*CLOSED* Summer 2019 Naming Contest


Welcome to the collection naming contest. Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, something to snack on, and put on your favorite summer song to get the creative energy flowing.  Here’s what’s up. Friday, July 19th five new gluten-free lipsticks go on sale. Yay! First, they’re going to need a collection name. That’s where you come in. 


The contest runs from 7/12 – 7/14

To enter the contest leave your name suggestions in the comments of this post

Limited to THREE entries per person

If we choose a name that is suggested multiple times, we will choose the one who said it first

Winner will be announced Monday 7/15

Winner will receive a $100 gift card + the entire five lipstick collection 

Have fun and enjoy the creative process.

We look forward to going through your suggestions.

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*UPDATE: Join us in congratulating Heidi tehilla Newman. Congrats Heidi, your name suggestion The Kissabilities was chosen as the name for this new lipstick collection. Thank you all for your suggestions and creativity. It was a blast going through them.

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    Sylvia Mccleary

    1. Peachy Keen
    2. Cotton Candy Rush
    3. This little Pinky
    4. Lilac Spring Nights
    5. Cheeri-o

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    Marren Haneberg

    1. Sophisticated Summer Collection
    2. Extravagant Escape Collection
    3. Sweet Summer Kiss Collection

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    1. Golden Girls
    2. Come, Let’s Fly Away
    3. Mermaid Kisses
    (I tried posting earlier today, but don’t see my comment so not sure if it went through. I apologize if it did)…

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    1. The “Juicy Sorbet” collection
    2. The “Havana” collection
    3. The “Paradise Dreams” or “Dreams in Paradise” collection

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    1- Baked Desert Collection
    2- Mega Vegas Collection
    3- Tranquil Getaway Collection

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    For the newest summer collection:
    1. Everlasting Summer
    2. Polaroid Perfect
    3. Classic Summer Crush
    *Imagine hanging out with friends by the beach late morning early afternoon. Then meeting some guys who take you and your squad to a secret beach spot. Just a group of you hanging out, sitting round a bonfire, telling stories and maybe singing a few songs. The day fades into a summer night. The memory remains clear and vivid forever. Its happened in every summer for decades spanning generations but it’s never quite the same. The day started with putting on your favourite lipstick and ended when your new summer crush took it off*
    #Serious Pink Ladies vibes #Bringing the summer drama #Cool for the summer #RAL squad summer days #Timeless looks

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    Laurie Grassette

    1 – Sun-sational summer!
    2 – Sneaking kisses all summer long
    3 – Long summer days melting into night.

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    Summer brings back fond memories. And memories are often connected to songs. So a few good songs that might be good names too are…
    1. “Walking on Sunshine”🎵
    By Katrina and The Waves

    2. “Girls on the Beach”🎵
    By The Beach Boys

    3. “Under the Boardwalk” down by the sea”🎵
    By The Drifters

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    #1- Beach Boos
    #2- Too Hot for Summer!
    #3- Lips on The Beach
    I really like these contests RAL does, it’s fun to see how a lipstick or a collection in this case is gonna be named!

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    Haley Zilberberg

    1. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Collection
    2. Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection
    3. ‘Tis the Sea-Sun Summer Collection

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    1. Summer Smooches & Selfies Collection 2. Beachy Keen Collection
    3. Beach Beauties Collection

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    Whitney Huenergardt

    For the second lipstick-
    Kiss The Girl
    For the red lipstick-
    THE Big Apple
    Have A Bite

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    1. The Free Spirit Collection
    2. The Summer Fun Collection
    3. The Southbound Collection

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    My suggestions for the collection name:

    “Beach Hair, Don’t Care”
    “Dusk and Summer”

    Good luck everyone!

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    1. The Steel Magnolias Collection
    2. The Southern Belles Collection
    3. The Sedona Sunset Collection

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    Hello! Enjoy my picks!

    1) Paradise Passion Collection

    2) Bold Lips, Dream Big – Summer Collection

    3) Endless Summer Collection

    Bonus ideas just because they exist: Whirlwind Romance – Summer Collection

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    Leslie Jaedicke

    1. Midsummer’s Night Dream Collection
    2. What I Love About Summer Collection
    3. Never Let This Summer End! Collection

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    Diana Frybarger





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    1. Summer Solstice Lipstick Collection
    2. Tis the Sea-Sun Lipstick Collection
    3. Soft Serve Lipstick Collection

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    This is so fun. And I have to have Oh, Snapdragon lol. Here are my suggestions.
    1. Exotic Summer Nights
    2. 5 Shades of Pink
    3. Staycation to Vacation

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    1) flirty and functional
    2) 5am to midnight summer collection
    3) Have a SWAKtastic summer collection

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    If you ever want apple names….

