Dramatic makeup look

A Guide to Glam: How to Create a Dramatic Makeup Look for Beginners

Move over, everyday makeup. Finally, there’s an opportunity to go full-on glam with your makeup look. Whether you’re glamming up for a wedding, office party, or some other special occasion, you need a makeup look to up the drama and match the dress.

But what if you’ve never created a dramatic makeup look before? How do you pull it off without coming off cartoonish?

In this post, we’ll cover tips for creating a wearable but glamorous makeup look even if you’re a complete beginner to makeup.

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Let’s Start With the Eyes

Dramatic makeup look

Cover Your Lids

There are endless variations of eyeshadow looks you can go with, but nothing quite tops the smokey eye for the classy glam look. If you haven’t mastered the smokey eye yet, here’s a step by step tutorial:

Start with a primer. The last thing you want is for your eyeshadow to smear or crease. Using a primer will also extend the wear of your shadow. Check out our Prime Time eye shadow primer from here.

While the primer dries (give it one to two minutes), pick out the colors for your smokey eye.

Although smokey eyes are usually gray or black in color, you can also accomplish a smokey eye look with three shades of any color. You simply need one light shade, one medium shade, and one dark shade of that color. Instead of the classic black smokey eye, opt for gold, silver, or bronze.

To create a smokey eye look, apply the medium shade to the entire surface of your eyelid.

Then, apply the light shade to the inner corner of your eyelid as well as right below your eyebrow on your brow bone. Also, dab the light eyeshadow shade to the inner corner below your lower lid.

Use your eyeshadow brush to blend the lines between the two shades.

Next, apply the darkest shade to the outer corner of your eyelid in a C shape. Blend the darkest shade into the medium shade.

When going smokey with your eyes, be sure to add a concealer under your eyes to brighten the area and cancel any shadows. Also, set the concealer with a translucent powder.

Lash Out

Well defined eyes always bring the drama. Define your lash lines with these tips:

  1. Falsies

False eyelashes are a must for ramping up the drama. Not only do they define, falsies instantly thicken and lengthen the look of your lashes also.

Are you new to falsies? Give yourself grace. Falsies can be difficult to get the hang of at first, so do a practice run a day or two before you need to get ready for the event. This will make you feel a lot more comfortable with the process of applying falsies. Also, give yourself plenty of time to apply them. It takes a lot longer than you think, especially when you’re a beginner.

Here’s how to correctly apply falsies:

Measure the falsies to your eye. Lay the falsies against your upper lash line using your fingers and a pair of tweezers to make sure that they’re not too wide to fit your eye. If they are too wide, cut the falsies on the outer corner, which is the end with the longest lashes. Don’t cut the shorter lashes from the inner corner.

Repeat this for the other lash line. Don’t just automatically cut both lashes the same length because one of your eyes may be wider than the other.

Next, apply glue to the falsie’s lash band. We recommend black eyelash glue because it doesn’t show through like the old-school white glue does.

Allow the glue to dry on the lashes for approximately 30 seconds. This allows the glue to get tacky instead of wet. Not only will your falsies be easier to apply when tacky (they won’t slide around as much), they also stay on longer.

To apply the lashes, pick them up with the tweezers and slowly position them over your lash line. With clean fingers, gently press on the band to secure your falsies.

Next, after your falsies have dried, pinch them together.

  1. Mascara

Apply multiple coats of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes and falsies if you have them applied. And by multiple coats, we mean three or more. The goal is to make your lashes look thick, full, and dark.

In addition to applying mascara to your lashes, be sure to curl them.

It’s best to curl your lashes after you’ve applied mascara to them. This allows your lashes to hold the curl for longer. Also, consider heating up the lash curler before applying it to your lashes.

On the hunt for a lash-growing, nourishing, and toxic-free mascara? Try out the Lash Project. It’s guaranteed to transform short and stubby lashes into soft and feathery ones.

  1. Eyeliner

In addition to wearing mascara, for dramatic eyes also apply eyeliner. Eyeliner can help you temporarily change the appearance of your eyes. Play around with different eyeliner shapes to determine which one looks best on you.

There are multiple types of eyeliner shapes to consider:

The Extra AF Bold Winged Liner


Video Courtesy of SonjdraDeluxe, YouTube

The Smoked Out Wing Eyeliner Tutorial


Video Courtesy of Rija Imran, YouTube

The Classic Soft Eyeliner Look


Video Courtesy of Ali Andreea, YouTube

The Double Winged Liner Makeup Tutorial


Video Courtesy of Jasmine Hand, YouTube

End With the Pout

Dramatic makeup look

Instead of bold eyes, why not go dramatic with your lips? If you have lovely lips, play up your best feature with these tips:

Start with moisturized lips. You can’t go dramatic with your lips if they’re dried and cracked. [bctt tweet=”You can’t go dramatic with your lips if they’re dried and cracked. You need our Rallye balm. Here’s why:” username=”redapplelipstic”] The first thing you should do is apply a balm to soften and hydrate your lips. Use our nourishing Rallye balm and exfoliate stick combo to banish dry lips forever. Our Rallye balm contains no toxins, preservatives, or waxy coverups. Add this moisturizing set to your cart now.

If you’re in a rush, apply the Rallye balm and let it sit for a few minutes. Before applying your lipstick, scrub away the balm with a wet washcloth. This light scrub should also remove any dead skin cells from your lips.

Next, pick out a color for your dramatic lip look. To go full-on glam, nothing beats a classic red lip.

How intense would you like for your lip color to be? If you’re looking for a more subdued drama, choose a lip liner to act as your lipstick. You can’t go wrong with our creamy Roseberry lipliner. This deep rose-hued lipliner will stay put for hours and make your lips look hydrated and lush.

For a more in-your-face look, opt for a bold, bright, and beautiful matte lipstick like Risqué!. Risqué! is one of our most popular colors and there’s a reason why— it looks good on every skin color.

Pair Risqué! with a lipliner. Every lipstick looks best with a lipliner. The Natural lip pencil is a must-have lipliner. This pencil can be used with a wide variety of lip colors, from pink to medium brown. Use this pencil under your bold lips to prevent bleeding.

Top off your look with a gloss, like our red-tinted Queen of Hearts gloss. This muted red is the perfect moisturizing gloss for those who want wearable drama.

It’s Time to Go Shopping

Are you ready to glam up? In addition to the products we’ve mentioned above, here are the essential products you need to create a dramatic look for your next big event:

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