How long before a lipstick grows mold and bacteria? yeah

When is the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag? If it’s been months or years, more than likely some of your products have expired. So, how do you know if those tubes of lipstick are still safe to use?

How long does a tube of lipstick last?

A. 6 Months
B. 1 Year
C. 3 Years
D. 12 Years

This answer actually depends on the individual. We don’t normally buy one tube of lipstick for the sake of using every last bit of it. We buy several different colors so we can wear them based on outfits, preferences, and occasions. So, technically, each tube of lipstick lasts for 300 swipes/applications.

How long can you keep lipstick before it goes bad?

A. 6 Months
B. 1 Year
C. 3 Years
D. 12 Years

If you picked D, eek! The correct answer is 6 to 12 months.
Lipstick is sticky and ALL brands contain at least some organic (as in, from nature) material. Floating particles stick to sticky things, leading to the rotting of the organic material. Honestly, it depends on how you use your lipstick. But if you’ve hit the 12- month mark…it’s time to toss it.

What makes a lipstick degrade faster?

1. Heat
Obviously, some heat is unavoidable. However, steamy bathrooms, being left in the car, or stored near the winter heater vent accelerates the break-down process.

2. Germs
Floating airborne particles stick to lipstick like glue. Consider carefully if you really want to open that lipstick in a public bathroom right after you just heard someone flush – eek! Bacteria + heat = disgusting.

3. Old age
As bacteria grows, it grows exponentially. Meaning, the more it grows, the faster it grows – at an alarming rate.

4. Miscellaneous
Also, consider that if you bought your makeup at a drug store or even a cosmetic store/department store, you stand a fair chance that product was 1 to 2 years old before you bought it. Certainly, avoid dollar stores. Anything you find there is either an incredible knockoff OR wasn’t sold by the original retailer (making it even older).  The process of mass-manufactured makeup goes a little like this: original product made in china with preservatives -> goes in a non-climate-controlled shipping container on a freight ship to the US (or whatever country its destined for) -> sits at a dock to go through customs -> gets on a plane or truck to go to brand name’s warehouse -> sits there waiting to be distributed to stores -> can sit there for a long time -> distributed to a store where it sits in their store room -> gets stocked on the store shelves -> sits there until someone buys it

Why does my lipstick smell bad?

How often do you pull out your favorite lipstick, twist the base, and BAM…get hit with a waxy smell? The smell you recognize that your favorite lipstick is expired or about to expire. Although it may go on smoothly and still look good on your lips, you need to get rid of your lipstick.

Why do lipsticks sweat?

Have you ever noticed “sweat” on your lipstick? This phenomenon is known as lipstick sweat, and it occurs more often than you may think. Beads of sweat occur when your lipstick is exposed to fluctuating temperatures that cause the oils in the lipstick to rise to the surface. However, the only time that “sweaty” lipstick should be thrown away is if there is noticeable lipstick mold.

Can makeup mold?

Yes. All types of makeup have the potential to mold, especially if stored improperly. However, the more obvious answer is that it is likely to mold if the product is expired.

Lip products need to be kept hygienic. Once your tube of lipstick starts to smell bad, it’s past its prime and should be discarded. This is an indication of lipstick mold. When lipstick starts to have an unusual odor, changes color, or changes texture, this is a sign that the shelf life has expired.

The only time that “sweaty” lipstick should be thrown away is if there is noticeable lipstick mold

What will happen if you use expired lipstick?

Expired lipstick can harbor lipstick mold. It can cause extreme swelling, skin irritations, or even infections. However, without mold, expired lipstick can become hard, crumble, and difficult to apply properly.

Is it OK to use expired makeup?

One of the first rules of beauty products is not to use it after it expires. But is it OK to actually USE expired makeup? Even if the beauty product looks OK and smells OK, if it’s past its shelf life, it could still cause some type of infection. Mascara, for example, should be discarded after 3 months. This will prevent bacteria from forming and causing possible eye infections or irritations. Other products, such as powder blushes, last longer than liquid makeup that contains oils or water (foundation, mascara, eyeliner). The only real issue of having expired blush is that it hardens and doesn’t apply very well.

How do you know if makeup is expired?

So, you have a makeup bag with several tubes of lipstick, various types of eyeshadows, different eyeliner colors, and mascaras. How do you know if any of your products are actually expired?

First of all, the product may not apply the way it used to. What used to be smooth is now streaking, clumping, or difficult to put on. If your makeup is causing breakouts or other skin irritations, it’s more than likely expired.

Next, if your product smells off or has lost the good smell it used to have, it’s probably past its expiration date.

Lastly, you can test the color. If the foundation that used to match your skin is now a different shade it could be expired. If that vibrant lipstick is now a dull shade, it’s best to discard.

Hope this got you thinking. Seriously, if you can’t remember when you bought that lipstick in your drawer, or any makeup for that matter, toss it! Better yet, trade it into us for a discount. We’ll recycle it responsibly!!

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  1. Add Your Picture

    I bought nude by nature “shine” lipstick but it’s sticky like glue. No it’s not a gloss lipstick. It’s a normal stick type. Why is it like that?

    1. Ashley Teague

      Hi, Just to confirm was this a product by our company or someone else? We don’t have any products by the name that was given. I would highly recommend reaching out to the brand and/or store where it was purchased.

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