10 Time Saving Beauty Tricks!

red apple lipstick fast beauty tricks

Let’s face it-not all of us have time to perfect ourselves every morning. With kids, work, soccer practice and dance recitals, the last thing most women want to do is spend hours in front of the mirror fighting with fly-aways or caking on products. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be polished in no time leaving everyone saying “I don’t know how she does it!”

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[dropcap2]1.[/dropcap2] Freshen Up! Recycle old makeup jars or film canisters by using them for on-the-go perfume. Soak a cotton ball in your favorite scent and place it in the container. Swap out scents as you like. Take your perfumes with you without having to buy a travel size!

red apple lipstick fast beauty tricks

[dropcap2]2.[/dropcap2] Nail Fix! If you’re on the go and see that your polish is chipping, remove it. There is nothing worse than raggedy nails! File and shape your nails as desired and apply a generous amount of lotion to your nails and cuticles. From peeling to polished in just a minute!


[dropcap2]3.[/dropcap2] Defrizz! Stubborn flyaways popping up? Use a dryer sheet to pat them into place and manage the static. Spritz with a light hold hairspray.


[dropcap2]4.[/dropcap2] Brighten Up! Apply a shimmery white shadow to these key points: the corners of your eyes,your browbone, down the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. Creating a bit of dimension flatters the lines of your face and makes you look more awake. Wear a bright pink lipstick such as Petal Pusher for that extra pop of color.

face map RAL makeup application tips

[dropcap2]5.[/dropcap2] Blushing Beauty! Left your blush at home? Dab a bit of lipstick on your finger tips and blend it in to your skin as you would a cream blush. The textures are similar and the color gives you an instant glow.


[dropcap2]6.[/dropcap2]Deslick! Sometimes your “2nd day” hair just doesn’t hold up. For a quick fix, sprinkle translucent powder into your brush and comb through hair. The powder absorbs oil and some odors while adding a touch of volume.


[dropcap2]7.[/dropcap2] Go Bold, Not Home! If you find that your daytime makeup has worn off or just not up to par, deepen your crease with a dark brown color, add a fresh coat of mascara and use blotting papers to nix any unwanted shine.


[dropcap2]8.[/dropcap2] Take It Off! If you’re out of makeup remover and desperate to remove waterproof makeup, don’t resort to scrubbing! Take a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil on a tightly wound on cotton swab and swipe it away! (EVOO will not clog your pores.)

red apple tips makeup remover

[dropcap2]9.[/dropcap2] Smooth Your Stems! If you don’t have time to reach for a razor, apply a very moisturizing lotion with a hint of shimmer. This will keep any stubble at bay and the shimmer will create the illusion of sleek, smooth skin.


[dropcap2]10.[/dropcap2] Wing It! ake a 1/2” strip of tape, place it on the back of your hand, and remove it. This weakens the adhesive a bit, making it more suitable for your eye area. Lay the tape against your  outter water line, following the natural angle. Line your eyes as usual, using the tape as a barrier. Remove the tape and voilà! The perfect cat eye!

achieving cat eye look with red apple lipstick products


FEEDBACK: Which one of these tips are you most likely to try? Do you have any additional tips to share with us? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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