Makeup Promotes the Growth of Breast Cancer? Slay the mammary octopus! I need your help.

RAL products help keeping away breast cancer

If you could make one incredibly simple change to something you already do everyday and that change stopped damage happening to your health and lowered your risk of breast cancer, would you do it?

Makeup Lovers, I Desperately Need Your Help!

If you will grant me on simple favor… I will let you in on the biggest breakthrough in makeup in your lifetime.

Red apple lipstick prevents mammary octopus

Here’s what it’s all about:  I have discovered (through a respected scientific connection of mine) a way of manufacturing makeup that causes no negative reactions to the human body to include the exclusion of ingredients known to promote the growth of human breast tumors while at the same time delivering incredible color payoff and behaving just as a cosmetic should and better.

If you love makeup, hate IBS and hate breast tumors, you will want to help.  No one else in makeup manufacturing knows about this and they probably don’t care!

Let me explain this to you in the easiest way I know how.  This will blow your mind, just as it did mine.

  1. A group of researchers in a specialized field of gastroenterology have identified a protein, gluten, found in wheat, barley and rye that cause an autoimmune reaction in the intestines, which destroys the ability for your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins.  Symptoms are easily washed away as “other problems” and could be as simple as weight gain, abdominal pain, IBS, diarrhea (sorry I had to mention that), break outs on the skin, mouth ulcers and the list goes on, but they all sound strikingly like “woman issues” to the outsider, especially if that outsider is a man. Many people go undiagnosed as they accept the symptoms as “normal”.  1 in a 105 people are thought to be affected severely enough to cause life long issues.
  2. Almost all makeup, particularly lipstick, is bound together by ingredients derived from wheat, barley and rye. It’s a widely accepted cosmetic preparation technique.
  3. The first research about gluten dates to the 1800’s!
  4. An entirely separate group of researchers in the field of breast cancer discovered something important. Prior to publishing  her mostly ignored paper in the United States (it was taken very seriously in Europe; they have no lobbyists there), Dr. Darbre used a technique called thin layer chromatography to study the compositional makeup of extracted breast tumors and breast tissue surrounding the tumor. Her mission I assume was to discover why they grow in the first place.  What she happened on is disturbing.  She discovered high levels of not one, not two…. You ready for this??  Six (that’s correct, six) different chemical preservatives that are primarily used in cosmetics.  To be more precise they are methyl paraben, eythl paraben, n-propyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, n-butyl pareben and benzylparaben, all in the same breast tissue and tumors.  Even breast tissue of control subjects that did not have tumors. One or more of these parabens is found in almost every makeup product you buy at the store.  Don’t believe me, look for yourself.
  5. Paraben(s) is a chemical preservative developed to lengthen the shelf life of a cosmetic product so it can sit there on the shelf, waiting for you to buy it.
  6. The amount of paraben Dr. Darbre found was unacceptably high and it showed up in a large portion of tumors tested, as in ALL OF THEM.  Her second testing round was more detailed using high-pressure liquid chromatography and of the first 20 tumors tested, all 20 had high levels of paraben in them in all 6 forms. Her research is ongoing to this day and her findings have challenged the concepts of paraben toxicity in new ways.
  7. Her research led to the discovery that parabens possess estrogenic activity.  They bind to estrogen receptors and may be able to mediate unwanted effects at much lower concentrations, disrupting cellular function with even small exposure. Even as far back as 1971, Mason (another researcher) observed rats injected with methylparaben.  Can you guess what happened?  They developed mammary adenocarcinomas; breast cancer.
  8. You wear makeup daily.  Exposure over a lifetime is huge!

Are you still with me?  Good.  If you’re like me, you hate breast cancer and you hate stomach cramps.

Even if you are in love with your favorite makeup, this is still awesome for you to know, for now you know how to read the ingredient panel better.  This will help you make better decisions when purchasing your makeup.

Now… here’s where I need your help:  You see we are the ONLY makeup manufacturer to have realized the all around importance and impact of safe lipstick; to not cut corners to make a quick buck; to create “fabulous makeup” with none of the yucky stuff.

But… it’s so new, we can’t sell it to every woman on the planet yet, they don’t know about us (yet), despite my screaming from mountaintops daily. We need testimonials from wonderful gals like you, who are eager to be a leader, and show others just how great our product is and educate them about what you have learned today.

Here’s what I want to offer you:  Our makeup, which we make in the USA, is somewhat expensive to make. Recently we have created 6 brand new, never before seen lipstick colors along with 13 new eye shadow colors.  They are not even on sale yet and only if you follow us on facebook would you know anything about them.

If you will help me out, by providing a simple testimonial on any of my products, I will offer you a big, one time discount on all of them.

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Jay Harper

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