Red Apple Lipstick’s Fall 2017 Color Report


Hello Red Apple Girls, If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know autumn has been on my mind and today I took a look at Pantone’s Fall 2017 color report. Let me tell you these colors are beautiful!


For this blog post, I thought it’d be fun to gather a collection of makeup items that fit into Pantone’s Fall 2017 colors and create our own Autumn 2017 palette of sorts. If you’d like to reference Pantone’s article you can do so by clicking here. Below you’ll find I have listed Pantone’s colors and next to them you’ll find our counterpart. 


Selections of Fall Makeup by Red Apple Lipstick
Red Apple Lipstick’s Fall 2017 Palette #1


This first palette is inspired by Pantone’s Fall palette based on New York fashion week. 


  1. GrenadineRisque
  2. Tawny PortWine & Dandy
  3. Ballet SlipperPixie Dust
  4. ButterumLike U Latte
  5. Navy PeonyDeep Navy Eyeliner
  6. Neutral GrayTaken For Granite
  7. Shaded SpruceOlive This Color
  8. Golden LimeSage Rage
  9. MarinaMermaid Lagoon
  10. Autumn MapleSugar & Spice


    Selections of Fall Makeup Colors by Red Apple Lipstick
    Red Apple Lipstick’s Fall 2017 Palette #2


Then, our second palette here is based on Pantone’s palette for fall based on London fashion week. 


  1. Flame ScarletRed! 101
  2. Primrose Pink Pixie Dust
  3. ToastLike U Latte
  4. BluebellMermaid Lagoon
  5. Royal LilacViolet Femme
  6. OtterDirty Girl
  7. Navy PeonyDeep Navy Eyeliner
  8. Copper TanBeachside
  9. Lemon CurryGolden Ticket 
  10. Golden Olive Sage Rage


Both palettes have similar colors with slight variations here and there. What excites me the most is the brighter pop of red and that purple color from the second palette. Two words come to mind, unexpected and fun. It’s a great way to play off of the neutral fall colors. I’d love to know your thoughts on these colors. Which ones do you love, are there any that you’re not a fan of and are there any other Red Apple Lipstick products that you think would fit into these color palettes? Let me know in the comments. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope it gets you as excited about fall as it has for me 🙂 



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