nail bed.


Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

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Product Reviews

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  1. Magic Stick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2014

    The only thing worse than celiac lips is residual celiac lip dead skin clumps. Not to be graphic but peeling, bloody lips aren't exactly very "come hither". I've tried sugar (epic fail,) my toothbrush (um, ow,) and was JUST about to succumb to using an icky chemical infused lip scrub when I found this lovely hunk of perfect. Sigh. Twice a day and my lips are in flawless, airbrushed condition. Also they feel fantastic.

  2. OH MY GOD where has this magic been all my life! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2014

    Suffering from celiac lips is the WORST and this is the only thing that has ever helped. Mine never leaves my pocket I can't live without it. At this point, It's more of a necessity than my cell phone.

  3. Love the Rallye Balm's consistency! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2014

    It feels so smooth and nourishing on my lips. My lips haven't been super chapped, it's still warmish where I am, but I did have some flaky areas on my bottom lip which are completely gone after about five days using the Rallye balm every day, probably obsessively.

  4. Lip balm best ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2014

    Super moisturizing and lasting. Love it!!!

  5. A miracle 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2014

    Amazing. Peeling stopped within a couple days of using this balm. I'm trying to use only red apple for a couple weeks and then try mixing in what I have to see if there is a difference. Supposedly what I have is gluten free but I'm not so sure now.

  6. makes the lipstick go on smoother 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2014

    I use it every night on my lips and under my eyes, also during the daytime under lipstick. Seems to make the lipstick go on smoother.

  7. BEST LIP BALM EVER CREATED!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2014

    I have been using lip balm since childhood. We're talking nearly 60 years, Folks! Nothing, nothing, nothing has worked or felt as wonderful on my poor lips as this Rallye Lip Balm! I always suffered with chronic, slightly chapped lips, and it wasn't until my mid-50's when I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance that so many weird symptoms I'd had for decades finally had a diagnosed cause. This is the first lip balm I had seen for those of us with gluten issues. I have the most soft, kissable lips I've ever had in my life! RAL totally ROCKS!

  8. miracle transformation! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2014

    I have tried your Rallye Balm with GREAT success!! I am severely allergic to coconut oil and many other natural ingredients that were applied on my lips as lip balm, so it was with great trepidation that I gave Rallye Balm a try. Once I removed the offending ingredients from my toothpaste and used only your product, it was truly a miracle transformation! 100% improvement and no more painful cracked lips. I can FINALLY kiss my sweet wonderful husband in what seemed like forever!

  9. Use it daily. Even sleep in it! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2014

    Rallye Balm is one of the best products I have used!! Better yet it is gluten free for my CELIAC SELF.
    I do wish it had more staying power, the only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 star rating.
    I buy this for myself and my daughter. I will continue to buy and LOVE RALLYE BALM!! TY Jay and Andrea

  10. I love my Rallye Balm. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2014

    I can¹t tell you how great it is to finally, finally find a lip balm that doesn¹t make my lips peel, flake and crack. I used to use an all-natural lip balm that was great, but a main ingredient was beeswax. After my lips started to look like someone had thrown acid on them (and I kept applying more and more of the lip balm, thinking it would help), I finally realized that it was an ingredient in the lip balm that was causing the problem. After much experimentation and time, I discovered that I was extremely sensitive to beeswax. Beeswax is used in almost all ³natural² lip balms, so finding something that I could put on my dry lips at night was next to impossible. I¹ve used my Rallye Balm for almost a week, and my lips are in great shape with no reactions. It feels great on my lips, not waxy at all.

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