*CLOSED* Winter Lipstick Naming Contest Day #1

Help give this new lipstick a name! To enter simply leave your name suggestions in the comments of this post. PLEASE only leave ONE name suggestion per comment. You are welcome to suggest as many names as you’d like but please post them in individual comments. Comments with more than one name suggestion won’t be counted. If we choose a name that has been suggested multiple times we will choose the one who said it first. We will close the contest at the end of the day and the chosen name will be announced Monday.  The chosen name will win $100 in Red Apple Lipstick store credit.

UPDATE: Day #1 is now CLOSED. Stick around for days 2 &3

432 thoughts on “*CLOSED* Winter Lipstick Naming Contest Day #1”

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    Gabrielle Gagliardi

    “There’s No Place Like Home”

    (Because the shade is like Dorothy’s ruby red sparkling slippers in The Wizard of Oz)

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    Midnight Sparks

    (Oops I made an error when I typed my e-mail address before hence why you’ll see this post again, so sorry).

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