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  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Bridesmaid Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
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What's To Love

Glittery, shiny and kind of sheer. Hot pink shiny gloss with a little glitter. By itself - perfectly pink. Pair with lighter lipsticks to add shine and enhance the pink.
Product # 201

Stellar lipstick pairings:
    Secrets     Love My Kiss     French Skirt     Crush On Me  **see "related products" tab below


What Do The Experts Say?

Lauren Lucille-Vasse Aka Celiac Diva says

I love the Bridesmaid gloss because it's shimmery, bright and perfect to wear over any shade of pink or alone.



marilyn.jpgMarilyn Of LipglossAndSpandex.com says

This fun sparkly sheer pink really captures the essence of a bridesmaid--fun and flirty! Great for a night out with the girls.





Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

Bridesmaid™ Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick™ is a very special color! This pinky lip gloss is a tad darker and deeper than Cotton Candy with a more pronounced sparkle. Blend this color with any Red Apple Lipstick for unlimited combinations.

Bridesmaid™ Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick™ is gluten free, paraben free and allergen free.

All of our lip glosses are specially formulated to be smooth and silky. Our lip glosses glide on smooth and stay smooth. You will love the fact that our lip glosses are NOT sticky and have no weird chemical smell. This awesome formula helps your lips stay moist, stay plump and stay healthy.

The Red Apple Lipstick™ Lip Gloss formula is unique and a highly guarded secret. Our lip gloss formula converts non lip gloss wearers to wearers every day!

As with all of our lip glosses, Bridesmaid™ is designed to work flawlessly both over Red Apple Lipstick™ or straight up on it's own.

All of Red Apple Lipstick's™ lip glosses are specially formulated by an award winning team of designers. It glides on smooth, it isn't sticky or gummy and has a wonderful light fragrance and taste. What most woman rave about our lip gloss is that isn't sticky. This lip gloss won't stick to your teeth or your hair when it blows into your face.

Our lip gloss formula converts non lip gloss wearers to wearers every day!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Kind of soft yet wow! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2015

    Bridesmaid is so pretty that I feel like I could be happy using it all the time and forget lipliners and lipsticks. It went on looking super glossy then mellowed to more of a satiny sheen for me. It imparted a definite beautiful shade of pink that was very complimentary to my fair /medium complexion. It is flattering and youthful like the blush of a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding. Easy Peasy....keep some in your purse. Also, the texture was nice with lots of staying power . I think this gloss could be a great friend to women of all complexions.

  2. perfect for everyday 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2015

    Bridesmaid is a light sparkly pink, not at all juvenile, just a light pink
    perfect for everyday, all day.

  3. So Perfect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2014

    I love this colour and feel. It is moisturizing and not too glossy. It gives me a nice sheen but even better it has that pink that ripens over time. Reminds me of the Glossblossom gloss Avon has- but better because it's GF!
    My only grievance is the name... makes me feel like I am second best when I wear it.

  4. Worth Every Penny 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Dec 2013

    Jay, I have made several purchases from RAL since last summer, and I have loved them all, but I have to say that this last order truly was my favorite. The Mix&Mingle lipstick was fabulous. I loved the color and I loved how long it lasted. My mouth was still faintly pink when I woke up the next morning. I paired it with the Bridesmaid lip gloss for an extra lift, because the weather here in Virginia was gloomy, and I did get a wonderful lift with it. There is no flying under the radar with that lip gloss, and the lipstick is probably in a two way tie with Petal Pusher as my favorite lipstick. Both of those lipsticks and the lip gloss will permanently be on my reorder list. Oh, and the eye pencil was a real hit with me. It was a soft pretty black, it did not make my eyes itch or water, and it did not come off until I took it off with makeup remover. It stayed on my eye lids for thirteen hours without smudging or fading. Previously, eye pencils tended to do that for me. Usually after a couple of hours tops, I had to reapply it. And again a few hours after that, and you get the idea. Great product! The texture was really good, I really love that pencil, and now I really can't wait until the mascara comes out. This has been a great adventure discovering all the great products you make. The quality is unbelievable. I like that you only release products when they are perfect, and when it is time to release them. Thank you so much for the great products and the great Black Friday sale. I was waiting for that one. Thank you for allowing us to purchase great products at a really great price. They are truly worth every penny, and then some.

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
    Mari Schmidt

  5. Simply Irresistible 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2013

    I don't know why this reminds me of Robert Palmer's old video but it does. I can see him singing with row after row of spandex clad ladies pouting and pretending to play the guitar, while all of them rock this perfectly smashing shade. It is a nice bright pop of color, but not too bright for my pale skin. I like it alone or with any of my RAL lipsticks. I usually don't like glosses, but this one was new and I had to try it. I usually wear it with Petal Pusher, Love My Kiss, or Mix And Mingle, which are my favorite shades. You may not star in a video with this, but you can be the star of your own life and rock somebody's world with very little effort.

  6. Lifts the Clouds... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2013

    Living in dreary Oregon I will do just about anything to lift the clouds so I recently purchased 5 glosses and two lipsticks. Did it do the trick? You bet! This email was only about one lipstick and one gloss so I will keep it to those two. Petal Pusher reminds me of a tulip. The shade can be worn very light for a subtle color or can be made more vibrant by applying multiple layers. The texture is creamy and the scent is a lovely vanilla. Will it help me do my taxes better? Let's hope so!

    Bridesmaid is the first gloss I have purchased from Red Apple. I've never been a gloss girl but Red Apple has inspired me to try something new and different because we don't always have to be the same. I tend to be more conservative so Bridesmaid gave me the look I wanted with a hint of sparkle and the shade of pink looks spectacular over Petal Pusher. I love how I can mix and match lipsticks and glosses to get a multitude of other colors.

    Thank you for a great product!

  7. In Love 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2013

    I am definitely in love with both the gloss and the lipsticks I received!!! I bought the pink martini for my daughter who is just beginning to wear make up. I am so glad that there is a great company offering such a beautiful line of lipstick and lip gloss colors as well as other lip care products! She is in love with the color and it's not as bright on her as I was afraid it might be. The other colors I bought for myself and I am so very glad that I did! The first time I applied the lipstick and felt how smooth and creamy it was, I was in love and knew that I will be disappointed with every other lipstick out there. Nothing compares to the luxurious feeling of Red Apple Lipstick! And the gloss is just as fabulous!!

    Thank you for making such great products!!!1

  8. Very Flattering 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2013

    Bridesmaid is a very cool toned gloss with shimmer. The gloss is more
    clear than opaque so the intense color in the tube gives your lips a
    flattering shine.

  9. Love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    I live in Arizona, and my lips stay moist and conditioned thanks to this Lipgloss! This is a great color too!

  10. Beauty Comes from the Inside Out! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2013

    To be considered beautiful compassion for another living being regardless of the body they are in is apparent! This lip gloss feels so good I put it on top of my cruelty free lipstick and see a great combination that I feel great about! Because no living being was harmed in order to produce this!

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