10 BEST Red Apple Lipstick Products Of 2018

Each product featured in the Best Of RAL 2018 roundup was voted by you with your dollar. Thank you for choosing Red Apple Lipstick and for choosing to shop small businesses. There’d be no us without you. Now let’s get into this roundup because there’s some amazing makeup goodies here.

1. Rallye Balm– No surprises here. Rallye Balm is the bomb diggity! Dry, chapped lips don’t stand a chance with this mega moisturizing lip balm.

2. The Lash Project Mascara– For anyone out there who has sensitive eyes, lashes growing wonky or is just trying to find a gluten-free mascara that doesn’t cause their lashes to fall out, The Lash Project mascara is a game changer!

3. Exfoliate Stick– The super awesome companion to Rallye Balm is another must have to keep chapped lips at bay. Without exfoliating, the balm can’t do its job properly. For this reason, it’s not a surprise that the Exfoliate Stick is in the top five.

4. Audrey– This lipstick has held onto #1 status for many years now. The formulation is awesome, the pink color is super natural looking and it feels great applied. Audrey looks great on pretty much everyone. Not sure which lipstick to try? There’s a high probability that this one will be a wonderful match for you.

5. Primer– A product that has multiple uses is always handy. First and foremost, the primer keeps your eyeshadows from creasing BUT did you know that it can also be used as a concealer as and as a lip primer if you want to prolong the wear time of your lipsticks? 

6. Vogue– Another fan favorite lipstick. Vogue is in the same formulation as Audrey so you still get that smooth and creamy texture but the color of Vogue is slightly on the cooler side.

7. Porcelain– Hands down one of the best eyeshadows. The color of Porcelain makes it the perfect base and it can also act as a matte highlight for your brow bone. 

8. Ooh La La– This particular lipstick has also been a favorite since it was first released. It’s similar to Audrey but it’s in a longer lasting formula. It also has more of a brown undertone making is a great lipstick choice for those with a medium complexion or for those who’s lips naturally have more of a pinky brown base.

9. Z-Palette– The best part about the z-palette is that it allows you to only have the eyeshadows you want. Think back to spending money on a palette only to use one or two of the colors. Then once those colors were used up having to go buy the whole palette again. With the z-palette, you get to choose which eyeshadows you’d like and when you use up an eyeshadow you can just pick up a refill pan.

10. Black Eyeliner– You can never go wrong with a classic black eyeliner pencil.


Share in the comments if any of these products are in your top ten favorites for the year. If not leave a comment below sharing which products are on your favorites list.


Thank you again for choosing to shop with us and for helping to make 2018 another great year. Cheers to another year gone by and may there be many blessings for you in 2019.

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