Fun Party Makeup – Sparkly, Ritzy, Red Lipstick

Fun Holiday Easy Makeup Ideas

Are you craving some fun, party makeup look which works with all skin tones? Trying to get inspired before the coming holiday season? You are in the best place, because today on the RAL blog I will share my favorite (very easy to create!) made to impress with a ritzy makeup look.

(In)expensive look

I made this short video tutorial to prove to you that this expensively stylish looking makeup featuring golden eyeshadow paired with cat eye and classic, ultra creamy red lipstick is neither difficult to create nor expensive.

All you need is one or two eyeshadows in sparkly, gold shades, your favorite lipstick (or liquid lipstick or a lip gloss) and black eyeliner if you decide to go for a cat eye. Bronzer is optional if you’d like to add a little bit of warmth and dimension to your face.

Here’s the products used to create this super easy look! Add them to cart to save for later.

Golden Eye

How to create golden cat eye look:

Step one 1 – Primer

Before I start my eye makeup, I love to use Prime Time Primer. It is a RAL best seller for a reason. It makes eyeshadow colors pop, eliminates creasing and makes eye makeup very long lasting.  Apply a small amount all over your eyelids with your fingers and let it set for a few minutes.

Step 2 – all over eyelid eyeshadow

Choose your sparkly shade (I used Golden Ticket shade for that look) and apply it with a brush (here RAL oval eye B3 brush) all over your eyelid.

Do not worry about the outer corners for now, we will get there later. Focus on thorough eyeshadow application for the most natural look.

Step 3 – crease & over the crease eyeshadow

After you are done with your first eyeshadow, you might want to add some more dimension and depth to your eye look by using the second eyeshadow, a bit darker than the previous one. I used Bronze Bombshell Shade.

Apply it with the crease brush B5 for the best results – this brush is pointy, but very soft which also helps to blend the products seamlessly.

Apply eyeshadow in the crease, gradually moving a little bit above it. Remove excess of the product and blend your eyeshadows until there are no visible lines/ strokes below your brow bone.

If you want more accented outer corners, you can add some more product there, but you do not have to, since liquid eyeliner and mascara might be enough.

Step 4 – black cat eye eyeliner & mascara

I added a cat eye line to make this look more party season friendly. Start drawing on your lash line and go towards outer corners.

I used liquid eyeliner and in my opinion bite beauty brand is the most user friendly and easy to operate even if you are a beginner compared to other companies I’ve tried. It lasts me all day without stamping, smudging or whatsoever on my deeply settled eyes.

You can try to mix things a bit and use blue eyeliner instead. I kept my look classy, since I was going for that fancy, red carpet look.

As far as the mascara, I did not apply any on my lower lashes, since eyeliner is heavy enough for me, but if that’s your go to, you should do it.

Lip color matters – wear lipstick!

Lip color matters and bare lips, clear gloss or even tinted lip balms won’t make it this time. This party makeup needs a statement lipstick color. Lady Gaga could explain more, I guess. 🙂

Wear dark red lipstick, bright red lips or a lip gloss with strong, red pigment. Choose your lip product depending if you like matte (liquid lipstick will work best) or glossy finish.

From my experience, the method I used in my video (2 coats of the creamy lipstick over a matte, red lip pencil on lips prepped with a lip balm) gives the most satisfying results as far as lasting power.

I find that lipstick is the best choice for a party where you will definitely eat and drink is better versus lip glosses.

Step 5 – lip color

Prepare lips a day before the big party. Use lip scrub and lip balm. On such well prepped lips apply lip liner (here scarlet red). You can fill lips in for the most long lasting power.

Apply the first red lipstick coat (here traditional lipstick: Red Apple Red – one of my all time favorite red lipsticks). Use a tissue to gently remove the excess of the lipstick (this step will let you avoid lipstick on your teeth accident + will provide long wear).

Apply the second red lipstick coat.

You can fix imperfections around your lips by using concealer with a small brush. There it is, perfect red lip.

Perfectly glowing skin

Glowing skin is a big yes since a few seasons. And I am not talking here about tons of glitter type of look, just a bit of subtle sparkle. Use concealer wherever needed and naturally looking foundation (no one likes caking and this is not a red carpet style).

Add some finely milled highlighter for an iridescent sheen in your face. This is a go to, expensive looking party look.

Step 6 – cheeks

Since I went for a sparkly eye look and true red lipstick, brave shade I wanted to keep my skin nice and natural looking.

I used Sundrop bronzer which is a perfect warm and cool shade combination. It is suitable for many skin tones and very buildable.

Would you wear makeup like this? Do you like red lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!

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