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Jay Harper CEO Red Apple Lipstick
Turn Lipstick Frustrations to Lipstick Sensations In 5 Days Via Email

Your email address is completely safe with me. I'm a "no spam" kinda guy myself, so I get it.

My name is Jay Harper - And I'm A Lipstick Master.

I've performed over 20,000 in person lipstick transformations, and I have discovered 5 key concepts that women don't know, that all lead to lipstick frustration.

What I teach women in person opens minds, changes fields of view, and opens up so many exciting possibilites!

But without them (key concepts), any lipstick can be very frustrating.

At the end of my free 5 day home study course, you will know:

  • How to make lipstick last all day.
  • How to pick a family of lipstick colors that will always look great on you.
  • The do's and do not's that take lipstick from the gloppy messy to the perfectly stated.
  • And you will understand why models, TV actors, and magazine covers always look so good, and why it never works that way for you... but it can, with one simple trick the pros know, and use every day.
  • And you will understand where the limit of your comfort zone is, and how to bust past it to find awesome creations you never knew were possible, like a jet breaks the sound barrier.
  • The right way to blot your lipstick... and why. It's not what you think.
  • You'll be so excited to see all of the new possibilities that you normally might have dismissed, that you'll want to try everything, all at once just to see for yourself!!

It's a lot of fun, and I promise… you will never look at lipstick the same again.

What Do Others Have To Say?

I might be slightly addicted. To be honest, I didn't like wearing lipstick before I found you guys last year. Y'all are the bomb. Thanks for making awesome products. :)

I love the feel of your lipsticks. My lips never looked better. I'm totally impressed! I told my niece about your lipsticks and she tried mine. Of course she loved it. She does facials and would like to sell your product in her salon. Thank you for your glosses and lipsticks. There truly is nothing on the market that comes close to your products. I plan to order again shortly.

As a former lipstick hater (right up until finding your company) I had long given up. But always wished I could look polished like so many other women. I have many food allergies and immune troubles that leave my lips too gross for lipsticks. I got a sample and decided that it looked so pretty I would play with it instead of give it away. I was so happily surprised! The color was amazing, and my lips felt amazing too! Thanks

All I have to say is "THANK YOU". For me, the proof is in the pudding ( or should I say the proof is on my lips). Until I found Red Apple Lipstick, I had not been able to wear lipstick or gloss in years, so I KNOW you have to be doing something right!

I just wanted to say I am really excited to have found your company. I have Celiac (with DH), casein and soy allergies but do modeling part time. As you can see this causes many issues when the makeup artists come in and do a beautiful job only for me to be sick within 24 hours. I am now collecting Red Apple colors to bring with me save myself from illness! I was hesistant to work before finding you! Thank you!

I am blown away by your lipsticks, I can't get enough. I placed my first order reluctanty and I keep coming back for more. Next will be the lip glosses. I placed my last order Friday afternoon and it was in my mailbox Monday. That is some serious customer service. Keep it up. You have a customer for life and I'm telling everyone I know.

You have a fabulous product. I'm very glad I came across it. You made my day today when I opened my mailbox and there was my package from you.

I cannot reiterate enough how much I love your products. BTW – I just celebrated my birthday today. I layered the Plum Sexy Crazy with Reddy or Not to get the perfect shade for the evening! It's amazing how much a subtle difference can tie everything together. I topped it with a clear gloss. Gorgeous!

I have been meaning to write to you for weeks and I just haven't had time. I am 59 years old and ALL my life had lips that looked like a little cactus with the skin just peeling and sticking up all the time. Well I got my red apple lipstick about 3 weeks or so ago and I am in LOVE with it. If you don't have celiac you just don't get how bad and how annoying and embarrassing celiac chap is! I'm amazed at how fast your lipstick stopped it , because NOTHING else has ever helped. I am going to order another tube for back up. Thank you for helping us Celiac's!

I have been battling chapped lips for a long time now... Your products are the best I've across. Usually, if I find something that works it only works for the first week at tops. Ive been using your products for a few months and they work wonderfully. In fact, when I stay consistent with my RAL products my lips stay so moisturized and healthy. (Unlike previous products that I had to rotate to maintain some effectiveness) As a side note, I've noticed a huge improvement since I started using the exfoliator. I was quite skeptical, admittedly. Now I am quite pleased! That little stick actually exfoliates and leaves my lips so soft without feeling stripped. Thanks for making a great product, having the best customer service, and inspiring women everywhere :)

I took your advice and tried RED! 101. I got many compliments and it lasted all night. My best friend like it so much, actually all my makeup that she purchased RED! for herself. She also like the eyeshadows that are all yours too. Here's a photo.

Just got back from a trip and found this shipment waiting for me -- I'm in LOVE with this lipstick. Already sent a review, but just wanted to personally thank you. This is awesome and you have a new customer for LIFE. Have a wonderful day!

Just wanted to say you are the coolest company I ever dealt with.....Thankz!

Hey Jay,
I just truly love what you are doing, and think the world of you for doing it. You are so amazing, and my new hero. :) I get every single friggin problem associated with celiac, and have lived with this my whole life. I just love you. Thanks so much for trying so hard to help us suffer maybe just a little less each day. you are amazing. I am stalking my mailbox right now, full of eager anticipation for my latest order! Thanks for existing, being brilliant, innately sweet, and doing things differently with your biz. I support you.

Hi Jay...just wanted to let you know I received my order in the mail today, and I LOVE your lipsticks! I tried on the Rebel and my husband (who usually doesn't notice my makeup) actually stopped and looked at me and said how pretty I looked with my new lipstick :) Getting my Celiac diagnosis has been quite the adventure, but discovering products like yours, which I actually prefer to my old gluten filled lipstick, is making it an exciting one! Going over our budget this morning, my husband told me to include a monthly makeup allowance for Red Apple and my GFree makeup because he sees how happy it makes me to find products that make me feel "normal" again....it's been a rough month and I just wanted to say Thank You!!! Heading over to your website now to look at all you have to offer!


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