Everyday Makeup Tutorial Using Customer Favorites

image of woman with an everyday natural makeup look smiling and feeling confident

Everyday Makeup Look That’s Easy To Re-Create

It’s easy to create everyday natural makeup looks because you don’t need to practice special skills (like winged liner or contouring). All you have to do is pick the makeup that you most love using, and apply it with a light hand and a smile.

This is not the time to worry about perfection, this is the time to just have fun. Everyday natural looks are designed to make your own features a little more enhanced, but still look like your beautiful self.

That being said, there are a few makeup choices that we think fit the “everyday makeup looks” bill for pretty much anyone. We’ve compiled all these choices on one page – then put them on sale for you…you’re welcome!

Ashley has created a natural makeup look using a few of those “fan favorites” in this video. She asked Red Apple Instagram Followers to choose between the top picks to create this look. Use your favorite lipstick to complete this look – or follow Ashley’s directions to a T.

What To Use For This Everyday Natural Makeup Look

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image of vegan and cruelty free eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow from creasing

PrimeTime Eye Primer

The ultimate product for keeping eyeshadow from creasing, and for helping the colors to really pop. Use a very light application for this primer, a little goes a LONG way – using too much can actually cause creasing – so easy does it, and let it dry before applying shadow. You will love what a powerhouse this is.

Allergen Free Champagne Eyeshadow

Champagne Eyeshadow

This neutral eyeshadow has been a fan favorite for 10 years…and for good reason. It’s a slightly frosty golden taupe that is universally flattering. The frosty-ness is just enough to reflect light, but not enough to enhance wrinkles or settle in fine lines. For darker skin tones, use this as a highlight in the inner corner or brow bone. Lighter skin tones use this as an all-over lid shade (like Ashley does in this video).

Medium Brown Matte Eyeshadow Brownie Points

Brownie Points Eyeshadow

This matte, medium brown eyeshadow is beautiful blended into your crease and outer corner of your eye (as Ashley has done in this video). You can use it as an all-over lid shade for a neutral smokey eye. Brownie Points can even be used as a brow powder for anyone with medium to light brown hair. It’s a must-have eyeshadow for any natural makeup look.

image of allergen free charcoal eyeliner

Charcoal Eyeliner

Ashley uses this liner to line her upper water line (the inside portion of your lash line). This technique makes your lash line look thicker and your lashes look thicker at the base. This technique helps if you have hooded lids or just a smaller space on your eyelids. You can use this medium, deep grey eyeliner however you enjoy applying liner.

You may even use this liner as a brow pencil if you have dark hair, or are starting to go grey and need a lighter cooler shade of grey to fill in your brows. Such a great eyeliner!

image of itch free, allergen free, no clump water resistant conditioning mascara for lashes that grow healthy and strong

Conditioning Mascara

The Lash Project mascara gives you natural, feathery lashes while also conditioning your lash follicle to help your lashes grow longer and stronger. This mascara will NEVER make your eyes itch, water, or burn – tons of reviews to prove that. Finally, a water-resistant mascara that is easy to take off, doesn’t clump, smudge or flake – and gives you gorgeous natural looking lashes. It’s 5 Stars for a reason!

image of pinky peach blush with slight shimmer that is universally flattering

Gotta Glow Blush

This universally flattering (yes, for real) pinky peach blush gives you an instant dewy, fresh face full of glow. Easily buildable, so that it never looks fake. Ashley uses Gotta Glow lightly dabbed onto her cheeks so she looks warm but doesn’t draw too much attention to her already-rosy cheeks – it looks amazing.

image of natural lip liner a lightly pink and brown lip liner

Natural Lip Liner

Ashley used this to outline her lips, before applying Audrey lipstick. However, this lip liner can also be used to completely fill in your entire lips for a great neutral matte lip. A little pink, a little brown – this lip liner is “natural” on anyone with pink to light brown lips, and pairs with SO many lipsticks!

image of medium pink my lips but better lipstick

Audrey Lipstick

Apply this on top of lip liner for a long-lasting medium pink lip. Audrey is super moisturizing and of course free from toxins. This cruelty-free lipstick is the perfect “my-lips-but-better” shade for anyone with a pink base lip color. On base lip colors that are brown and purple, it blends beautifully, giving you a gorgeous warm pink – perfect for an everyday lipstick.

image of berry colored shimmery lip gloss that's not sticky or tacky

Berried Treasure Lip Gloss

Apply this gloss by itself or on top of Audrey lipstick for a lightly shimmery glossy lip. This berry-colored gloss is not sticky or tacky in the least…it glides on so smooth and feels amazing on your lips. It has spearmint oil, so it leaves your lips feeling a little tingly and fresh at first and then it dissipates a few minutes after application. This gloss has been our #1 selling vegan lip gloss for almost 10 years!

Is It Bad To Wear Makeup Everyday?

We believe that as long as you’re wearing makeup that is free from toxins, cruelty and allergens then wearing makeup everyday is not bad. But there are a few critical things to remember!

  1. Always remove your makeup completely at the end of the day. If you’re not willing to completely remove your makeup – then don’t put it on. There’s no easier way to ruin your lashes and clog your pores and follicles than to sleep in your makeup. I use coconut oil to remove eye makeup, and a gentle cleanser to remove any face makeup.
  2. Give your skin a break even if you still wear eye makeup and lipstick. Around here we rarely wear foundation and powder (we don’t even make it) – and that doesn’t mean we have perfect skin. It means that we value our skin and love letting it breathe. For an everyday makeup look, foundation, concealer and powder is NOT required.
  3. If you’re here we’re assuming you enjoy makeup – but if you don’t…don’t wear any. There are no requirements that you must – you are beautiful either way. I feel sassy in makeup, it gives me a little extra pep in my step and just a little more confidence. And I love that feeling…it feels like taking care of myself, showing myself that I matter (to me)!

What are your favorite Red Apple products??

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  1. Thank you! I had forgotten the “waterline“ technique. I will retry it.

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      Fun!! It takes some getting used to at first, but can be a lovely way to change it up!

  2. Ashley thank you for your video. My favorite product you used is the mascara. I’ve been using it for years.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the video. The mascara is awesome and I’m happy to hear it’s a favorite of yours too <3

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