China’s soil is so degraded with toxic metals, it’s entered their food supply – and your makeup.

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toxic metals in soil of China


A recent study in China suggests that the soil there is heavily laden with Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium.

You may have heard the phrase “Cadmium Rice”, which is all too known in China.

Here’s what’s happening, and how it relates to you, and your lipstick.

The country’s soil is heavily degraded after half a century of fast industrialization, mining, and smelting during high economic growth. It’s already known that the ground there is a natural depository of lead, arsenic and cadmium.

Well, it’s reached their food supply. Researchers found the soil where rice is farmed to have 200 times the national health standard of cadmium, a heavy metal that’s bad for you.

Here’s where it pertains to you.

When you run out and buy almost any cosmetic item from the store shelf — where in the heck do you think the colorants came from? Where do you think the product was produced?

More than likely… China.

There are two things I want to tell you.

1) If makeup is fully manufactured in China, and imported as a completed item, the FDA laws go right out the window. They don’t apply to finished products.

2) If makeup says made in China, the colorants used were mined in China, processed in China, and put into the product in China.

Your risk is real and big… here’s why.

The heavy metals are rich in a large portion of their soil, including the portion where colorants for makeup is mined (and refined — if you could call it that)

Greenpeace is over there freaking out over it because the food supply is so degraded.

A guy named Chen Nengchang, who is a soil expert at the Guangdong Institute Of Eco-Environment and Soil Services says it’s a “chronic intoxication process by small doses. A very slow accumulation, and it’s half life is about 17 to 38 years, that’s to say it would take that long to reduce by half in your body. Basically once inside, it will stay there – if not all your life, at least half of it.”

Just google the term “Cadmium Rice” if you need any extra confirmation.

We, as Americans, sometimes think this stuff isn’t real. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and the pretty makeup aisles are so shiny, and filled with lights, it can be hard to believe. It’s on a shelf in the USA for Pete’s sake, surely the FDA has checked this stuff out. It comes from a big name, it must be safe.

Tsk Tsk on us for thinking this stuff. – Cause it ain’t true. A lulled sense of security is what caused the problem in the first place – and it’s the biggest names in the industry that have “set the standard” that so many others have followed.

Only a handful of us in the industry stand up against it, and I’m one of them. Quite frankly, I’m a little upset at the poorly made products big corporate tries to pass off on us.

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