Can We Say Thank You Enough To Teachers and Nurses?

We are gifting a free lipstick or Rallye Balm to a front-lines nurse or current teacher - for every order that contains at least one new Blooming Collection lipstick.
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Teacher Appreciation Week: 

5/4/20 – 5/8/20

Nurse Appreciation Week: 

5/6/20 – 5/12/20

You Order - We Gift (5/6 - 5/17)

We’re gifting 250 free lipsticks or Rallye Balms to front-line nurses and current teachers. We’re also offering 15% off site-wide for all teachers and nurses. We’re hoping to save the gifting for the teachers and nurses most affected right now (I’m sure you understand!)

We know a free lipstick or Rallye Balm is a drop in the bucket for what they deserve. I mean really, they need an all-expenses paid spa vacation to a tropical island, where drinks, food and massages are available every moment of the day.  Butttt, since traveling is out of the picture – and they’re still very much needed…we’re gonna go with a really nice letter and a free lipstick or lip balm.

And before you say it – yesss, there are tons of other essential workers that are on the front lines risking their own health…we’re looking at you first responders, delivery drivers, and grocery store workers.  You are greatly appreciated, too!

We only have 250 lipsticks/balms ready to go for gifts – and it’s Teacher and Nurse Appreciation week – so, we’re limiting this gratitude session to them this time. 

Here's how we're saying thank you to nurses and teachers this week...

Starting Wednesday, May 6th – for every order that includes at least one of our new Blooming Collection lipsticks, we will send a free lipstick or Rallye Balm to a nurse or a teacher – with a letter of gratitude.

Anyone who purchases at least one of our new Blooming Collection lipsticks will receive an email with an opportunity to nominate a current teacher or a front-lines nurse.  

As much as we admire & respect retired nurses and teachers, we have a limited quantity to gift and we’d like to be able to honor and uplift those working the very hardest right now, during the pandemic.

How can you help say THANKS!

Place an order for at least one Blooming Collection lipstick between May 6 and May 17.  You’ll receive an email with a link to a form to nominate a front-lines nurse or current teacher. Fill out that form – and we will contact that person. 

Read more about the details – and our promise that this isn’t a ploy to get emails!

Left to Right: Pinkle Twinkle, Sweet Pea, Foxy, French Skirt

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