Red Apple Lipstick Steals The Show at the 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project

It was truly a special honor to find out that Red Apple Lipstick had been chosen as the lipstick of choice for the Niel Hammond Agency 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project in Houston Texas on May 9th, 2012.

Professional Makeup Artist Andrea Schutter chose Red Apple Lipstick for each and every model displayed in the fashion show, which was themed “Audrey Hepburn”

Miss Schutter learned of Red Apple Lipstick through some research into high quality, safe, gluten free makeup and has become fast friends with the company after sampling the products. “Your lipsticks are wonderful! I never realized healthy makeup could be so good!” said Miss Schutter upon trying them.

Miss Schutter then contacted Red Apple Lipstick and informed us that she would like to use combinations of our lipstick on all of the models for the Little Black Dress Project citing that she truly loves wholesome and healthy cosmetics and the quality or RAL surpassed her standards.

Miss Schutter has a long list of credits from her 28 years of professional makeup artistry including George Bush Sr, Barrack Obama, Desperate Housewives, Nicole Richey, Gloria Estefan, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Buffet, a very long list of movie titles and many many more.

The Little Black Dress is one of the fashion icons of our time, inspiring designers from the moment it was introduced by Chanel in 1926, through Givenchy’s 1961 creation for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to the myriad current fashion designers the world over.

It is in this sartorial spirit that Neil Hammond invited up and coming fashion design students from Texas to create and submit their version of the Little Black Dress.

The top 10 fashion designers were interviewed on-camera for a video presentation at the event. Each dress was shown off by a Neil Hammond model and the top 5 Winning Designs were selected by a panel of celebrity judges. Prizes included cash scholarships of $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 and $500. These awards were given after the event by the Fashion Group Foundation.

Miss Schutter chose the following Red Apple Lipstick colors to be used in differing combinations for each model.

Red!Amor CalienteFirestormReddy Or Not

Red Apple Lipstick owners and managers were on tap for the event, most notably Jay and Andrea.  Both Jay and Andrea share a strong passion for creating and bringing to market high quality yet safe, healthy, gluten free and paraben free lipsticks and cosmetics. As a part of a larger team, Jay and Andrea work hard to create new and innovative cosmetic products, charting new routes in fashion, not following old ones.


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