6 New Lippies You’ll Love This Winter

Left To Right: Tanya wearing Scarlet Red Liner filled in, Clarissa wearing Reddish Fetish, Andrea wearing Spice ‘N Easy, Natalie wearing Power Potion and faux fur

3 New Lipsticks and 3 New Lipliners

All of our new lippies are perfect for Winter. Whether you are a neutral lover, red enthusiast, or have a purple passion – we have you covered. As always these lipsticks and lip liners are cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan, gluten free, paraben free. These 6 are also free from nuts and soy.

3 New Winter Lipsticks

First Up: Power Potion

This stunning lipstick is an intense and richly saturated purple plum color with a pinky-red undertone. It’s most comparable to Wine & Dandy, Fierce, and the currently discontinued lipstick called After Hours. It’s relatively close to After Hours, but just a little less purple. It’s less brown than Fierce and is more pigmented than Wine & Dandy. This lipstick has a matte feel upon application and is long-lasting. Pair with the new Rich Orchid lip liner.

Complementary colors to this lipstick are teal, purple, and brown. 

#2 – Spice ‘N Easy

This gorgeous warm lipstick is a medium spicy orange with a brownish-red undertone. In comparison to other similar lipstick colors, it’s lighter and not as red as Barcelona, and is more neutral & less pink than Day After Morocco. It’s very closely related to Chai Love You in color just with less pink, and it’s a tad bit softer too. Being in the Instant Color formula, Spice ’N Easy feels very smooth, creamy, and buttery soft in application. Pair with the new Toasted Pink lip liner.

Complementary colors to this lipstick are sky blue, fuchsia, and ochre.

#3 – Reddish Fetish

This beautiful red lipstick is a complex combination of a pinky-red with a brown undertone. Making this lipstick a neutral red that leans slightly more cool-toned than its warmer sister lipstick, Barcelona. So if you need a neutral red that leans a bit cooler, then Reddish Fetish is the perfect choice for you. Being in the Instant Color formula, Reddish Fetish feels very smooth, creamy, and buttery soft in application. Pair with the new Scarlet Red lip liner.

Complementary colors to this lipstick are green-blue, raspberry, and burnt orange. 

Often, we are asked – What lipstick shades should an older woman wear?

3 New Lip Liners For Gorgeous Lips

#1 – Scarlet Red Lip Liner

Scarlet Red Liner Filled In – Use Rallye Balm underneath for a moisturizing but matte look

This red lip liner is the perfect red color. Since it does not have any distinguishable undertones of pink, orange, or brown, it is the ideal liner to use with any red lipstick. You can also use it to line + fill in your lips for the perfect matte red lip. Another great thing about this lip liner is that it’s not overly bright or dark. Check out this post to find your perfect red lipstick.

Complementary colors to this lip liner are blue, ruby, and tan. 

#2 – Toasted Pink Lip Liner

Toasted Pink Lip Liner Filled In – Wear with Rallye Balm, Gloss or Pair with Lipstick

This beautiful natural-looking pink lip liner is an excellent option for those that love nude lipsticks. Use it to line and fill in your lips for a matte nude lip or pair it with any of our nude lipsticks for an effortlessly beautiful lip look. It will work particularly well with Naughty, New York, Oh My Guava and the new Spice ‘N Easy lipstick. 

Complementary colors to this lip liner are aqua, pink, and taupe. 

#3 – Rich Orchid Lip Liner

Rich Orchid Liner – Sooo gorgeous all filled in paired with Rallye Balm, gloss, or lipstick

This stunning lip liner is a medium purple color with a pinkish undertone. Use it to outline and fill in your lips for a long-lasting, matte orchid lip or use it as a base for the lipsticks in Boys N Berries, Can’t Be Beet, Wine & Dandy, Paris, Berrycuda, Oh, Snapdragon or new Power Potion. It also works great to tone down any of our warmer pink lipsticks. 

Complementary colors to this lip liner are sea green, purple, and rose. 

Whether you’re snuggling up or glamming it up this December – these new lipsticks and lip liners will fit right in. Which ones are screaming your name?

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  1. myglammpro says:

    I have used this product & I can say its awesome 🙂

  2. In the main paragraph about the new lipsticks you state that all of them & the liners are “cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan, gluten free, paraben free. These 6 are also free from nuts and soy.” I’m confused because on the individual descriptions it states something different. Are these 6 all free of all the allergens stated originally or just what’s listed individually? Looking forward to the sale and some new shades to try! Thanks!

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      Hi Savvie, thanks for showing me that my “abbreviated version” under each lipstick could be confusing. I was just listing the attributes that most people ask about under each individual description though they are ALL cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan, gluten free, paraben free, soy and nut free. I do see though, if I only listed three of the “most asked about” attributes under each lipstick that it could be confused. I’ve removed the abbreviated list from each since I listed it all at the top. We are also free of so many other things that aren’t listed here – the list could be so long if I kept going! haha petroleum free, dairy free, mineral oil free and on and on. Thanks so much for helping make this post better enjoy your new shades!

  3. Thank you for bringing back my favorite. reddish fetish. I will be ordering this tomorrow.

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      Aww! Yay 🙂 I’m so glad we were able to bring it back for you <3 😀

  4. Peri Snyderman says:

    New colors are a good thing, but am I reading correctly that they are all matte? My lips are so dry (balm has not solved the problem) and matte lipstick makes it worse. Definitely a gloss girl. Hoping to pick up some gifts on Friday!

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      Hi Peri, The new lipsticks are all satin and creamy. All of our lipsticks are created to be super-moisturizing. Each lipstick can be made to have a matte look after blotting. But the lip liners, if used all by themselves (by filling and lining the lips) will definitely be matte. I prefer to apply a little rallye balm on my lips first, then fill in with the pencil so that my lips aren’t dry – I’m with you – traditional “matte” lipsticks definitely dry out my lips…none of these lipsticks are like that. However, we’ve got great gloss options – and we’ll have some gloss gift sets on Friday! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Which color, if any, would resemble the discontinued Petal Pusher? It was my favorite!!

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      Hi Jennifer, I wouldn’t say that any of these resemble Petal Pusher BUT if you like Petal Pusher you might also like Let’s Flamingle, Kissimmee or Unpinkable <3

  6. Spice ‘N Easy would look nice on me, I think! I’d love to see swatch comparisons between Naughty, Chai Love You, Day After Morocco and Spice ‘N Easy!

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      Hi Carolyn! Ashley is working on swatch comparisons as we speak, they will be on the product pages on Friday!

  7. I really love the lipstick Boys N Berries ,it feels so moist on your lips and the smell is nice !! I will have to order the new lip liner to match !!

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      ooh you will love that combo! And filling your lips in with the pencil then topping it with Boys ‘N Berries would also be a fun combo!

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