What ingredients lurking in your makeup could harm your unborn child?

ingredients lurking in your makeup could harm your unborn child

Heather lives in Chicago.  Heather is a lovely woman in her mid 30’s.  She brought her 4-year old to the meeting I was attending because her nanny was sick.  Heather is also 5 months pregnant.

The table turned hotly on me when Heather told me about how the makeup counter sales lady tells her that all of their makeup is perfectly safe!


So I ask Heather, “Do you really feel that the makers of Brand-X are going to tell their store managers, to tell their sales ladies, that their makeup contains potentially lethal, potentially cancer causing agents. (parabens, phalates Etc..) BUT DON’T TELL THE CUSTOMER, They might not buy from you and your commission will suffer…..”

I don’t think so.  Somewhere, a rug holds these dirty little secrets firmly.

And then it hit me like a punch from Sugar Ray Leonard!

 I’m explaining to Heather how paraben is absorbed through the skin, whole, completely un-broken down by the body, and how they bind to estrogen receptors, and how this all links to breast cancer and blah blah, you’ve heard it from me like a broken record but this time …

… I looked down at her cute as could be pregnant belly, and said out loud


If an ingredient like paraben could possibly cause such bad things in an adult body; I can only imagine what it might do to an unborn child.

I did a little research and have come to the conclusion that specific ingredients could goof up the growth of the reproductive system in both male and female babies.  Keep in mind that female babies are born with all of the eggs she will have for her entire lifetime.

I also began to consider the ramifications of life long exposure to something like paraben from a young age.  Paraben is going to be found in makeup, shampoo, lotions, deodorant and things of this nature.

I recommend you read the ingredients panels of all products such as these and make a careful decision if you want to continue their use, especially if you are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or have small children in the house.

I also recommend that if you are going to give a fun, little gift to anyone who is close to you this Christmas season that you give a gift without harmful ingredients.

Jay Harper

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