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Create Your Own Palette: Scroll Down For Instructions and Color Charts


Here Is What You Need To Do
Step 1: Choose A Holder
Check one or both of the check boxes above. If you already have one, skip this step
Custom Z-Palette®
-Holds 9 Eyeshadows
-Easy to Organize The Way YOU Want
-Eyeshadows Stick To Magnetic Bottom
-Durable, Reusuable
-Holds 2 Eyeshadows
-Comes With a Spongey Applicator
-Mirror included, Purse Ready
-Magnets Included


Step 2: Choose Your Eyeshadows
Use the drop down menus above to select up to nine eyeshadows.

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Product Reviews

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  1. In love so far!

    Posted by Kate on 10th Nov 2013

    The Z-Palette is such a handy case! I ordered five colors:
    1. Porcelain (great base color for my fair skin)
    2. Twinkle taupe (love the shimmer, not sold on the color... might be exchanging it for Lucky Penny)
    3. Brownie points (LOVE)
    4. Champagne (way darker than I expected so it has to go back)
    5. Black Magic (perfect to use as a gel eyeliner when mixed with my Rallye balm)

    So far, I love how they go on, and they are very long lasting.

  2. No allergic reaction!!

    Posted by Kim on 23rd Oct 2013

    I absolutely love the product I ordered! The eyeshadows blend awesome. I have really sensitive eyes,so I didn't know how they'd react,but I love them! I'm a cosmetologist and know several ladies with many allergies. I'll definately be recommending your product to them. Thanks so much!! Have a fabulous day! Xo

  3. New Matte Fall Colors Exactly What I Needed!

    Posted by Anonymous on 18th Oct 2013

    I got three of the new Fall colors: Clean Slate, Pixie Dust and VooDoo. For my fourth free color I chose Sand Castle. I have Champagne already but I wanted Sand Castle when doing a warmer look. And I think it'll go great with Chocolate Martini (which I already have). But back to the beautiful new matte Fall shadows: THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. They are exactly the colors I needed. MAKE MORE MATTE SHADOWS, Jay and Andrea! Yesterday I wore Pixie Dust as a lid wash and Clean Slate in the crease and as a liner. Today I'm wearing Pixie Dust with VooDoo in the crease and as a liner. The texture and workability of these new matte shadows are superb! With these 4 new eyeshadows I've filled up my Z-Palette and had to add a few to my second Z-Palette! LOVE THEM!

  4. Invest in yourself!

    Posted by Amy on 15th Sep 2013

    I was a little weary about the prices, but let me tell you, I LOVE the eyeshadow!!!! The quality is exceptional! I was also excited to try the lipsticks but was afraid of committing to something I didn't love. I bought several of the trial size. The lipsticks are creamy and don't dry you out. I have even recommended this to my non-Celiac friends and family. Invest in yourself and your health. I can assure you this is safe!
    I had a couple of questions about my order and I actually talked to a real person.. Lindsey is super sweet and helpful. She called me back like she said she would.
    Excellent products, excellent company, excellent people!!

  5. Perfect!

    Posted by Leslie L. on 24th Jul 2013

    The Z-Palette is a great home for your shadows. Having them all in one place together tends to inspire all sorts of creative color combinations! The Z-Palette is the perfect solution. Shadows are all in one place, grouped however you like to use the colors, and best of all they don't fall open and end up all over the bathroom, your purse, your suitcase etc.

  6. Happy Customer

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jul 2013

    Dear Jay, Andrea, and the Red Apple Team,

    As usual, your eyeshadows have blown me away! I love to use them wet, dry, and as a gel eyeliner with some Rallye Balm. I currently own 12 eyeshadows, and just purchased another four. I couldn't be happier with the excellent pigmentation and staying power! Thanks for making me a happy customer again. I tell all my friends and family about your company.



  7. Great value and quality!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jun 2013

    This palette is a great value for all you get! The four colors I chose were Champagne, Dirty Girl, Espresso and Chocolate Martini. I wanted Iced Mocha but it was sold out so I'll save that choice for my next order. I went with Champagne and I'm pleased that it's a taupe champagne color, not a peachy champagne color (which one of the photos may suggest). So I'm not as disappointed that Iced Mocha was sold out because this color is very similar to what I was hoping Iced Mocha would be. I played with all my new shadows yesterday experimenting with them putting colors together. I already had Black Magic, Brownie Points, Porcelain and Violet Vintage. I find that they all virtually go well together no matter what combination you choose to do! I also found that I was using too heavy a hand putting product on my brush since I'm used to my old shadows (which I've put in the "lipstick exchange" bag). A little, especially with the dark crease colors like Espresso, etc., goes a long way. Ladies, has this been your experience too? I also experimented using Espresso and Brownie Points one on each eyebrow. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyebrows. Each of them looked great with Espresso making my brows pop just a tad more. I'm glad that these shadows can serve a dual purpose. Also, I had watched Ashley's video on making gel liner with your Rallye Balm. I did it and it works great! That kind of out-of-the-box thinking is fantastic! Keep those great ideas coming, Ladies!

  8. Best textured and stay on color I've ever used in my 66 years of being a girly girl and enjoying makeup!!

    Posted by Carol Ann Hartman on 11th Jun 2013

    Well first of all, I was really perplexed with which 4 colors I wanted. I wanted to buy the 4 so that you pay for the 2 and get the 3rd one half off. I bet I changed my mind 20 times. Never in my life have I spent 2 hours choosing 4 colors of eye shadow, but I already knew they were going to be awesome. Everything RAL creates is the next star of their company; HOW GREAT IS THAT. Not only do we get great prices for all safe cosmetics, we get treated like we are royalty as we complete our purchases. I don't know about you, but customer service in retail business left about 15 years ago for most businesses. Not only does RAL have super workers, they all care about us and want to help in any way they can. Who does that for you but RAL?? I'm sold; I've thrown away all my collection of eye shadows, and am going to rebuild my treasury of colors all with RAL eye shadows. I do love color!! I want to tell you also that the colors can be intense, or subtle, just depending on what effect you want to create. And it stays on!!! I'm in love with my new eyeshadows!!! Thank you, RAL, for your delightful customer service; you could teach the retail industry some things as basic as getting to know who their customers are and what they want!! This eyeshadow is just beautiful on. I will take some pics in the next few days and send them to RAL so they can put them out in their gardens, hehehehehehe!!! Not really, I just love the way it looks on me!! Thanks so much RAL!!

  9. Perfect! I used to not like or beleive in that word. This is perfect though.

    Posted by Shelley Jones, and i love you on 17th May 2013

    I love everything i just ordered. Lipstick is a tricky thing to order online, but i just love all eyeshadows and all lipsticks! It is all so gentle and calming, but looks great, and like makeup for a non-celiac. It makes me feel like I can wear makeup and look more presentable and ...finished? I havent ever been able to say that about eye makeup or lipsticks. I use Bare Minerals face powder and it is safe, and now YOUR STUFF!!! I LOVE IT and just LOVE YOU for caring enough to be able to help us girls who suffer. It helps me avoid getting asked"what's wrong" all the time, when usually there isnt anything wrong, I am just rashy again, so embarrassed. This stuff covers it up and calms it down, and for two days( exactly as long as i have had this stuff, I have not gotten rashy. That may not seem like a big deal, hey whats two days, but for me, every three or four hours of getting better is a huge difference in my daily life. Thanks so very much. you are giving me a chance to advance my career, and smile more. :)

  10. Best Eye Shadow!

    Posted by Charlotte on 18th Mar 2013

    This is the greatest eye shadow. It stays on AND feels great, doesn't hurt if it accidentally gets in the eyes.

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