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Art Gallery Spotlight: Cavallo

Hi Red Apple readers!   Next, in our spotlight series, we’re featuring an art gallery. Not just any art gallery though, Cavallo Gallery. Located in historic downtown Gordonsville, Virginia, Cavallo is a superb destination with many exceptional and alluring things to discover.   First, let’s introduce you to gallery owner Beate. Beate is originally from Hamburg, […]

Boutique Spotlight: Milkweed Health and Harmony

Hi Red Apple readers! Next, in the spotlight series, we’re introducing you to Milkweed Health & Harmony Emporium. Milkweed is a wellness boutique located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky that offers a variety of products and services. Their mission is to enhance well-being by providing activities that model healthy living and teach sustainability.    About Milkweed and Boutique Owner, Julie-Anna […]

Spa Spotlight: Kanvas Beauty

Hi Red Apple readers! Welcome to the brand spotlight series. For this series, we’ll be highlighting new wholesalers. Giving you a look inside some fantastic locations, anywhere from boutiques to spas, and everywhere in between. To kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to Kanvas, the dream child of New York Make-Up Artist / Skincare […]

17 Song Playlist To Get You Ready For A Fresh Start

Happy New Year Red Apple Girls! Ring in 2019 with songs to help inspire you to begin January with a clean slate. The Red Apple Lipstick Fresh Start playlist features a mix of older and new songs as well as a beautiful discovery song, Stone Mountain by St. Beauty, which is gorgeous and includes this […]

150 Beauty Goals For 2019

It’s time to start thinking about goals. Overall, when planning your purposes for the year, think about things that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound, that also have a connection to the heart of your big picture. Your goals need to matter to you because if they don’t, it’ll be easier to drop them come February.  […]

Best Red Apple Lipstick Moments Of 2018

Feeling nostalgic and retrospective today so let’s take a journey throughout 2018 and reflect on the best RAL moments of this past year. January– Kicked the beginning of 2018 off with an excellent blog post about makeup expiration dates   February– Celebrated Galentine’s Day again. It’s always so much fun so it’ll likely happen again this […]

10 BEST Red Apple Lipstick Products Of 2018

Each product featured in the Best Of RAL 2018 roundup was voted by you with your dollar. Thank you for choosing Red Apple Lipstick and for choosing to shop small businesses. There’d be no us without you. Now let’s get into this roundup because there’s some amazing makeup goodies here. 1. Rallye Balm– No surprises […]

6 Berry Lipsticks For Fall

Bring out your wine and berry colored lipsticks because fall is here! Continue reading for tips on wearing darker lipsticks plus see which six lipsticks are top picks for autumn.   TIP: For a trendy look try a berry lipstick that’s more purple and for a classic lip choose a red-berry. You can learn more about […]