Breast Cancer at 27 Sucks!


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If you could make one very simple change to something you already do every day…. and that change reduced your risk of early Breast Cancer – would you do it?

 Red Apple Girls, I Desperately Need Your Help!


I’m asking for a simple favor this month.

Here’s what it’s all about:  Through my respected scientific connections, I know that I must continue to create makeup that causes no negative reactions to your body through the exclusion of ingredients known to promote the growth of human breast cancer cells, while at the same time delivering excellent wearability, and incredible color payoff…

… because women deserve safe makeup!


So, if you love makeup, but hate breast cancer, you will want to take the extra 5 minutes to read this.  No one else in makeup manufacturing knows this information, or they don’t care about your health over profits.

Before you go any further, let me ask you my favor.

The info in the email is so important, so vital to changing the way our great country handles the issue of toxic ingredients, that I am asking you to do one, or more of the following this month.


A) Share this email with friends and family members.  Just click forward and send it.  Post it on facebook, tie it to a carrier pigeon, what ever.  Just spread it.  Coupon included.

B) Help me create even more makeup for you by buying just one thing this month.  It’s your business that allows me to continue creating more for you.  Try something new today.

C) Buy a gift for a good girlfriend or family member.  No better way to spread the word then by saying “Here, have this.. it won’t cause breast cancer”

Let me explain this to you the easiest way I know.  This will blow your mind, just like it did mine.


1) In the 1950’s, breast cancer in a women under 60 was virtually unheard of.


2) In the 1970’s, a chemical preservative called Paraben entered the world of personal care products.  This preservative was needed to produce makeup overseas – kept it from growing mold.

3) In the 1980’s, a group of researchers in the field of breast cancer discovered something important that affects all women globally.

4) Prior to publishing her mostly ignored paper in the United States (it was taken very seriously in Europe; they have no lobbyists there), Dr. Darbre used a technique called thin layer chromatography to study the compositional makeup of extracted breast tumors and breast tissue surrounding the tumor. Her mission was to discover why they grow in the first place. What she happened on is disturbing.

5) She discovered high levels of not one, not two…. You ready for this??  Six (that’s correct, six) different chemical preservatives that are primarily used in cosmetics.  To be more precise they are methyl paraben, eythl paraben, n-propyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, n-butyl pareben and benzylparaben, all in the same breast tissue and tumorsEven in breast tissue of control subjects that did not have tumors.

6) One or more of these parabens is found in almost every makeup product you buy at the store.  Don’t believe me, look for yourself.

7) Paraben(s) is a chemical preservative developed to lengthen the shelf life of a cosmetic product so it can sit there on the shelf, waiting for you to buy it.

8) The amount of paraben Dr. Darbre found was unacceptably high and it showed up in a large portion of tumors tested, as in ALL OF THEM.  Her second testing round was more detailed using high-pressure liquid chromatography and of the first 20 tumors tested, all 20 had high levels of paraben in them in all 6 forms. Her research is ongoing to this day and her findings have challenged the concepts of paraben toxicity in new ways.

9) Her research led to the discovery that parabens possess estrogenic activity.  They bind to estrogen receptors and may be able to mediate unwanted effects at much lower concentrations, disrupting cellular function with even small exposure. Even as far back as 1971, Mason (another researcher) observed rats injected with methylparaben.  Can you guess what happened?  They developed mammary adenocarcinomas; breast cancer.

10) Last year, she discovered that MCF7 Breast Cancer cells that were exposed to paraben grew at a rate of 3x.  It is thought that every women has MCF7 Cells dormant in her body – waiting to be activated.

11) You wear makeup daily. Exposure over a lifetime is huge!

12) Today, by the time a girl is 17, she has a staggering amount products.  Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps, Perfume, Lipsticks, Glosses, Foundations, Bronzers, Tanners, Concealers, Sun Tan Lotions, Regular Lotions, Shaving Creams and Gels – and almost all of them containing parabens. – AND NO ONE IS TELLING HER!!!  ( absolutely DO NOT ever, never allow your young children to play with cheap makeup, especially stuff you might find near check out aisles of stores – and keep paraben products off of their bodies! )

13) If you think this might be hogwash, consider the way a nicotine patch or a birth control patch works.  TRANSDERMALLY – to mean, it get’s into your bloodstream THROUGH your skin.

Here’s a link to a graphic you can share that explains it in terms anyone could understand.

Here’s a link to a girl this happened to at age 27!

So here’s the deal: I’ve upped your coupon value this month by a few % points, knowing and trusting that you are appreciative of our hard work here.  I know in the depth’s of my heart that you understand the challenges we all face in today’s world, and the challenges I face in creating products without such preservatives.

All you have to do is use your coupon this month, and share this email with whomever you think it might be valuable too.  Encourage them to also join my VIP Club, and download my book to learn more about toxicity in makeup – so that we can all have  brighter future.  I know for a fact I would rather you support my business…. than the business of cancer treatment (don’t even get me started on the ACS and NCI, who have spent 55 BILLION dollars on treatment drugs and machines, and a measly 1% of that on prevention… what a business!)

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