The Reason Eye Shadow Makes Your Eyes Itch

Ok so check this out… you are going to hardly believe it, and it’s important.

As we travel around from gluten free, allergy free show to show, THIS happens a lot.

A lady looks down at the table, sees the eye-shadows gleaning in the lights, and she says “Oh No, I can’t wear eye shadow, it makes my eyes itchy and puffy and teary and red.”

The first time I heard a woman say this, I had yet to make eye shadows, but when I found out exactly what was causing the problem, I knew I had to be all over it!

It’s called allergic dermatitis.

Allergic Dermatitis get worse as you get older.  Your body “remembers” and reacts more vigorously each time, and I’ll explain why in 2 seconds.

This why you don’t see as many 16 year olds having the same issue as 25 year olds or 35 year olds.

There are two stages to the condition.

First, the skin comes into contact with a skin allergen (which cheap eye shadows are loaded down with, and some are very dangerous, more on that in a second).  When the skin first comes in contact with the offensive ingredient, specific “memory cells” are sensitized by your body.

These sensitized cells stay on standby for the next time whatever it was hits your skin.  When you apply again the cells release a molecule, called a cytokine, to go “fight it” out of your skin.

THIS is the allergic reaction.  There is literally a war going on between your body, and the ingredient at the skin level.

So the skin turns red, swells, blisters, itches, ulcers and worse.

Repeatedly exposing yourself makes the problem worse over time. More and more cytokines, larger battle ground, more and more reaction.

Your body is telling you “HEY, KEEP THIS JUNK OFF ME!” 

The number of people who suffer from it is more than double the number of people affected by food allergies.

In regards to eyeshadow, we are talking about a sensitive part of your body.  Not only do you have your actual eyeball sitting there, but also the tear duct, lash follicles, and brow follicles. AND your eye lids are designed to keep toxins OUT of your body.

When you body wages war at the skin level like this, skin cells die in the crossfire.  Forcing your skin to fight this battle on your behalf leads to skin that looks more aged than it really is.

The real villain in this story is cheaply made eyeshadows.

Time for a reality check.  What do you really expect to get for 2 dollars, for 5 colors, in a snazzy looking case?

I know what you get… a load of toxic waste!

So check this out.

In order to make an eyeshadow cheaper, you cut it with talc.  Yes talcum powder, hydrous magnesium silicate to be exact.

You might notice on your cheaper shadows, the first ingredient is talc.  That’s because the shadow is actually like 80% talc.

The bottom of the pan is filled with talc laced with just a hint of color.  A thin layer of real color is added on top, next Propylene Glycol is poured in (uh .. which, by the way, is in antifreeze) and then the shadow is pressed.

Have you ever noticed that after you use a cheap shadow a little, and you break through the top, and all of sudden the color is like… packing its bags and leaving the building?

But it gets worse.

Right up front, talc by itself, in small qty’s is not so bad, if it’s high quality.

You know for a fact that $5 eye shadows aren’t made in this country.  You know these things are produced in mass, overseas.  So here’s another huge problem!

If I wanted to make an eye shadow EVEN CHEAPER… to maximize my profits… I would use the cheapest talc I could find.  And how does one make talc cheaper?

You cut is with something fluffy. Asbestiform fibers.  Asbestiform fiber is not regulated in or out of this country.  I could mix myself a big ole bag of it, and I am not required to tell a soul about it, and neither is anyone else.

I personally don’t do this.  I actually make good makeup to fight these issues on your behalf, but if you knew how much extra profit Big Cosmo made from this tactic alone, you would faint.

This tactic nets big cosmo more money in a single year than even I will see in a lifetime,
but all at the expense of ruining your skin

Let’s also not forget the other cheap but toxic ingredients.  Parabens, Aluminum (cheap colorant), and Triclosan (similar to paraben), and all kinds of yucky stuff.  All mega skin irritants!

So what makes my eye shadows so different?

It’s actually pretty easy.  We just use straight Mica and high quality natural Silica.  It works like a champ at making a purely organic mineral eye shadow.  Normally you only see this mixture loose, which is a total mess, but I figured out how to press them, and there you have it.

A completely allergen free, mineral eye shadow, with color straight through to the bottom of its deep pan.  (that’s another trick, using shallow pans, I don’t cheat you like that.)

And for super rich color, you gently tap our special brush in water, lightly flick off any overload of water, then swirl it in the eye shadow pan, and the shadow goes on like PAINT!  It’s amazing.  Matter of fact, I have placed a video for you that demonstrates exactly how to do it on you tube here

The same women I spoke about at the shows, I will always try the “shadow challenge”.  We put just a tad on one eye, and let them visit the rest of the show.  They report back in an hour.

You always get at least a little nervous when they come back to the table, fingers crossed, but thank goodness, not a single lady has reported anything other than absolute delight that my eye shadows caused them no problems whatsoever.  They usually then buy 20 of them at that point.

Jay Harper

Red Apple Lipstick

P.S. I totally forgot to give you a link directly to y eye shadows.  You should really check them out!

Jay Harper

9 thoughts on “The Reason Eye Shadow Makes Your Eyes Itch

  1. Patty says:

    I have tried every kind of makeup out there, been to a dermatologist, went through allergy testing and nothing I’ve tried works. They just have told me I’m allergic to makeup. I already know that. I can’t use foundation, powder, eyeshadow or mascara

  2. J.Bird says:

    Propylene Glycol is NOT anti-freeze.
    You’re thinking of Ethylene Glycol.

    If you have to sell your product through fear-tactics, at least research them. =\

  3. Teresa O'Hara says:

    Nott true about mineral eyeshadows being safer. I purchased an expensive set of mineral eyeshadows with mica, and BAM! I could always wear eyeshadow until I was exposed to mineral eyeshadows with mica! It sensitized me for life!

  4. Brandy Collins says:

    I think sometimes it’s just the microscopic glitter in makeup with shimmer… under a microscrope these shiny sharp shards can’t be good for our skin and primers don’t always help.

  5. Marianne Maerz says:

    I recently developed a reaction to, (I think) eye shadow. I would like to give your products a try, but
    what if I find it too is irritating? Can I return it?
    PS I have heard that mica can be a problem for some people

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