Mascara clumps, self confidence, and the tale of “Black Beard”

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried close to 50 mascaras from the time I was 14.  Everything from drugstore to department store.

You know that feeling when you open a brand new tube of mascara, it’s pristine…and your hopes are so high that THIS will be The One.

It will be perfect, no clumps, no smudging, it will make your lashes long and thick like the lashes on the commercials, and it won’t dry out like the last bottle you just had to replace…

You apply it.  And you sigh.  “Well I guess it’s ok.  I’ll stick it out for a little while and see what happens.”

A month passes, and the bottle is all cakey where the brush goes in, and you find that it’s dry, flaky and clumpy just like all the rest have been.  You debate about throwing it out, but you spent $17 on it…so you wait.

Then you remove your makeup at the end of the day and a few lashes come out…

“dang, I needed those…what’s happening?”

You use it the next day, and your eyes start to itch and water – and one of those flakes gets in your eye!

You decide it’s probably time to toss it.  But where to go from here? Within a few months you might have spent cumulatively $50-100 just switching brands to find The One.

It was hard for me to wear mascara because it made my eyes itchy, puffy and red…but I kept doing it anyway – because I felt naked in the world without it.  Then my lashes started falling out and growing in weird directions, so I only wore mascara when I “had to.”

Maybe we, as women, don’t want to admit that not wearing mascara or having bad lashes affects our self-confidence – but I know it did mine.  The same way my stubborn black hairs on my chin do.

Yep, I’ll admit it.

They’re stubborn little boogers and grow rampantly if not wrangled by my trusty pair of tweezers.

At one point my “black beard” was so bad after two days of not tweezing, that I “affectionately” named my bearded alter-ego self “MANdrea”.
No joke.  My girlfriends and I would all laugh about it.  But, why didn’t they have hairs growing out of every place on their face???

I wish it was socially acceptable for me to walk around with my sporadic spiky beard and mustache hairs (oh did i mention they grow there too!).

But it’s not socially acceptable for Mandrea to walk around.

And I’d rather people pay attention to what’s coming out of my mouth than what’s growing out of my chin.
So I pluck…and laugh.

Does it make us weak if “superficial” things affect our self-confidence?  I don’t think so.
Do I think we should love our bodies just the way they are? Of course.

But, if we’re going to wear mascara because we like they way we feel and look in this world, why not wear one that doesn’t cause us harm?

How would wearing mascara again transform your life, your self-confidence?

How would having your lashes and follicles be healthy again change the way you hold your head up?

Think of all those situations in your life when you come into contact with others – and now you get to face them with fresh, new eyes.

Not worrying about checking for smudges before the business meeting…

Not worrying about pulling off the clumps and flakes with your fingernails before the parent-teacher conference…

Not worrying about wiping the tears from your itchy eyes in front of your client – who might think you’re crying…

Maybe you don’t suffer from any of those problems…lucky you!

All I can say, is after using our prototype mascara for a year now, I no longer have to worry…

about clumps, smudging, allergic reactions, lashes falling out, squinting my eyes, puffiness, nothing.

It feels great and it looks great.
And you will too!

I’d love to hear how a great mascara would help you…
…or if you also have a beard (so I know I’m not alone)! 🙂

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