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Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial with Kissimmee Lipstick

Shop Full Looks For 5 New Summer Lipsticks – On Sale Now Let’s talk easy makeup! I love shades that multi-task (like Brownie Points eyeshadow , and unexpected neutrals that add interest without drawing all the attention (like Golden Girl eyeshadow).  Using just three eyeshadows, Primetime eye primer,  Charcoal eyeliner, and The Lash Project mascara you can get this look […]

How To Do A Breast Exam & Remember It Monthly – Let’s Talk Boobs

  If you’re reading this, chances are you haven’t done a self-exam in months. I’m 34, and I haven’t done one in 8 months.  It’s WAY too easy to forget. We’re smart women, we know why we should do them – so let’s talk about ways to remember and exactly what to do.  HOW TO REMEMBER: 1. […]

Women In Tech Are Awesome (and HILARIOUS!)

Overheard the funniest twitter conversation this morning! @SarahMei came up with the best idea for conference swag – TECH THEMED EYESHADOW PALETTES!!  Well, that’s right up our alley… Just thought of the most amazing conference swag ever: tech themed eyeshadow palette “Java, a matte brown, lends depth, while Ruby, a shimmery rich red, adds dimension. […]

How To Apply Bronzer – And Still Look Like Yourself

Bronzer is the key to a warm, beautiful and natural glow. But most people don’t realize you can use it very easily WITHOUT doing all the heavy contouring, highlighting, and tons of products found on the red carpet these days. By using bronzer to lightly shade three areas of your face, you can define and […]

How To Not Look Old or Clownish When Wearing Blush

She told me, “I don’t wear blush because it makes me look like a clown.” I’ve heard this statement numerous times. I’ve also been asked, “How can blush make me look younger…or at least not older than I am…?” In this video, I explain how to avoid both looking clownish and looking old. They share the […]

How To Defeat Holiday Exhaustion

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. The smell of the furnace sparking up for the first time is woodsy and comforting. The crackling of a campfire while wrapped up in a blanket feels like a big hug. Comfy sweaters, apple cider, and the smell of cinnamon and sage filling the air seem […]

Mascara clumps, self confidence, and the tale of “Black Beard”

Red apple gluten free mascara

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried close to 50 mascaras from the time I was 14.  Everything from drugstore to department store. You know that feeling when you open a brand new tube of mascara, it’s pristine…and your hopes are so high that THIS will be The One. It will be perfect, no […]