What Is Beauty To You?

Two of my friends and I were discussing this question. One friend is 62 and had been exploring the question, “What is pretty at 62? How do I define that?” 

She had been going thru old high school photos (in preparation for moving) and reliving many times when her father told her she looked fat. But, looking at the photos she didn’t see that, she saw a lovely happy young woman who was being handed other people’s unsolicited opinions.  It was a big moment of realization for her, in her words…

“I have come to realize that ‘pretty’ is defined by how we love ourselves, not an opinion from others”

Then my other friend said, using that definition of beauty – let’s ask ourselves great questions to get great answers. 

“How am I beautiful today?” 

“What can I do to be beautiful today?”

“How can I make the world a more beautiful place today?”

 When beauty means loving ourselves – these questions take on a whole new meaning.

Recently, many Red Apple shoppers received mirrors in their order that said “You Are Beautiful”. We sent those mirrors out, because no matter who received them – that message is a fact. There is no question that you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are love. No matter what. <– And that last sentence is key

I want to know, do you agree or disagree with my beautiful 62 year old friend? Is she onto something?

I know for me, when I show up for myself, when I love myself unconditionally, when I treat myself with respect – I feel insanely beauty-filled! How about you?

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