Allergic Reactions to Makeup Get Worse, Not Better As You Age.

allergen free makeup from RAL for older woman

It’s all in the immune system baby.

A lot of folks think of allergies as something that happens when you breath in say… a pollen.  While yes, breathing something in can cause an allergic reaction, but your skin also can react in it’s own strange ways.

A LOT of makeup is made very cheaply, to mean that the ingredients in the makeup, no matter what they cost, have a high probability of being sourced inexpensively in order for a company to maximize profits.

Especially in the case of mass produced, middle of the road products.

Foundations, mascara’s, lipsticks, lip glosses and especially eye shadows being the biggest culprits.

You gotta stop for a second, and think of what this stuff is made of.  Generally speaking, mostly chemicals and/or minerals.

Not much to say on chemicals, most of them are harsh for your body.  Minerals, if poorly mined and refined, are filled with contaminants, not to mention the mineral itself can simply be irritable for the skin.

Your skin is not a barrier – it’s a membrane.  A cellular structure of deep importance and amazing complicity.

The process of “sensitization” – the term applied to the induction of allergic reactions – is a process by which your body learns how to fight a contaminant.

Like anything else, the human body learns to fight off incoming foreign stuff, and the next time it comes in contact with it again, it mounts a little fight.

Next time, a little more fight, until finally, all out war occurs.  This is redness, the puffiness, the itching, the bumps – and once it gets to this level, there’s no going back.

It’s not entirely uncommon for me to receive emails from ladies who report of using a specific makeup product for years, and then mostly out of the blue, it begins to really give them grief in the form of reactions – and 8 times out of 10, it’s a person over 30 years of age making the report.

It could also be that the formula of the product has changed.  It’s not uncommon for big cosmo to flip fop ingredients in either a political or financial move.

But one thing is for sure, it’s not going to get any better, and there isn’t much you can do about it… except switch to something that doesn’t bother your skin.

Trust your body, listen to it carefully – it’s speaking to you through these reactions.  Don’t be upset about it, but take care of it.

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