Red Apple Lipstick Teams With Lauren Conrad For Summer 2014 Makeup Photo shoot – “LookBook” Enclosed

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summer 2014 lookbook cover from Red Apple LipstickThis year we had the special privilege  of using Lauren Conrad’s latest clothes collection during the production of our Summer Makeup 2014 Look Book.

Each time we make a new collection of colors, be it lipsticks, glosses or eye shadows , we do our best to release a “lookbook”.  These lookbooks are my way of showing you how I envision my lipsticks and shadows being worn.

As you may know, lipstick colors combined with clothing choices has a major impact on your overall look for the day.  To that end, when I am planning a photoshoot, I always seek the opportunity to work with a clothing designer that knows their stuff AND has fashion ready, obtainable clothing.

This summer, I was incredibly fortunate to work with Lauren Conrad’s spring/summer collection. I personally think she really knocked it out of the ball park this year with her clothing designs, and we (I, all of us here) were super pleased with the colors, patterns, and shapes we were able to create during our photoshoot.  So BIG THANKS to her!

In this summers lookbook, you will find all of our new makeup showcased gorgeously against patterned dresses, floral prints, dyes in semi casual to casual pairings, all easily obtainable for even novice fashionistas.

All of the makeup in this lookbook goes on sale June 7th to privately registered members (register here ->, followed then by a release to the general public later in June.

All Lauren Conrad clothing can be found easily at the nationwide chain Kohls, who retained her design showcase this year (and very smartly so I might add)

I truly hope you enjoy mine and Andrea’s latest makeup creations over here in the Gluten Free, Non-Toxic makeup universe that is Red Apple Lipstick – we had a lot of fun creating them for you.

6 New Lipstick Colors, 2 New Glosses and 4 New Eye Shadows.  We’ve made 300 copies of each color

Over the next few days, I will be releasing close up shots of the makeup via email to registered sale participants, along with the coupons for the sliding scale discounts that will be live during the June 7th to June 9th private VIP Sale.

If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do that now, registration will be closing soon, and I don’t want you to miss out on this collection and amazing discounts.


Jay Harper

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