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Well, here we are in a new year already. How time flies, seems like only just a few months ago that we entered 2021. We hope you have enjoyed all of the makeup ideas, tips, and looks we have shared this past year and hope you are ready for more to come this new year.  

Speaking about new, every year, the Pantone Color Institute picks a color for the new year. This is the color that will be popular throughout the year in basically everything, from décor, fashion, to makeup. Expect to see this color a lot in runways and new makeup releases this year.  

What is the color of the year for 2022?   

The Pantone Color Institute has announced that the Pantone color for 2022 is a new color altogether, especially created by Pantone’s color experts. Pantone’s color for this year is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, Very Peri for short.  

Very Peri- What Is It?  

You are most likely wondering; what color exactly is Very Peri? Very Peri is a new periwinkle blue shade, hence the Peri in its name, with a violet red undertone to it.    

The Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute had this to say about it, “Encompassing the qualities of the blue, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” We couldn’t agree more with this perfect description for this beautiful new color of the year, we can’t wait to create some gorgeous makeup looks with it this year.  

Keep reading to find out how you can start incorporating this beautiful color into your makeup looks and routines.   

How to Rock the Color of the Year, The Red Apple Lipstick Way  

One of the best and easiest ways to incorporate the color of the year into makeup looks is with eyeshadows. Of course, you may not find an exact match to the official color but there are many that fall into the same type of color. Red Apple Lipstick already has a couple of eyeshadow shades that are similar to Very Peri, Violet Femme and Violet Vixen.  

Violet Femme Eyeshadow- a shimmering bright medium purple eyeshadow, applies lighter than it appears in the pan but can be built up. This complements green eyes beautifully, but purple is universally flattering and will look great for those with blue and brown eyes as well. Pairs well with warm browns and neutrals but for a fun colorful look, try it with Sage RageDirty GirlOlive This ColorViolet VixenTutu CuteMermaid Lagoon, or Indi-Go-Go.  

Violet Vixen Eyeshadow- a slightly muted lavender purple eyeshadow with a metallic sheen and slight pinkish undertone. Great as a lid color or as an accent color for the outer corners, crease, or for the lower lash line. Pair with any cool-toned neutral shadows or with Sage RageDirty GirlOlive This ColorVampViolet Vintage, or Violet Femme for a fun and colorful look option.  

The Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette for Green Eyes is also a good palette to consider since it includes Violet Vixen Eyeshadow along with 3 more eyeshadows that compliment it. This is curated for green eyes in mind but will look great on any eye color. It comes with a printed guide featuring two simple and easy looks to help you get the most out of the palette.  

Eyeshadow Look Ideas Using Violet Femme & Violet Vixen  

Now that we have talked about what eyeshadow shades are great options as inspiration for the color of the year, here are some ideas on what kind of looks to do with them. The best part is that these eyeshadow shades and these looks can be worn any time of the year.  

Simple Wash of Color (One Eyeshadow)  

The easiest look to do using either Violet Femme or Violet Vixen is by applying as a wash of color all over the lids.   

Prime the eyes and then apply a base color. Apply a little bit of Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer all over the lids. Once it has dried, pick a matte neutral shade that is close to the color of your skin as your base and apply all over the lids.  

Using the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, apply the eyeshadow, either Violet Femme or Vixen, on the lids. Blend that out into the crease and just above using the Crease and Blend Brush.  

Finish by lining the eyes, if you wish, and some mascara.  

Monochromatic Eye  

A fun way to use these shades is by doing a Monochromatic Eye look! This is a great way to use both Violet Femme and Violet Vixen in one look.   

Follow the eye part tutorial found in the Pink Monochromatic Springtime Makeup Look article. Simply swap out Pixie Dust with Violet Vixen, En Pointe with Violet Femme, and Innocence with Tutu Cute.  

LIPS: Noemi has paired this look with the lipgloss in Dancing Princess.

The Very Peri Eye Shadow Palette combines all these shades into one palette plus a base shade and a jet black shade to use as eyeliner.

Get every eyeshadow needed for this look, plus a lifetime-quality Z-Palette case at a super great price.

This case will hold 4 additional eyeshadows when you wish to expand it.

If you love purple as much as we do – this palette will rock your world!

Very Peri Smokey Eye  

Another great look is a smokey eye! Both Violet Femme and Violet Vixen are great shades to be main colors for a beautiful deep, yet colorful, smokey eye look.  

Head on over to the Springtime Smokey Eye Tutorial, and simply follow the step-by-step eye part tutorial. Swap out Plums Up! with either Violet Femme or Violet Vixen, Made You Wink with Violet Vintage, Hush Hush with Blondeshell, Hello Darkness with Vamp, and Buttercream with Iced Mocha.  

Simple Natural Eye with a Pop of Color  

What if you are not comfortable wearing colorful looks? Don’t worry, we have 2 great ways to add just a pop of color to a more natural eye look. One way is to add a pop of color with eyeliner, the second is to add a pop of color on the lower lash line.   

Start by doing a simple natural eye look. Follow the steps for the eye tutorial found in the Spring Date Night Makeup Look article. Now, to add a pop of color with eyeliner, line the eyes using Eggplant Eye Liner Pencil instead of using Hello Darkness. Then top Eggplant with either Violet Femme or Violet Vixen.  

To add a pop of color on the lower lash line instead, apply Violet Femme or Violet Vixen across the bottom lash line instead of Hello Darkness and Earth Girl. You can also apply Violet Femme and blend that out with Violet Vixen.  

LIPS: For this look Noemi used the Berry Blast lipstick and topped that with the Dancing Princess lipgloss.

Finishing Touches  

Pair these looks with a mauve shade of blush or even a pink shade will look great. A perfect RAL blush choice is M’Lady, or even Coy and Dolly.  

To complete your look, you can pair these looks with a pinky nude lipstick or a shade of pink that is not too bright or dark. However, these looks will pair perfectly with Boys N Berries which also falls in the color category as Very Peri. Apply it sheer or build it up.  

Another great lipstick shade that falls under the color category as Very Peri is Oh Snapdragon. This is the perfect lipstick to pair with the simple natural eye for an additional pop of color. Or if you prefer to keep your look simpler and more natural, skip eyeshadow and make your lips the main focus with Oh Snapdragon.  

So, what are your thoughts on 2022’s new color of the year Very Peri? Are you a fan or is it a miss for you? Will you be incorporating it into your makeup looks? If so, we hope you give some of these makeup look ideas a try. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear them! 


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