Are You Making One of These Makeup Mistakes?

Makeup mistakes

Makeup enables to you enhance your natural beauty and express your unique personality. It’s both fun and rewarding to come to the mirror with a clean face and walk away with your own, one of a kind masterpiece. Whether you’re going for the au naturel, “no makeup” makeup look, or full-on “ready for my closeup” drama, your makeup needs to be perfect. In this post, we’ll highlight the top makeup mistakes to avoid so that your makeup always looks on point every time.

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Mistake #1: Wearing Too Much Makeup

One of the biggest mistakes is wearing way too much makeup. This is especially true when it comes to foundation. It’s incredibly easy to get carried away with foundation. Before you know it, you’ve buried your skin underneath and are a totally different shade (and texture). While you do want to create a smooth appearance with your foundation, you don’t want to cake on your foundation. It creates an unrealistic and fake appearance that screams “I’m wearing a ton of makeup.”

Instead, invest in a buildable foundation and apply a sheer layer of foundation only where you need it to even out discoloration or dual skin tones. Continue building your foundation as necessary with a very light hand.

Mistake #2: Not Moisturizing Your Skin Underneath

Before you pass go and collect $200, you need to moisturize your skin. [bctt tweet=”Before you pass go and collect $200, you need to moisturize your skin. Here’s why:” username=”redapplelipstic”] Skin that’s dry or cracked should be treated before applying any makeup. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a makeup finish that looks flaky and uneven and, what’s worse, you’ll also damage your skin underneath.

Mistake #3: Bad Contouring

Contouring is like magic. With the right application, you can create the illusion of a slimmer face, higher cheekbones, and plumper lips. However, contouring can go bad really quickly if you’re not careful. The biggest error with contouring is going too dark with your shadow. When sculpting your features, aim for a shade or two deeper than your current color. Also, don’t forget to blend. Sharp lines are a no-no.

Makeup mistakes

Mistake #4: Applying Too Much Highlighter

Highlighting and contouring often go hand in hand. Everyone wants a luminous glow. You can accomplish that look with highlight. But too much highlighting can look artificial. Applying too much highlighter can also create excess shine and give the unwanted appearance of oiliness. Yikes.

Be frugal and strategic with your highlighter. Lightly apply highlighter.

Mistake #5: Neglecting Your Brows

Neglecting your brows is a big mistake. Eyebrows frame your face, but they’re so easy to forget in a normal makeup routine. No matter how simple your look, don’t forget to fill in sparse brows and give them a quick comb through.

Brunettes, check out our Cocoa Eyeliner Pencil which doubles as a brow filler.

Mistake #6: Overdoing Your Brows

On the other end of the spectrum is over-defining your brows. From overdrawing the brow to filling in the brow with black liner, a dominant brow can be distracting. Keep your brows simple and lightly manicured.

Mistake #7: Overlining Your Lips Dramatically

Looking to plump up your lips? Resist the urge to create a dramatically different shape to your lips. There are other tricks you can use to make your lips look bigger like we discuss in this post: How to Improve Your Pout: A Beginner’s Guide to Lipstick. It may look good in photos but overlining looks exaggerated and cartoonish in person.

Mistake #8: Applying Too Much Powder to Your Face

Powder can keep oiliness in check, and it’s important for setting liquid foundation. However, too much powder can create a cakey look that will age you. It can also settle into your skin’s fine lines and make them even more pronounced. After applying powder to your face, use a clean angled brush, like our Vegan Blush Brush, to sweep away the excess.

Mistake #9: Not Blending the Foundation to Your Neck and Beyond

One of the most cringe-worthy makeup mistakes is applying foundation to your face and not your neck or chest. If the foundation is only applied to your face, it creates a mask-like appearance. Be sure to dab and blend foundation onto your neck and also your chest (if exposed) to create a consistent appearance.

Mistake #10: Wearing Dark Eyeliner

This one may surprise some folks, but black eyeliner is often a mistake, depending on the occasion. Dark eyeliner is aging and harsh. For daytime looks, opt for a softer liner, such as cocoa. Brown will define your eyes without creating severe lines.

Makeup mistakes

Mistake #11: Using the Wrong Mascara

Are you wearing the right mascara? Or are you one of the many who suffers from mascara that smudges, flakes, and irritates your eyes? The wrong mascara can be brutal, which is why we created the Lash Project. The Lash Project will condition your lashes, prevent raccoon eyes, and create stronger, healthier, and more youthful looking lashing in 60 days. Get you mascara tube here.

Mistake #12: Not Switching Up Your Foundation Shade Throughout the Year

If you live in a temperate climate zone with all four seasons, your skin will naturally lighten and darken over the course of a year in response to sun exposure. During the summer months, you’re likely to sport a tan, and during the winter months, your skin will inevitably return to its inherent shade. Your foundation selection should reflect these subtle shade changes to your skin. At the very least, you should have two foundation shades: one for the tan months and one for the rest of the year.

Mistake #13: Holding Onto Expired Makeup

All makeup has a shelf-life. If you wear makeup past its expiration date, you’re putting yourself at risk for irritations and breakouts. Make sure that you know when it’s time to say sayonara to your makeup. Here’s a quick overview of expiration dates:

3 – 6 months

  • Mascaras

12 months

  • Eyeliners
  • Eye shadow primers
  • Exfoliates
  • Lipsticks
  • Lip glosses
  • Lip pencils

24 months

  • Eye shadows
  • Blushes
  • Bronzers

Mistake #14: Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Dirty brushes are a no go. Your makeup brushes could be harboring dust, bacteria, dead skin cells, and all kinds of yucky germs that could wreak havoc on your skin. Commit to cleaning your brushes regularly. To clean your brushes, you can use a mild soap or even olive oil and warm water once a week. Be sure to dry completely before use.

Mistake #15: Sleeping In Your Makeup

You’ve probably heard this one before but it’s worth repeating: Never sleep in your makeup. Makeup is temporary magic, with emphasis on temporary. If you wear your makeup for too long, you will damage your skin. Because it covers your skin, makeup has a tendency to clog your pores. Always wash away your makeup at the end of the day. Also, give your skin a break from wearing makeup altogether some days.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the biggest makeup mistake of them all is not wearing makeup at all. Makeup should be fun and self-expressive. Even if you break one or more of the above rules, it’s not a big deal. It’s just makeup. You can always wash it off and start over fresh.

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