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Eye Makeup School For Everyday Beauty

Learn a simple, new approach to your eye makeup inspiring you to feel confident and free.

Learn how to approach any eyeshadow palette. Learn exactly how to make YOUR eyes look their best.

From years of in-person makeup transformations and teaching, I assure you – YOU CAN DO THIS. Your age is great, your eyes are great, your brows are great – just as they are…let’s bring out YOUR natural beauty!

Want to know what I’m teaching? Here’s a peek at what you should know.


Does that stop us from trying new looks? YES

We waste so much money on pretty shades of eyeshadow. Pretty eyeshadows we think will be fun to play with – AND we think new makeup will inspire us to try a new look or feel more confident…

We you-tube a “easy eye makeup for work”. We’re met with makeup gurus who use 87-bazillion products, none of which we own, who never really TEACHES us how to figure this out for ourselves. Then, the kids interrupt, or it’s time to start dinner, or we give up.

And we stay stuck in a rut.

One minute we’re excited to maybe switch up our look and try something new, and the next minute we’re frustrated and annoyed and just slap on the same ol’ light shimmery shade on the brow, dark shade on the lid and walk out the door.

And if that doesn’t sound defeating enough…

We start judging ourselves for the money we spent on makeup we never wear. For not being able to figure this out. For “letting ourselves go”


I’m Andrea Harper, Co-Founder of Red Apple Lipstick and everyday beauty.

I’m not going to GIVE you the fish, I’m going to TEACH you HOW to fish. (Well, really we’re a vegan & cruelty free makeup company so there’s no fish involved – but you know what I mean)

The eye makeup that worked in your 20s doesn’t work well anymore.

I’ll teach you how to wear your makeup in a simple, UN-CONFUSING and easy way – for free.

It’s your time to break out of that rut.

Let’s Do This.

Oh Andrea! You just made my day, my week, my YEAR!

Thank you so much for this course. You know, a lady never tells her age but let’s just say I’m over 50 – and I never knew that eye shadow on my hooded lids could ever look so good! Thank you so much for this tip, you changed my life.
Joni P.

The “All About Eyes” Mini-Course

When creating the “All About Eyes” Course – I knew I was going to focus on women 35 and up. I know as I aged not only did my eyes change, but so did my taste.

I’m sure it’s the same for you.

And since ALL my in-person teaching, demos, and transformations have been on women from 30s-70s, I am highly qualified to teach you these skills even if I don’t have the same set of features that you do. You will learn the foundation of classic everyday makeup so that you

And since I’ve spent so much time working along side professional makeup artists ranging from wedding pro’s to movie makeup artists, I figure it was high time I pass the best ideas along to you, so you can benefit too.

In my mini-course, I’ll teach you a range of techniques to drive away ruts, help you look fabulous every day, and easy looks that can be finished in under 10 minutes.

Simply fill in the form and confirm your email address, and you’re on your way to learning more about eye makeup than you thought was possible.  Plus, it’s fun.

This free course contains over 3.5+ hours covering the basics of how to get the most out of your eye shadows, eye brows, and developing your own go-to eye look.

My All About Eyes Mini-Course Includes

  • Lesson 1 : How To Groom & Shape Your Brows.
  • Lesson 2 : How To Fill In Your Brows
  • Lesson 3 : Eye Liner Basics – Hint: It’s different over 50.
  • Lesson 4 : Eye Liner Smudging, Flicks & Wings
  • Lesson 5 : Eye Liner For Different Eye Shapes
  • Lesson 6 : Correct Mascara Application
  • Lesson 7 : Mascara Removal: With No Damage
  • Lesson 8 : How To Pick Eyeshadow Shades
  • Lesson 9 : The Areas Of Your Eye, And What Shadow Goes Where.
  • Lesson 10 : An Eye-Primer Primer
  • Lesson 11 : Brushes: The ones you actually need
  • Lesson 12 : Detailed Tutorial – An Easy Classic & Timeless Look
  • Lesson 13 : Detailed Tutorial – A Fun Confident & Adventurous Look
  • Lesson 14 : Tips For 40+ – Make Your Eyes Bigger, Lifted & Open
  • Lesson 15 : Detailed Tutorial On A 60+ Woman

Let’s Revitalize Your Eye Makeup, Start All About Eyes Today

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