4, 5, 6 Ways To Improve How You Pick Eyeshadows

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Picking eye shadows can be a booger-bear.


It’s as simple as that.


Especially when it’s up to you to select each color in your palette individually.


It gets worse when you have over 40 choices of eyeshadow colors. One can get what we call “choice paralysis” – when too many choices make it difficult to make a decision, so we decide to do nothing instead.


When it comes to spending your hard earned cash, we totally understand it! It’s just part of our human nature.


This is why we have such a liberal return policy.


Over the years, we’ve created some great articles and videos to help guide you in buying eye shadows you’ll love and use.


So if you’re ready and willing to change up your springtime eye shadow bag this year, let’s dig in!


4 Great Eye Shadow Articles.

Ultimate Guide To Brown/Neutral Eyeshadows.
Every girl needs to know how to pick these must-have shades, and the three must-wear ways to use them.


How To Highlight With Eyeshadow
And make your eyes bigger, fresh, & wide awake with this useful tip!


All About Matte Eyeshadows, and Which Ones To Choose
An every girl guide – you can’t ever go wrong with these mattes!


Comparison: A Personal Guide To Neutral Shadows
With swatches and detailed descriptions! Go Girl!



5 Great 2016 Shadow Combinations Your Palette Needs!

Sometimes I just like it when someone in the know simply points out what I could be looking for! Here’s 5 excellent combinations for spring you can add to your Create-Your-Own-Palette builder.


1. Natural and Neutral: Porcelain, Iced Mocha, Minx and Brownie Points

2. Girly and Flirty: Tutu Cute, Silver Lining, Twinkle Taupe, Violet Vintage

3. Classic and Timeless (Matte): Pixie Dust, Clean Slate, Porcelain, Brownie Points

4. Fun and Carefree: Golden Girl, Mermaid Lagoon, Buttercream, Espresso

5. Bold and Beautiful: Innocence, Siren, Vamp, Sand Castle



Not Much Of A Reader? Here’s 6 Great Eye Shadow Videos Just For You










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  1. Marieve Desjardins says:

    My entries for the bluch naming contest:

    Hot Fuzz, No Fuzz, Fuzzy Pink,
    Just Peachy, Peach Club, Two Peaches, a peach on the beach, Chic Chick, Peach Please, Pretty in Peach, Peach Queen, Peach-a-Boo, Sunpeached
    Coraline, Lush Coral,
    Tropicanista, Paradise

  2. michelle warner says:

    Apricot Daiquiri,Peachy Keen,Dawning of Aquarius, Tequila Sunrise

  3. I wanted to name the blush for day 2, peachy pink color
    Name: Savory Orange Glow

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