Mama Bear Halloween Costume Tutorial

It’s that time of year again! Time for Halloween Tutorials. Yay!!! In this tutorial, I will be walking you through how to create a simple, but oh-so cute mama bear Halloween makeup look.

I’m doing a family costume of the Three Bears this year and thought I’d share the look with you as well. Grab your Cocoa eyeliner pencil and let’s get to it.  

Watch me create this cute mama bear Halloween makeup look in real-time on Instagram

Step 1 – Eye Liner Your Eye Lid – All Over

Cocoa Eyeliner Pencil – This product will be a staple in the overall makeup look as you’ll not only be using it for the eyes but also your lips, creating the nose and for freckles.

For the eyes, you’ll start by applying Cocoa all over your eyelids. It’ll look messy and that’s ok. You’ll blend it out later with your shadows.

Step 2 – Apply Porcelain Eye Shadow Over Your Lids Too

Porcelain Eyeshadow – Apply this eyeshadow over your eyelids on top of Cocoa to help blend that out and to create a base. You can also use this as a matte highlight for the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bones.

Step 3 – Apply Brownie Points Eye Shadow On The Outer Half

Brownie Points Eyeshadow– Now, apply this eyeshadow over the lids focusing on the outer half, blending inwards, and start smoking it out a bit by blending upwards towards your crease. 

Step 4 – Darken With Expresso Eye Shadow

To darken up the eyes and add some drama, apply this eyeshadow to the outer corner and blend into your crease.  

Step 5 – Complete The Eyes With The Lash Lines

To finish off your eyes, go back in with the Cocoa Eyeliner pencil and line your upper and lower lash lines.

You can top things off by applying a generous amount of mascara to your upper and lower lashes as well.  

Step 6 – The Lips 

Cocoa Eyeliner Pencil – Taking the Cocoa eyeliner pencil, use it to outline, and then fill in your lips. 

Mayberry Lipstick – Then go over the top of what you just did with a lipstick of your choosing. Ashley used Mayberry and it created this stunning, very 90s looking lip combo.  

How To Finish Off Your Cute Mama Bear Halloween Makeup  

To finish off this makeup look use the Cocoa eyeliner pencil once again to create a little bear nose and as an optional step also use it to create little freckles on your cheeks.  

How To Pull Your Entire Mama Bear Costume Together:  

Picture of cute mama bear Halloween costume featuring brown fleece teddy jacket, brown pants, ugg style boots, brown bear headband and tail along with a mama bear necklace

To finish off your mama bear costume look you’ll need just a few more items outside the makeup look. 

We highly recommend evaluating what you already have in your closet that will work, but thrifting at second-hand stores is another great way to pick costume pieces without breaking the bank.  

The first thing you’ll need for your costume is a brown sweater, a fluffy teddy bear style would be even better if you happen to have one. For bottoms, some brown leggings or pants are perfect! 

For ears, Ashley just made two hair buns but you could make or find a bear ear headband. Next, you’ll want a tail which you can also either make or buy.

For shoes if you still have those Ugg-style boots those would be perfect otherwise any brown shoe will do the trick.   

For an additional touch, if you happen to have a Mama Bear necklace that would be really cute as well.   

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When it comes to costumes just be creative, resourceful, step outside the box, and most importantly have fun!

Shop your closet, even look at what your spouse, family, and friends have that they might be ok with you borrowing. That will be the best way to create unique Halloween costumes that don’t cost a fortune and contribute to waste.

Check out this blog post from last year on how to do a 1920’s Flapper Halloween Makeup look.   

Makeup I Used To Create This Halloween Mama Bear Look

  • Z Palette mainZ Palette Open
  • Image of Gluten Free Vegan Matte Nude Eye Shadow Porcelain
  • Gluten Free Espresso Eyeshadow
  • Medium Brown Matte Eyeshadow Brownie Points
  • Woman smile wearing Mayberry Gluten Free Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick
    Dusty Rose Mauve

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