    Red. Delicious!
    Pink Lady
    All JAZZed up!
    Gala Gorgeous
    Ready for my Cameo
    When in Rome
    Pacific Rose
    Ginger Gold (for a lipstick with golden shimmer, or for an eye shadow that’s has golden hues)

    For this collection’s group name
    -Beach Babes (a good name for hashtags #beachbabes)
    -Gorgeous Goddesses (also a good hashtag #gorgeousgoddesses)
    -Wahine Nani (mean “beautiful girl” in Hawaiian, you say it like “Wah-hee-nay Nah-nee)
    -Just About Perfect Club (Hotsy Totsy means just about perfect, too)
    -Sunkissed Sisters

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    MY ENTRIES: 1. Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama.
    2. Endless Tropical Fantasy
    3. Montserrat Mystique

  24. Jules

    1. Wish They All Could Be…RAL Gals! Collection
    2. Girls Trip Lip Collection
    3. Summer Blockbusters Collection

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    “Slush My Mouth” Collection
    “Cabana Nights” Collection
    “Melon-tini” Collection

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    Shades of Hey there (sexy)!, (with or without the word sexy), Shades of Yay!, Perfectly Pouty!

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    I think it should be the Poise of Summer collection, because wearing a great lipstick can give you poise and confidence in the toughest situations, and these are all great.

  28. Add Your Picture

    Summer Gems

    Summer Lovin’

    The Bachelorettes

    ( I can’t seem to find mine from hours ago?)

  29. Add Your Picture

    1. Summer haze, pastel daze collection
    2. Summer’s gaze, bold bright waves collection
    (“daze” or “waves” could be substituted with “days”)
    3. Girls on Tour: The Cruise of the Summer Isles collection

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    danielle fritts

    1. Happy memories of sunsets
    2. Secret thought pink
    3. Let’s play sassy
    4. Kissing plumtastic
    5. Frankly my dear I dont give a Damn red.

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    “Summer Stars” Collection
    “5 Roses of Summer” Collection
    “Seaside Smackers” Collection

  32. Add Your Picture

    Beautiful new collection!

    1) Petal to the metal
    2) Meet me in Casapinkey
    3) Perfect Pucker Petals

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    Jo Ann Henderson

    1,, Wrap My Heart Collection
    2. Cast a Spell Collection
    3.. Mine at Last Collection

  34. Add Your Picture

    1. Smiles of a Summer Night Collection
    2. Marrakesh My Lips Collection
    3. Endless Summer Kiss Collection

  35. Add Your Picture

    The “Roadtrip RAL Pals” Collection
    The “Beachy Bunch” Collection
    The “Lipstick Waves” Collection

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    Kathryn Lazenby

    The Beach Girls collection
    Summer Lovin’ Collection
    Tropical Lovin’ Collection

  37. Add Your Picture

    1, Beachy Luscious Lip Collection
    2. Summer Luscious Lip Collection
    3. Beachfront Luscious Lip Collection

  38. Add Your Picture

    #1 Island Dreaming collection
    #2 la isle bonita collection
    #3 summer goddess collection

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    Think beach, think fun, think joy!!
    Names as follows
    1. Leisure Looker!
    2. Cool Joy!
    3. Hula! Hula!

  40. Ann Ellanson

    (1) Sunkissed Sunnies Collection
    (2) Summer Kisses Collection
    (3) Girls Just Want To Have Sun Collection

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    Such Talented Folks!
    1. Summer Sorbet Collection
    2. This Way To The Beach Collection
    3. Santorini Sunset Collection

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    Diana Frybarger

    My names:

    Poetry On Fire
    Heaven On Earth
    Blazing In The Sunset
    Lilacs Reigning
    To Be Charmed
    Honeymoon Pink
    Marry Me Cherie!
    Color Me Jeopardy
    Every Pretty Little Flower
    Jackie ‘O In Paris

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    Red Apple Summer Festival Collection
    Red Apple- The Summer Tour Collection
    Red Apple Runaway with Me Collection

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    How about one of these names for our summery collection?


    2) PLAYA de la PLAYFUL!


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    Stacey Kreuscher

    1. Fruity Lipstick Collection
    2. Popsicle Lipstick Collection
    3. Sherbert Lipstick Collection

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    Just Beach-in Around ! 🏝🕶☀️
    Sun-Sational Beach Collection☀️🏖🏄🏼‍♀️
    Kiss Me at Sunset

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    The “Good to Glow” collection – these colors have the ability to give everyone that certain ‘glow’ of confidence and complete our look
    The “We’ve Got You Covered” collection – these colors truly ‘cover’ every occasion we might encounter, and the different facets that we possess
    The “Miss B. Haven” collection – the color personalities of these lipsticks can be ‘either MISS B. Haven’,(flirty), or simply ‘B. Haven’

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    Just Beach-in Around !☀️🏖🕶
    Sun- Sational Beach Collection 🏝🏖🏝
    Kiss-Me at Sunset 💋💄🏖

