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Big, Small…We Love Them All!

There is something that has been bothering me the last few weeks. I haven’t written anything about it or made a video about it until now because I’ve been able to let it go but today I just can’t! I’ve had several encounters recently that just really blew my mind and sparked some questions in my mind: Why do we as people feel the need to give backhanded compliments?, Why do we feel the need to ALWAYS voice our opinions about other people? Do our opinions of others really matter in the big picture? Do they change anything in the world? Do they make things better or worse?


I hear it time and time again: “She’s pretty but she’s too skinny.” or “She’s attractive but her lips are too small.” etc. When I hear these things I can’t help but thinking First, “Why are you telling me this?” and second “Ummm…ok why does that matter?”


I mean come on does it REALLY matter that much if someone looks different than you or another person! We were not created/made to be the same. It’s our differences that make us unique, special and beautiful.


I just don’t get it or understand it and the ironic thing is I know I’m guilty of it too. I try really hard and make a conscious effort to not act or take on the qualities I dislike in others but it seems like we’ve been conditioned to act, speak and behave this way. So I guess the BIG question is how can we hold ourselves accountable? Even more importantly how can we forgive others when they say unkind things about us or another person? After all, we are imperfect people in this world just trying to live our lives and you know maybe that person that said something unkind to you about another person just needs some kindness shown to them or needs a little grace in their lives.


I think about the people that have said these things to me and I can say with almost 100% certainty that someone has said something unkind to them and they are just giving what they’ve received and that is sad. Maybe they are so used to this behavior that it’s become a bad habit and they don’t even realize what they are doing or saying. I hope that they find someone/something in their lives who/that can be the love and positivity they need and deserve.


If you are reading this I hope you know how simply beautiful you are. Every last little thing about you is beautiful…even the things that others say are imperfections.


Also, please do me a favor and say something kind to someone today and leave off the BUT. The but does not belong.



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  1. Thank you Ashley. Max Lucado has a book where a little creature would always receive “black dots” from others…i.e. put downs etc……He came to meet another creature who had neither black dots nor stars from the praises of others…. She told him that she went to their Creator on a regular basis and basically received his love and acceptance so that whether others gave her stars or dots none of it would stick…..Can’t recall the name of the book which was for children but it did my heart a world of good and echoes your message. ?

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