The Best Lip Balm For Dry Lips

chapped lip problem

I think that it’s important to discuss why dry lips happen in the first place, and then talk about real ingredients that help your body repair the damage, then talk about products that contain those ingredients – which would honestly be the best lip balm for dry lips. Well this is for sure, dry or chapped lips stinks. This a “no fun zone”. If you have this condition, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s embarrassing, and painful.

chapped lip problem

Your Lips Are Different Than The Rest Of Your Body

Your lips is made up of the thinnest skin on your body. Only 4 to 5 dermal layers thick versus 15 to 16 at your elbow. Only one other place on your body shares such skin thin, and we won’t talk about that here. Your lips are also breathed over, licked, kissed, and on occasion, smathered with products that damage the skin. Poorly made lipsticks, balms and glosses have the ability to wreck the cells in the skin. Age adds to accumulated damage.

It’s Possible You Suffer From Undiagnosed Medical Condition

It’s totally possible that you suffer from a medical condition and don’t know it. Conditions like Celiac Disease, Chron’s Disease, Hashimoto’s and sjogren’s syndrome all come with chronic dry lips as a symptom. You can read a little more about that in my blog post here -> In the specific cases of these conditions, the body is already nutrient deprived, which doesn’t help the situation. Further, the body is sending the bulk of it’s healing powers to internal organs, leaving the lips last.

Free Radicals Are Real

Free radicals happen naturally, and more as we age.  The common free radical that causes skin damage is the hydroxyl radical.  It occurs when a molecule of  water loses it’s bond to the hydrogen atom, leaving only the H and the O but missing the 2.   The unwanted side effect is cellular damage.

Without going overboard science on you, the free radical is left to bond with other free radicals and can be oxidized.  When it oxidizes, it hardens – this cause damage to any and all tissue it runs into.  Hence, the “anti-oxidant” such as red wine, chocolate, vitamin E, green tea, etc..

Anti-oxidants have the natural ability to envelop, attract, oxidized atoms and free radicals, allowing your body to pass them through uhmm.. natural means… much more harmlessly.

Weakened tissue seems to attract these cells at a higher rate. Not to mention that a broken water atom in your body does absolutely no good towards hydration.

Chronic Dehydration

Drink more water.   Period. And try your best to lay off diuretics like coffee, booze, sodas… if you can help it.

So What’s Really The Best Lip Balm For Dry Lips

Well it’s certainly going to not make the problem worse.  That means it won’t have harsh chemicals, thick waxes or aggressive flavors or smells.  It also won’t have any harsh preservatives.  It certainly won’t have any petroleum or plastic based ingredients. Unfortunately, almost all over the counter lip balms fit into the criteria above. And almost every over the counter or register balm is made by one of the same 3 big companies.  Even Burt’s Bee’s is owned by a fortune 500.  And they make stupid decisions that affect us all.

Try Rallye Balm By Red Apple Lipstick

Rallye Balm is made of a couple of simple ingredients known for their ability to heal damaged skin. Rallye Balm has two secret weapons.. well 3 really..

1. A high quality, gluten free Vitamin E – which acts as a mega antioxidant.  It zaps free radicals and oxidized cells, ridding your body of these damaging cells so that your real collagen and tissue can rebuild itself, instead of fighting of these cells on it’s own.

2. High Quality, Cold Pressed Castor Seed Oil – soothes abrasions, cuts, raw skin and tissue. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

3. Aloe – skin soothing aloe.  Works fantastic at helping skin heal.

If you’re interested in truly seeing the best lip balm for dry lips, you can check out Rallye Balm here.

It’s made and sold by Red Apple Lipstick, Inc. in Houston Texas.

Jay Harper

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