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    1. The Getaway Gang/Summer Getaway Collection

    2. Girls Just Want to Have Sun Collection

    3. Resting Beach Face Collection

  50. Add Your Picture

    1.) ThenHelter Swelter Collection
    2.) The Midsummer Memories Collection
    3.)The Golden Afternoon Collection


  51. Add Your Picture

    Sand and Sea Collection
    Pretty Little Lippies Collection
    Come Away With Me Collection

  52. Add Your Picture

    New Horizons
    Color my World
    Fun Shine
    Anything is Possible
    Happiest Place on Earth
    Celebrate Good Times
    Take a Cruise Baby
    Good for the Soul
    Giggles and Good Times

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    Stephanie McKenna

    The Summer Starlets Part 2 Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = All American Girl
    2. Red Apple Red = Shake It Off
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Dance to This
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Only In My Dreams
    5. Kissimmee = California Gurls

    All named after famous summer songs by famous female artists

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    Stephanie McKenna

    The Summer Starlets Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = Summertime
    2. Red Apple Red = Firework
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Glitter in the Air
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Daydreamer
    5. Kissimmee = Cool for the Summer

    All named after famous summer songs by famous female artists

  55. Add Your Picture
    Stephanie McKenna

    The Divas Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = Riri or Bey
    2. Red Apple Red = Taylor
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Gaga
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Ari
    5. Kissimmee = Britney or Celine

  56. Add Your Picture

    1. The Aloha Lip Collection
    2. The Punch Bowl Pout Collection
    3. The Shady Lady Collection

  57. Add Your Picture

    1. Passion-istas 2. Belle-wether Collection (def: one that takes the lead, an indicator of trends) 3. Radiance

  58. Add Your Picture

    here are my three choices for naming the collection.
    Sorbet Collection
    Summer Groovin Collection
    The Shades of Summer Collection

  59. Add Your Picture

    1. Naked Nectars Collection
    2. The Sun Always Sets Collection
    3. Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection

  60. Add Your Picture
    Alyssa Pritchett

    1.) Traveling in the Tropics Collection
    2.) Super Juicy Summer Collection
    3.) Poolside Pout Collection

  61. Add Your Picture


    1 = Tango til midnight
    2 = Midnight delight
    3 = Flirt
    4 = Lavender luscious
    5 = Va-va-vamanos

      1. Add Your Picture

        1. Apricot Breeze.
        2. Plucky Heroine.
        3. Summer Wind or Summer Heat.
        4. Cosmopolitan
        5. Miss Sassafras.

    1. Add Your Picture

      1.Let’s give them “something to pink about”
      2. Red apples and Cherry blossoms
      3. Wrapped around my pinky collection

      1. Add Your Picture

        Sensuous Seashells and Sunsets
        Gelato by the Sands and the Seashore
        Surf’s Garden/Neptune’s Garden Paradise

    2. Add Your Picture

      1. Sway Your Way
      Summer Collection

      2. Turning Heads
      Summer Collection

      3. Steal The Show
      Summer Collection

        1. Add Your Picture

          1) Snap, apple, red I’m at the beach
          2) Beaches and Blooms Collection
          3) Color me beachy

    3. Add Your Picture

      1. Sunset stroll collection
      2. Walk the boardwalk collection
      3. Sunset cove collection

      1. Add Your Picture

        Famous Beaches in the USA
        1) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Day after Morocco
        2) Venice Beach, California, USA (Kissimmee)
        3) Waikiki, Hawaii (Let’s Flamingal)
        4)Daytona Beach, Florida (Oh Snapdragon)
        5) Jersey Shore, New Jersey (red apple red)

        1. Add Your Picture

          Scratch that, I guess I was supposed to name the collection not hijack the lipstick names. Let’s try this again:

          1)Maui Dew Drops
          2) Garden Goddess
          3) My lips, my way

        1. Add Your Picture

          1: On Island Time Collection
          2: Wildflower Feilds Forever Collection
          3: Paradise Punch Collection

      1. Add Your Picture

        1) School’s Out For Summer Collection
        2) Lover’s Lips Cove Collection
        3) Desert Island Faves Collection

          1. Add Your Picture

            1. Sedona sunset
            Feelin’ peachy
            Passionate peach
            2. Pink like me
            Raspberry ice
            Perfect pink
            3. Vacation vibes
            Take me to the cabana
            Cherry blossom
            5, Game changer
            Central Park west

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          Hello, I would like to add these as a possibility.
          1) Kiss around the world collection
          2) Passion fashion collection
          3) color me gorgeous collection

        1. Add Your Picture
          Cinthia Valentin

          1. The “Seaside Treasures” Collection
          2. The “Summer Secrets” Collection
          3. The “Bathing Beauties” Collection

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