Embrace These Fun Makeup Trends

Fun Makeup Trends

We wear makeup for a lot of reasons: Special occasions, everyday professional, date night, hanging out with friends, or just to look awake until that morning coffee kicks in. But, sometimes we can fall into a rut with our makeup routine. It can look dated and uninspired. If you’re looking for ideas to spice up your same old makeup routine, check out these on-trend makeup looks that are fresh off the runway.

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1. Pink!

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of julia_eff, Instagram

It’s Barbie’s world, and we’re all just living in it with this fun makeup trend. Pink makeup is everywhere these days, from cheeks to lips, but the most exciting place to wear pink is on your eyes.

To make this trend your own, try one of our allergen-free eyeshadows. We suggest En Pointe, Pixie Dust, and Tutu Cute.

2. Colorful Eye + Lip Combo

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of alex21andra, Instagram

Wake up your make up with this daring pairing: Bright eyes and colorful lips. How can you not be wide awake when wearing vibrant oranges, tropical reds, and luscious purples?

To capture this look, wear punchy pastel lipsticks and shadows together. Pair eyeshadows like Violet Vixen and That’s My Jam! with equally colorful lips, like Coral Crush and Love My Kiss.

3. Ombre Lips

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of mamzabeautystudio, Instagram

Lips that are all the same color are so 2018. For 2019 and beyond, consider ombre-ing your lipsticks. An ombre lip usually features two or more lip colors that aren’t blended together but rather layered against each other to create the illusion of gradual blending.

To easily create this look on your own, apply one lipstick to the outer line of your lips. Then add a different color to the inner pout.

4. Gold Metallic Shimmer Eyeshadow

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of fashionicide, Instagram

Gold eyeshadows are not new, but what about the look of pure gold sheets? This on-trend eyeshadow gives an other-worldly look to your eyes but can be toned down from avant-garde to every day.

To create this look, grab your favorite gold shimmer eyeshadow (may we recommend Bronze Bombshell or Golden Ticket?) and apply to both the lid and beneath the lower lash line.

5. New Mod

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of mua.drienne, Instagram

You remember the 1960s mod look made popular by Twiggy? It’s back!

To capture this dramatic eye look, apply generous amounts of mascara to your upper lash line. Then, using a pencil liner (like our allergy-free pencil liner here), draw vertical lash lines beneath your lower lashes. To carry the look, use that same pencil liner to create an arch on your eyelid.

6. Fresh Skin

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of olivia_mettler, Instagram

It’s hard to believe that fresh skin ever goes out of style, but it has. Dare to be on-trend with a fresh face makeup look.

The key to carrying this look is minimal everything: Little to no foundation or shadow, and neutral, slightly glossy lips. Mascara is the star of the show so, if you haven’t already, check out our high performance, two in one lash conditioning mascara.

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7. Severe Winged Liner

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of cakefacehaze, Instagram

Some call it cat eyes, others call it winged liner. Whatever you call it, this exaggerated eyeliner technique is here to stay. However, not all cat eyes are created equal. Some cat eyes are so ubiquitous that they’re almost boring. If you’re ready to embrace a unique cat eye, try the 21st century Cleopatra look that’s been spotted on the latest runways.

To capture this look, take the liner all the way from your eye’s outer edges to their inner corners.

8. Brown Lipstick

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of biancalovesmakeup91, Instagram

The 90s called. In this throwback to the 1990s, chocolate-hued lips are all the rage. With a soulful, urban vibe, matte brown lipsticks can make your lips appear fuller and more supple. Just be careful to moisturize your lips before applying because dry skin will be oh, so noticeable with this look.

9. Spidery Lashes

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of misscassielomas, Instagram

Lashes that clump together haven’t always been in fashion, but they are now. This look is daring and captivating.

To create this look, apply multiple coats of mascara to your eyes. You can also use your fingers to pinch together lashes for an even clumpier effect. We don’t recommend trying this trend too often (if at all) because it can damage your lashes.

10. Blotted Lips

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of allure, Instagram

Blotted lips are a departure from the perfect pout that’s dominated for the past two decades. Unlike the high shine of gloss or the severity of matte, blotted lips look soft and blurred. To achieve this look on yourself, apply a bold matte lipstick, wait for it to dry slightly (approximately 60 seconds) and then, with a dry cloth, wipe away the excess color.

11. Rounded Cat Eye

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of melissavandijkmakeuptutorials, Instagram

The cat eye makes another appearance on this list! The rounded cat eye, as seen on the Tom Ford runway, is a new makeup trend. Instead of the severe, thin cat eye that we all know and love, this trend rounds out the line so that it ends in a circle or a blot.

12. Dewiness

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of jessi_makeup, Instagram

Dewy skin is a welcomed change of pace from the standard matte face that we see everywhere. Adopt this fun trend if you’re comfortable with your skin showing through, and you’re not afraid of a soft shimmer to your skin.

The easiest way to capture this look is to avoid full coverage foundation and keep your makeup subdued. Also, it’s essential that you perfect your skin regimen with a hydrating cleanser. Don’t forget to use a toner to shrink the appearance of pores on your face. Then, follow up with a face oil or serum. Finally, use a highlighter to capture the sun. You can also alternate with a coconut oil for a healthy shine.

13. Glitter Eyes

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of sophiemaykup, Instagram

If you like shimmer, maybe you’ll love glitter? Glitter has made a huge resurgence on the runways recently and we can see why. Glitter is just fun. The latest trend is to apply glitter to the outer corner (the outer v) of the eye.

14. Neon Eyeshadow

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of tyronmachhausen, Instagram

Bold and bright neon colors aren’t for everyone, every day, or every job, but they are on-trend. If you’d like a more wearable neon look, consider adding neon accents to your traditional makeup look. Check out our electric blue eyeliner for a jolt of blue that doesn’t overpower the face.

15. Freckles

Fun Makeup Trends

Image Courtesy of ditteschaal, Instagram

Showing freckles on your skin is on-trend (whether you have freckles or not). If you already have freckles, you have a natural advantage. Instead of wearing a full coverage foundation, proudly show off those specks of melanin by using a lightweight BB cream or just touch up redness and unevenness with concealer.

If you don’t have freckles, you can always mimic the look by using a brown pencil and giving yourself temporary ones. Hey, it’s a fun makeup trend— have fun with it!

Start Shopping

Now that you’re up to date on the latest makeup trends, it’s time to start shopping. Check out our gluten-free lipsticks, our vegan-friendly eyeshadows, and our allergy-free, show-stopping mascara here.

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