Halloween Flapper Makeup Tutorial

How to-Adorable Halloween 1920’s Flapper Makeup

Let’s take a walk back in time to a decade of jazz bands and flappers with new styles of dancing and dressing and letting loose in the “Roaring 1920s.” In this tutorial, Ashley shows you how to create a fun, simple yet elegant 1920’s Flapper makeup look for Halloween. With just a few things you might already own in your closet or a quick trip out thrifting you will be able to create this makeup look in no time at all. The point being, just have fun with it.

Makeup You’ll Need To Create This Halloween Flapper Look – Eyes

Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer

Image of Cruelty Free , Gluten Free Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer that prevents eyeshadow from creasing. Essential for your perfect eyeshadow base for the Flapper Makeup look

In this video, Ashley uses Red Apple Lipsticks Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer all over the lid and under-eye area. The primer helps to cover any discolorations on the eyelid and will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.

Porcelain Eye Shadow

Image of Cruelty Free Matte Nude Eye Shadow - porcelain from Red Apple Lipstick. Perfect layer for your Flapper Makeup

Ashley uses Red Apple Lipsticks Porcelain Eyeshadow all over the lid as a base color. Porcelain is a light, matte, off-white, creamy nude eyeshadow that has a slightly pinkish, peachy yellow tint to it.

Black Eyeliner Pencil

Image of Gluten Free sharpened Black Eyeliner pencil. Enhances your Flapper Makeup look

In this tutorial, Ashley uses Red Apple Lipsticks Black Eyeliner Pencil on her upper lash line, lower lash line, and both upper and lower water lines. This doesn’t need to be a precise application because she demonstrates for the 1920’s ‘vampy” look the eyeliner will be smoked/smudged out anyway.

Clean Slate/Black Magic Eyeshadows

Image of No GMOs Clean Slate eyeshadow from Red Apple Lipstick. Dark gray with a purple tint. Together with Black Magic Eyeshadow, will give you the "vampy" Flapper Makeup Look

Clean Slate is a matte cool-toned dark gray with an ever so slight purple tint. In this tutorial, Ashley mixes together both Clean Slate and Black Magic Eyeshadows. A lot of the 1920’s eye makeup was sooty, ashy, and charcoaly. These blended colors are applied with a wet-dry brush focused on the outer edges of the eyes along the lash line and blended into the crease leaving the middle open to the Porcelain eyeshadow.

Image of Cruelty Free very Black matte Eyeshadow . Together with Clean Slate Eyeshadow, will give you the "vampy" Flapper Makeup Look

Black Magic is a very dark matte black eyeshadow. It has no reflects, shimmer, or hidden undertones. It’s the Little Black Dress of the makeup world and a must-have for every makeup collection. Ashley applies both Clean Slate and Black Magic with Red Apple lipsticks Vegan Wet/Dry Brush

The Lash Project Mascara

Image  of Black The Lash Project Mascara tube. The Lash Project is a black mascara with conditioning properties to add weightless definition to your lashes. Mascara will  help to finish your Flapper Makeup Look

The Lash Project Mascara is a Hypo-Allergenic Mascara that is classic and timeless in satin black and gives your lashes a weightless, soft feathery look all while defining and strengthening your lashes. Ashley applies the mascara to both her upper and lower lashes.

Vegan Angled Eye Brush and Espresso

image of a dual ended brush tool one end has a spoolie mascara wand and the other end is an angled brush this is the perfect tool for shaping eyebrows or applying eyeshadow as eyeliner

During this time period, eyebrows were very thin and long. To create this look, Ashley used the Vegan Angled Eye brush along with Red Apple Lipstick’s Espresso Eye shadow to create and define a narrow and long eyebrow look.

Image of Espresso, dark matte brown Vegan Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow. A wonderful way to fill in your eyebrows for the Flapper Makeup Look

Espresso is a very dark, matte coffee bean brown eyeshadow. This eyeshadow works beautifully for eyeshadow or as an eyebrow filler.

Makeup You’ll Need To Create This Halloween Flapper Look – Lips


Image of Red Apple Lipstick's Rebel a deep luscious blue-based red .Perfect for your Flapper Makeup Look

During this time period, for a vampy flapper look, women often wore a very dark red. Ashley mixes Rebel with the Black Eyeliner pencil on the back of her hand and then applied it with the Vegan Lip brush. Really taking time to emphasize the cupids bow and outer edges.

Image of lip brush  designed to perfectly pick up just the right amount of lipstick. Perfectly line and define your lips for your beautiful Flapper Makeup

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this Vegan Lip Brush! This professional artist’s lip brush is designed to perfectly pick up just the right amount of lipstick and lay it down perfectly smooth. For a perfectly defined lip, use the lip brush to line your lips first to create serious definition

image of Black Eyeliner sharpened . This solid dark pencil gives definition to your eyes for your everyday or the Flapper Makeup Look

Rebel mixed with this Black eyeliner pencil on the back of your hand will give you a dark rich red needed for the vampy look for this Flapper costume.

How To Pull Your Entire Flapper Costume Together

You can finish your adorable Flapper costume look with just a few more items outside the makeup look. You can first evaluate what you might already have just sitting around your house that will work, but thrifting second-hand stores is another great way to pick costume pieces without breaking the bank. Even asking around to friends, family, or neighbors for borrowing a few needed pieces.

Image of flapper halloween costume idea. black lace drop waist dress with long pearl neckllace. Gold beaded headband and long black gloves. Fan to carry as an accessory. Low heal closed toed shoe.

The first thing you will need for your costume if you can’t style your own hair would be a wig. A common hairstyle during the Roaring ’20s for Flappers and a lot of women, in general, is the Bob. Next, a pretty embellished headband, long gloves, bangles, long necklace, and an accessory such as a purse/clutch and or a fan as Ashley shows in this tutorial. The next piece would be to find a drop waist style dress with sheer stockings. T-strap shoes with a lower heal will totally finish your Flapper costume.

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