Facebook Q & A-June 18, 2012

Gluten Free Red Apple Lipstick Makeup

Last Friday, I reached out to our Facebook fans and asked: [quote]”List your beauty questions below and it may be answered in Monday’s blog! Ask anything! Wanna know what color eye shadows compliment your eyes? Wanna know the best technique for filling in brows? Ask away!”[/quote] Several of you asked questions and I’m here to provide […]

Lost In Translation: Makeup Packaging Symbols: Lifespan

jar symbol on makeup packaging

Ever wonder what those tiny little symbols on the back of your makeup mean? The beauty counter sales people will not share this information with you, but by understanding a few key symbols, you’ll become a wiser shopper and a safer consumer. Each week, I’ll shed a little light on those [hr] These symbols are perhaps the […]

Why Gluten Free Cosmetics?

Why are gluten free cosmetics important? It’s time to talk about the beauty products women use daily and their safety.  Yes, in the United States, the FDA has strict guidelines as to what ingredients are allowed into cosmetics.  One would think that means all cosmetics and other toiletries are 100% safe.  That is just not true.  […]

Red Apple Lipstick Steals The Show at the 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project

It was truly a special honor to find out that Red Apple Lipstick had been chosen as the lipstick of choice for the Niel Hammond Agency 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project in Houston Texas on May 9th, 2012. Professional Makeup Artist Andrea Schutter chose Red Apple Lipstick for each and every model displayed in […]

Wolf Blitzer, Delight, Celiac Disease and Red Apple Lipstick

  What does Wolf Blitzer have to do with Celiac Disease?  Nothing, but he is certainly a caring person! Unbeknownst to Red Apple Lipstick, Vanessa Weisbrod, executive editor of Delight Gluten Free Magazine was interviewed by Wolf on Celiac Disease to help spread the word during Celiac Awareness Month. We of course were delighted to […]

TLC – Tender Lipstick Care – Notes on how to take care of your lip products.

When it comes to your lipstick, lip glosses and lip crayons (or pencils), the better you take care of them, the longer they will last and the better they will perform. All of your lipstick, glosses and pencils are made of materials the simply really hate heat.  They are also made of materials that will […]

Red Apple Lipstick rocks the Chicago GFAF Expo

Red Apple Lipstick had an incredibly successful showing at the huge Gluten Free, Allergy Free expo in Chicago, hosted by Jen Cafferty. We met a lot of people, visited with them, educated them, helped them pick out lipstick and made a lot of people feel good. Andrea Bradley Harper was amazing at connecting with our fans and […]

A Summer Passion – A Letter From The Management

Dear Red Apple Lipstick Fans and Customers, This message is brought to you on the eve of our Summer Passion on sale.  Those of you familiar already know and love these lipsticks even before they go on sale; however, this letter is not about these lipsticks.  This letter is about a different kind of passion. […]

Should you care about ‘Paraben Free’?

On May 8, 2011, the Los Angeles Times posted an entire article about parabens, their use in lipstick and the dangers associated. You can find that entire article here. What exactly does “paraben free’ mean?  Let’s take a closer look. Paraben is a preservative.  It is used in cosmetics, soap, deodorant among many other common household […]