Cosmetic Chemists Agree – They Wouldn’t Smear Most Brands Of Lipstick On Their Own GrandMothers.

No GMOs makeup style from Red Apple LipstickYou would think that a cosmetic chemist would know best right? Well it’s true, they do know best.

I knew it was about high time I get started making a super safe lipstick brand when I heard these words fall out of Stephen’s mouth…


…I wouldn’t smear most brands of lipstick on my own grandmother, AND SHE’S ALREADY DEAD!!



I kid you not, I couldn’t make anything this juicy up.

When I began working on creating Red Apple Lipstick, I knew nothing about safety in makeup. I learned pretty quickly that this is a seriously deadly subject.

Thank god for one cosmetic chemist, it’s because of him that you are even reading this.

You see, Stephen is an old, high level chemist. The kind of guy who gets paid the big bucks, the kind of bucks that allows a person to have two houses, with two pools.

It was a stroke of luck that I was even able to get him on the telephone. Persistance pays off I suppose.

Either way, Stephen and I hit it off big time after I reacted big time to him telling me that ingredients common in lipstick has an enormously growing body of evidence that it accelerated breast cancer in young women like an Apollo Rocket.

What shocked ME the most was that HE was SURPRISED that anyone would even listen to him!! Say what? Are you crazy?

I’m thinking to myself.. this guy has created formulations for HUGE companies, been paid more than I might see in a lifetime to do it, and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO HIM??!!

Yep, no one would listen to him.

Some years ago, he attempted to broach the subject at a board meeting of one them big ole’ cosmo groups.  Not only did he receive about 50 dagger stares from the room, he later received death threats, and threats against his family.  Again I say … “Sayyy whaaaattt?”

As I gained Stephen’s trust, which was a bit difficult, (and I can understand why), he began to reveal more and more to me the under-pinnings of the U.S. Big Cosmo, and it scared the pants off me.  If you had any idea how much research is swept under the rug, hidden from public view, paid to be painted in a “not so bad” light, or the money used to keep the GOV looking the other way, it would shock you.

After Stephen said what he did about his grandmother, not only was I laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair, but I wondered if others agreed.

So I called a few other cosmetic chemists I knew and told them what Stephen had said, and every last one of them agreed with his statement.  All of them. 100% across the board.

I was even reading a book on cosmetic chemistry the other night, the one lurking on the bookshelf in our guest bathroom, and like every other book on cosmetic chemistry I have read to date, when you get to the part about Paraben in makeup, it’s always in combination with a warning bubble. WARNING: This ingredient has been linked to breast cancer.  Please exercise caution when using.

So here’s the million dollar question.  If the chemists warn us, and the books warn us, and cancer research facilities all around the globe warn us, why doesn’t the product packaging warn us?

Jay Harper

10 thoughts on “Cosmetic Chemists Agree – They Wouldn’t Smear Most Brands Of Lipstick On Their Own GrandMothers.

  1. Karen says:

    Keep up the great work Jay! This sort of cover up / denial and negligence is going on in most big industries and it’s shameful and unacceptable. Keep sharing the truth !!!!

  2. Penny says:

    Today, wearing clean products, thanks to Jay Harper and others, I wear lip gloss or lipstick because I want to wear color, and not because I have to wear it. Back when your lips hurt if you didn’t keep applying product all day to sooth chapped lips. If I pick up a store brand, my lips burn. The truth is always the way to go. I love and depend on Red Apple products. I trust it.

  3. Jennifer Janzen says:

    The reason that these guys don’t care about our cosmetics is just exactly what you said, they aren’t wearing them! It’s just like there isn’t a real push to find better medicine or solutions to find safe birth control options for women. If men had to go thru mood swings, menstrual cycles and pain there would have been better solutions eons ago! I won’t even go into the harm that the hormones in many birth control options that we have today. So, if something as important as these problems are, getting more profit by using known carcinogens to keep the lipstick on the shelf longer doesn’t faze them in the least! Thank you for your quest and perseverance in bringing us the information about these harmful additives in our cosmetics. And for creating a beautiful and safe option to make us beautiful and safe as well!
    A big fan-
    Jenni Janzen

  4. Benita says:

    Just started wearing red apple and love it. Didn’t realize paraben was so bad. Thanks Jay for the great info.

  5. Dee says:


    Thanks for taking the time to seek out industry professionals in order to validate you claims about the dangerous chemicals in lipsticks. But PLEASE encourage people like Stephen to speak out publicly & write an article detailing what they know about the dangerous ingredients in lipsticks. Outlets like Mother Jones, Mercola or Gawker would gladly publish such a piece anonymously or under a pseudonym, so long as the writer gives them his name & credentials first for vetting purposes.

    The reason I can’t get my girlfriends to switch to plant-based makeup like Red Apple Lipstick is because they think if the stuff in regular commercial cosmetics was really harmful, “the government would ban those ingredients” or “I’d get sick from using makeup that contains them, but I’m fine”. Because they’re friends, I can’t tell them. “You think you’re fine but your skin looks terrible because of the crappy makeup you put on it.” And truthfully, nobody I know has chapped or damaged lips, so they think their MAC lipsticks are great. They come in far more colors than Red Apple offers & they’re only $17 each. And the current matte lipstick trend is REALLY awful (thanks Kylie Jenner!). Everyone I know says their lips feel so dry & uncomfortable in matte lipsticks, yet they insist they love them. I’m glad Red Apple didn’t jump on that bandwagon. You can mattify any lipstick with a tissue & a bit of translucent setting powder — but who wants to walk around with lips as dry as sand just to follow a trend?fashionable.?

  6. Doris J Basko
    Doris J Basko says:

    OH! This makes me so angry! I just went through a battle with breast cancer this summer, so I guess I’m extra sensitive on the subject. (The Doctor says he got it all, clean margins, but until you hit your 5 year anniversary, you’re not in the clear.) Back to the subject of makeup. What you put on your body, winds up in your body. I mean if they put pain patches and other med patches on you when you’re in the hospital, and the medicine gets absorbed into your bloodstream, then wouldn’t it make sense that some of the toxic chemicals in makeup and other beauty products would too. When I was younger, I didn’t think about that so much, not much was know, or at least told to the public. But now that the information is available, I am much more careful about what I use. I also have developed allergies to every and any eyeshadow on the market today, EXCEPT FOR THE ONES MADE BY RED APPLE. I hadn’t worn eyeshadow in several years. I can now. No reactions. Why? The only thing I can put my finger on is – no preservatives. I decided to try their stuff when I read about their no questions asked, 6 months, money back guarantee. I won’t be going back to the other brands, ever. Why would this other guy want to put stuff in makeup that is potentially dangerous for women to put on their skin? $$$$$MONEY$$$$$ That makes a lot of people look the other way. It’s all about PROFIT. PERIOD. Think about what happens to the lipstick that you put on. If you look in the mirror several hours after you put it on, and it’s gone, and you didn’t wipe your mouth, where did it go? You ate it. What’s in your lipstick?

  7. Cornelia says:

    Once I found Red Apple, I ditched all the other stuff. I am trying to convert a friend of mine–breast cancer survivor–to Red Apple. She’s just now learning about makeup ingredients (her doctors didn’t tell her about them)!
    Red Apple is by far, the best line I have ever used, and I’m NEVER going back!
    Thanks, Jay and Andrea!

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