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Lipstick IS An Accessory

What if I told you…
“You can only have one pair of shoes, for all occasions.”
“You can only have one pair of earrings, for all occasions.”
“You can only have two necklaces, for all occasions.”
“You can only have 1 purse… forever”

You would tell me I was nuts!

Women have a ton of fun accessories.

You might own 20 pairs of shoes, 50 purses, the closet is chock full of cute tops…

… earrings and necklaces that dangle from counter top spinny thingies, and watches, bangles, bracelets and rings abound.

But yet I find that a lot of women overlook the understanding that LIPSTICK IS another huge accessory.

I mean, lipstick IS THE mood booster of your makeup bag. No other single accessory can change your entire mood as quickly and easily as a lipstick color can.

Yes, eye shadow can too, to some degree, but it’s more complicated to do so. Lipstick is fast, simple and efficient.

So, it boggles my mind when a woman tells me she only has 1 or 2 lipsticks that she has used since she was 18.

Ultimately, lipsticks are inexpensive, yet quality accessories. You shouldn’t have 2, you should have 10 or 15 of them, in varied color sets.

In this fashion, you will have a ton of fun, and enjoyment in the delicious art of experimentation, the sense of adventure in completing looks and feeling creative.

It will also help break daily ruts! Trust me when I say, it’s perfectly ok to go to work, or even the grocery store, sporting a different look each day. It shows your versatility as the woman you know you are.

I would never want you to be in fear or hold back on yourself over $20, especially when you know we have your back on your purchase with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So, if your gut tells you that you want to be adventurous and try that new color, don’t hold back, go for it.

And know, it’s ok, normal and healthy to own a muriad of lipsticks, just as you might have a gob of shoes, this is a blast in the simple arts of lipstick!

Here’s some photos to demonstrate, Comments Welcome On The Subject!


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  1. The lipsticks colour is sooooooo awesome..I really like it. I want to try it.. 🙂

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