Galentine’s Makeup Looks For Any Age


Whether you’re celebrating with your SO or your best girlfriends or BOTH…February is the month for love to our favorite people! So, we though it’s the perfect month for bringing back Starlette, a reddish pink lipstick that’s sure to make your lips vibrant and lovely.

Starlette lipstick is of course: gluten free, paraben free, non-toxic, soy free, corn free, vegan, cruelty free and nut free. It’s a satin finish, which means it’s not glossy or shiny. A touch of subtle micro-shimmer reflects light beautifully.

Let’s get you looking festive & fabulous with these fun shade combos!

Shop the Galentine’s sale now through 2/13/20

Easy Galentine’s Makeup Tutorial

Gail wore these products in this video: Starlette lipstick, Amor Caliente lipgloss, Buttercream eyeshadow, Iced Mocha eyeshadow, Chocolate Martini eyeshadow, Innocence eyeshadow, Eyeshadow primer, Gotta Glow blush, The Lash Project mascara

Pink Galentine’s Makeup Tutorial

Ashley wore these products in this video: En Pointe eyeshadow, Iced Mocha eyeshadow, Dirty Girl eyeshadow, The Lash Project mascara, Dusty Rose lip liner, Starlette lipstick, Secrets lipstick

Berry Galentine’s Makeup Tutorial

Gail used these products in this video: Starlette lipstick, Berrycuda lipstick, Minx eyeshadow, Chocolate Martini eyeshadow, Eyeshadow primer, Gotta Glow blush, The Lash Project mascara

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4 thoughts on “Galentine’s Makeup Looks For Any Age”

    1. Ashley Teague

      Hi Diane, as of this writing Rosemancing has been discontinued. It’s possible that sometime in the future we could bring it back for a limited time if we receive enough requests.

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