29 Things To Love About Red Apple Lipstick

Happy National Lipstick Day Red Apple Girls! To celebrate, let’s go through 29 things that make Red Apple Lipstick awesome!


1. Try any product and if you are dissatisfied for any reason, please send it right back to us within 6 months of receipt for an exchange or refund.


2. It’s inevitable that while wearing lipstick you’ll inadvertently ingest some of it so if you have Celiac Disease make sure your lipstick is gluten-free.


3. Through careful and conscientious sourcing of ingredients, we’re proud to say NO to GMO’s.


4. Parabens are a toxic set of chemicals used to preserve makeup. They’ve been found by doctors in breast tumor research so we just say no to parabens.


5. Red Apple Lipstick products are made in smaller batches right here in the US so your makeup is fresh. 



6. The choice of making Red Apple Lipstick products anywhere other the USA was and is out of the question. 


7. We’re proud to say no to Animal Testing. For more information about our standards regarding this issue go here.


8. The Red Apple Lipstick products are 100% vegan. This means we don’t use ingredients from animals or animal byproducts.


9. Some talc on the market has been reported to contain asbestos so we don’t use it in our products.


10. Lead in makeup really does exist, but not in our products. We routinely test our raw ingredients in a lab to be absolutely positive.


11. From the 6-month return policy to the various programs and offers we do our best to make sure you’re 100% happy with not just your makeup but your overall experience as well.


12. We believe your body is precious so we choose to not use dyes in any of our products. 


13. Speaking of your body being precious, we also choose to not use any of the toxic chemicals you might normally find in off the shelf makeup.


14. The Red Apple Lipstick motto is “Every Woman Deserves Safe Makeup” which is why we work hard to create safe products without sacrificing quality.


15. To insure the safety of even our most sensitive customers our testing and storage procedures are rigorous. We go through great measures to eliminate the chance for cross-contamination and our products are professionally lab tested.


16. With Red Apple Lipstick products it’s easy to apply your makeup sheer, medium bodied, full-bodied, or blend two colors to create a new one.


17. There is a huge disconnect in the cosmetic industry with their customers fueled by greedy corporate environments. At Red Apple Lipstick our approach is the opposite. 


18. Most lipsticks use gross, waxy, thick bases but Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks have an entirely different kind of base. Smooth, silky and creamy.


19. You’ll find that Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadows provide a rich color payoff that won’t make your eyes red, puffy, itchy or scratchy because they don’t have the common containments.


20. When you join the FREE VIP club you’ll get a monthly coupon code, access to sales and products before the general public AND receive a complimentary copy of Jay’s book “Toxic Makeup – Silent Killings For Profit.”


21. Never pay full price for your Red Apple Lipstick makeup goodies by joining the FREE VIP club. Learn more here.


22. Say goodbye to dry chapped lips with Red Apple Lipstick’s Rallye Balm.


23. Red Apple Lipstick’s glosses are so silky smooth you’ll do a happy dance.


24. If you’re in need of direction regarding what makeup would be your best match we do offer makeup consultations. Learn more here.


25. Send us any old toxic makeup that you don’t like, and we will send you fresh, brand new, non-toxic, Red Apple Lipstick products at a REDUCED PRICE! Learn more here.


26. Take the “Lipstick Frustrations To Sensations In 5 Days” e-course and for five days you’ll receive a new surprising lipstick concept and tip by email for FREE. Plus you will receive 3 bonus tips at the end as well.


27. The first time you open a Red Apple Lipstick reusable drawstring cotton bag, with its signature green custom wrapping, you’ll want to experience it over and over.


28. As part of our ongoing commitment to making you as happy as possible, we have created an awesome program to reward you for purchases and reviews.


29.  We value the safety of any information you reveal to us on our website. This is why we NEVER store your credit card number, share your personal information with anyone outside of the shipping companies or sell your marketing data to anyone, ever.


These are just some of the reasons we think Red Apple Lipstick is awesome but we’d love to hear from you as well. Let us know what you love most about Red Apple Lipstick and your experiences with us so far. Leave a note below and to learn more go to www.www.redapplelipstick.com ?

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