The One Tool…
You Never Knew You Needed

Introducing The
Red Apple Professional Lip Brush

And it’s only $12!

It takes an extra 2 minutes of your day to achieve perfect, flawless lipstick that won’t wear off quickly or unevenly.



Why A Lip Brush?


Have you ever wondered why pro makeup artists always use a lip brush?

You see, in movies and TV shows, the artist knows if they apply too much lipstick, too fast, the lipstick will run off unevenly.  The makeup artist wants a thin base coat of lipstick to be worked into the lip skin thoroughly so that the second layer has something to adhere to.

  • Creates a perfect outline.
  • Naturally requires you to “paint”
  • Naturally requires you to stretch your lip skin.
  • Naturally requires you to pay attention, thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Allows you to paint vertically.
  • Works the first, second and third layers in thoroughly.

You see, the problem is …

When you hop in your car and apply lipstick at a red light, you’re making 4 major errors that can all cause lipstick frustration.

Moving fast, you apply too much lipstick in effort to be quick.
In order to do so, you use more pressure.
The extra pressure pushes the lip skin in, and the lipstick doesn’t fill in the natural vertical lines all lips have.
And the base layer was never properly applied to the skin. It’s just barely hanging on for dear life.

As a consequence, it wears away faster, as the upper layers are only loosely adhered to a loosely adhered base coat. Straws, drinks, eating, talking all easily washes away these layers, and probably unevenly.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1:

With the “blade” of the brush, draw the outline of your lips along the lip line. Turn the brush as you do, following the line of your lips as you draw.


Step 2:

With a side to side motion, fill in all of your lips with a thin layer of lipstick.  At this step, you aren’t trying to build color.  Instead you are working a thin base layer into the skin.


Step 3:

With a downward motion, work the lipstick into all of the normal and natural crevices all lips have.

At this stage, you might find that this little bit of lipstick is the perfect wash of color you were looking for.  If you want to build more color, simply repeat steps 2 and 3.


Step 4:

Blot, Reapply, Blot.

This is an important but overlooked step.  Fold a tissue in half, pinch it between your fingers to draw it tight (pretend you are about slide a piece of paper in between you lips)

With your lips open, bring the tissue between you lips.

Gently set your lips down (and I do mean gently), roll your lips in, out, open.  This is a gentle “pressing” action to help press the lipstick into the lips.

Apply one more thin layer of lipstick

Blot again, and you’re all set!