Announcing Our Final 2017 Winter Shades. Available Black Friday

We’re excited to give you a preview of the second half of the Red Apple Lipstick Fall/Winter 2017 Lipstick Collection.

These three brand new lipsticks will be released during our Black Friday event. We’ll be holding a naming contest very soon.

Here’s a preview.[divider width=”full”]


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[ux_image id=”50565″]


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[ux_image id=”50566″]

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[ux_image id=”50567″]

11 thoughts on “Announcing Our Final 2017 Winter Shades. Available Black Friday”

    1. Ashley Teague

      Hi Mindi, A new color will be posted each day until Sunday (Three days) in individual blog posts. Name suggestions need to be left in the comments of the individual posts. You can enter as many suggestions as you’d like BUT you can only leave one suggestion per comment. This will be stated in each post as well along with the other rules and important information regarding the naming contest.

  1. Add Your Picture

    Are you working on a gluten free skincare line and gluten free cosmetics such as concealer, blush, and nail polish?

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