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Next, in our spotlight series, we’re featuring an art gallery. Not just any art gallery though, Cavallo Gallery. Located in historic downtown Gordonsville, Virginia, Cavallo is a superb destination with many exceptional and alluring things to discover.


First, let’s introduce you to gallery owner Beate. Beate is originally from Hamburg, Germany, and currently lives in Virginia. She’s a Fine Arts and Printmaking graduate, and after many years working in the framing industry, she set out on her own as a working artist and passionate picture framer. Then, in the summer of 2017, Beate found herself in Gordonsville, VA. While there she fell in love with the creative spirits and the fantastic growing community. After her visit, Beate knew Gordonsville is where her talents would be able to flourish further…


About Cavallo Gallery:

Then that brings us to Cavallo Gallery. Cavallo is a custom framing, art, and gift gallery with a modern European twist. One step into the gallery and you can instantly see the influence of Beate’s adoration for Italian design, Russian icons, fairy tales, and folklore. Inside Cavallo Gallery, you’ll find original art, prints, unique artisanal gifts, green beauty, and accessories.


So Why Does An Art Gallery Carry Green Beauty Products?

Their philosophy on green beauty is that everyone has a story. Beate’s is similar to a lot of people these days in that her environment and food played a huge role in her health. About ten years ago, after struggling for years with a constant lack of energy, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Now, her gallery is a platform for her to share what she’s learned over the past ten years as well as some of her favorite green beauty products.


What’s New At Cavallo:

While visiting Cavallo Gallery make sure to take time and explore the stunning collection of green beauty products including Red Apple Lipstick’s The Lash Project Mascara, lipsticks, glosses, and Rallye Balm. Also, check out the fantastic art pieces and artisanal gifts as well. Most noteworthy is the delicious organic small-batch teas, one of a kind jewelry and awesome reclaimed vintage bags.


Additionally, Beate loves to create gorgeous pieces that dress up the walls and homes of those in search of custom framing too. With custom framing services offered for diploma framing, French matting, repairs and everything in between.



Finally, to learn more about Cavallo Gallery visit their website- and stay connected on social media too. Trust us you do not want to miss out on seeing pictures of shop dogs Titus and Pandora:



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