How to Help Treat A Chalazion

By the title of this post, you may be wondering what in the world a chalazion is.


According to sites like Mayo Clinic and WebMD, a chalazion is an inflammatory lump in the tear gland of the eyelid. There are an estimated 200,000 US cases per year and they tend to be more common in adults who also have blepharitis and/or rosacea. A chalazion will usually resolve within a few months but occasionally will need to be removed by a doctor.  If you suspect that you have one you should go to your doctor to confirm your suspicions. That way you can get diagnosed and will know for sure.


A chalazion looks like a lump on the eyelid and may be accompanied by redness on the eyelid. It feels like a small bead in the eyelid but it doesn’t hurt and left untreated it can get bigger and redder. More or less it is just unpleasant to look and but it does not hurt. 


As I’m writing this post I currently have one. So I figured while things are fresh in mind this would make an excellent blog topic for me to share how I go about treating it. First, I’d like to share my background with these though. 


The first one I had over a year ago in my left lower eyelid (current one is on the right upper eyelid) and I was super freaked out! I mean you see a lump on your eye and that’s a pretty freaky thing. The doctor that I went to calmed me down and told me that this unsightly bump was just a chalazion and I could try treating it at home. He did say that if it got bigger or did not go away I would need to have it removed. I was determined to not have surgery so the following are the things I did and am currently doing to help treat it. 


  1. Warm Compress- I found this to be the most helpful thing and it seems to be the most recommended treatment. I like to warm up some water and steep a round tea bag (I use Green Tea) in the water until the tea bag itself is warm. I will then lay the tea bag on my eyelid that has the chalazion. I let this sit until it’s cool and then repeat the process. I usually do this a few times in the morning and then a few times in the evening before bed each day until it goes away.
  2. Holistic Eye Drops For Styes– While a chalazion is not a stye they do have similarities and I’ve found the Similasan Stye Eye Relief drops to really help with redness. I prefer these ones because they are gluten-free, dairy-free and have what I would consider being clean ingredients. Especially, in comparison to most over the counter eye drops out there.
  3. Don’t Wear Eye Makeup– This is a hard one but if possible try to not wear eye makeup until the chalazion has cleared up. Even the cleanest makeup out there can irritate when you have one of these things.


In learning more about what a chalazion is I actually wasn’t all that surprised that I get/got them considering I do have rosacea. It’s just a major bummer when you have things to do and places to go and then you have to cancel everything. I have found by following these steps though I can get it to go away within a few days to a week. To me, this is WAY better than having to go in and have it removed.


 I’ve also considered maybe trying the eyelid cleansing oil and eyelid foaming cleanser from We Love Eyes. They have a set for blepharitis and while I don’t personally have that I’ve been thinking that this could maybe also help to prevent more chalazions from showing up in the future. I haven’t seen anything on their site about chalazions but I’m thinking maybe it could at least help. 


I didn’t want to share any pictures with you in this post BUT if you are brave enough you can google Chalazion and see for yourself what these look like. They’re really strange! 


As stated in the beginning of this post if you suspect you have one make sure to see your doctor so they can confirm your suspicions. I will also state that I am not a medical professional and this advice is just based on my personal experience. I hope you found this blog post to be informative and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I’m also curious to know if you’ve ever had one before. If so let us know if you were able to treat it at home or if you had to have it removed.


Fingers crossed I can get this one to go away on its own like last time,


4 thoughts on “How to Help Treat A Chalazion

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    Trisha says:

    Do you have to throw away any eye makeup (like mascara or eyeliner) that you might have used when you had the Chalazion, like you have to do with a Stye?

    • Ashley Teague
      Ashley Teague says:

      Hi Trisha, I’ve never had the advice to do so, but I do it anyway as a precaution since mine seem to always start as a stye first. When I’ve had a Chalazion, I try not to wear makeup at all if I can help it.

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    kim says:

    Ashley, it’s me again… Forgot to let you know that the Gabriel Cosmetics Sea fennel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is gluten free ! I love the generous amount of product,(3.3 OZ /100ml) for $15.50. They also offer a smaller amount for less but this has become an essential to me. I wouldn’t want to wear eye makeup without it. ☺️. Praying your eye will heal soon. kb

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    kim says:

    Hi Ashley….I didn’t compress my eye or use any medicated drops in the early stages… Eventually the chalazion needed to be removed by an opthalmologist. I now try to remove my eye makeup before sleep which I often would not do. Also I use an excellent eye makeup remover from Gabriel cosmetics which is soothing and has no greasy residue. Thank God I have managed since to avoid a recurrence. God’s Best for healing. kb

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