Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial

How To- Cute Pumpkin Makeup

In this tutorial, Ashley shows you how to create an easy pumpkin makeup look for Halloween. 2020 has definitely been a wild a crazy year with the pandemic so whether you are Quarantine-O-Weening this year or attending parties this is a fun and creative look that you can create with just a few simple steps. We all could use a little fun and festiveness so even if Halloween is looking different this year, let’s still try to have fun with it.

Makeup You’ll Need To Create This Halloween Pumpkin Look – Eyes

Like U Latte

Allergen Free eyeshadow in the shade called Like U Latte. Perfect neutral base color with slight shimmer for a base shade of your Halloween makeup pumpkin costume

Like U Latte is a soft, light, rosey caramel tan with an ever so slight shimmer. It compliments blue and green eyes but those with dark brown eyes will love this shadow too! Ashley uses Like U Latte all over the lid as a base color.

Coy Blush

Image of Coy blush that is pink and apricot colored in small cosmetic jar. This blush can be used for your pumpkin Halloween Makeup as an all over lid color too.

Coy is a beautiful matte apricot pink blush – equal parts pink and apricot. Ashley uses Coy all over her lids and in the crease.

Tango Blush

Image of Tango Blush by Red Apple Lipstick a matte peach shade

Tango Blush is a matte true peach blush shade. Ashley uses Tango all over her lids and then blends it into the crease. Both Coy and Tango have slight peachy tones to them which is perfect for giving your eyes a more orangey look for your Halloween pumpkin makeup look.

Sugar & Spice

Image of Sugar & Spice Eyeshadow that is matte with a medium warm spicy brown with reddish orange undertones. Use for a crease color in your pumpkin Halloween Makeup

Sugar & Spice is a matte, medium, warm, spicy, brown eyeshadow with a reddish-orange undertone. Ashley uses this eyeshadow in the crease of her eyelids and blends the color out.

Down To Earth

image of shimmer coppery brown itch free eyeshadow. This rich mediuum terra cotta copper color is used in this tutorial for shine in the center of the eyelid for a pumpkin Halloween look.

Down To Earth is a rich medium terra-cotta copper with a beautiful golden sheen. In the video, Ashley uses this eyeshadow for the center of her eyelids for added shine and sheen.

Black Eye Liner Pencil

Image of Red Apple Lipstick's Black Eyeliner pencil, Perfectly defines your eyes for a pumpkin halloween makeup

The Black Eye Liner Pencil will perfectly define your eyes! Ashley uses this eyeliner pencil on her upper and lower lash lines as well as the waterline.

The Lash Project Mascara

image of itch free, allergen free, no clump water resistant conditioning mascara for lashes that grow healthy and strong. A great addition for your Halloween makekup.

The Lash Project Mascara by Red Apple Lipstick The Lash Project Mascara is a Hypo-allergenic Mascara that is classic and timeless in satin black and gives your lashes a weightless, soft feathery look all while defining and strengthening your lashes. Ashley uses the mascara on both her upper and lower lashes in this video.

Makeup You’ll Need To Create This Halloween Pumpkin Look – Lips

Coral Crush

Allergen Free Coral Crush Satin Lipstick

Coral Crush is a classic coral. It has a smooth, satin finish which produces a lovely sheen. Ashley uses this lipstick first as her base lip shade.

Spice ‘N Easy

Inage of Spice 'N Easy Lipstick that is a medium spicy orange shade with brownish red undertones

Spice ‘N Easy is a gorgeous warm lipstick. It’s a medium spicy orange color with a brownish-red undertone. Ashley applies this lipstick right over the top of Coral Crush and blends the color into her lips.


Brazilliant Gluten Free formulation from RAL

Brazilliant is pink with slight tangerine undertones, almost a very light coral. In this video, Ashley uses Brazilliant as her topcoat over the top of Coral Crush and Spice ‘N Easy and blends these colors together. This lip color trio gives the lips the perfect peachy coral color for your Halloween pumpkin makeup look.

Tangomint Lip Gloss

Image of warm shade orange red Tangomint lip gloss with golden micro-shimmer

Last but definitely not least, Ashley uses Tangomint Lipgloss to top off the lips for this makeup look. Tangomint is a warm shade of orange-red with golden micro-shimmer and is from our Mint 2 Be collection.

How To Pull Your Entire Pumpkin Costume Together

You can finish your cute pumpkin costume look with just a few more items outside the makeup look. You can first evaluate what you might already have just sitting around your house that will work, but thrifting second-hand stores is another great way to pick costume pieces without breaking the bank.

Halloween Pumpkin Costume featuring an orange jack-o-lantern sweater, black skinny jeans, orange and black jack-o-lantern flat shoes, a pumpkin headband, bracelet and jack-o-lantern purse.

The first thing you’ll need for your costume is a a cute pumpkin shirt or sweatshirt/sweater for your top. For bottoms, a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings are perfect. Then you’ll want to find a cute headpiece like as a headband with pumpkin details or a hairclip or hat. A pumpkin baret would be adorable as well! For shoes, black flats would be just fine but if you have or can make pumpkin flats like Ashley was able to find they are a super cute detail for this costume. Some additional touches would be some pumpkin jewelry and a pumpkin handbag.

Overall when it comes to costumes our advice is to be creative, resourceful, step outside the box, and just have fun with it. For more Halloween makeup and costume details check out our post from last year here.

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