Master the Natural Makeup Look With These Top Tips

Natural makeup look

You’re a natural beauty, so why hide behind layers of makeup? Embrace what makes you uniquely beautiful by adopting a purer and more organic makeup routine.

But that’s easier said than done, right? Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to go for a dramatic cat eye or a bold lip than it is to master an “I’m not wearing makeup” makeup look. If you’re struggling to create the natural makeup look, this post is for you. Below, we’ll discuss how to perfect the barely there, fresh-faced, youthful look that you crave— and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to accomplish.

Let’s get started.

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Start With Your Skin

When you dawn a natural makeup look, your skin is truly the star of the show. The natural look works best with healthy, glowing skin that looks and feels moisturized.

Before you even apply your makeup, make sure that you take care of your skin. Start with a clean face. Use a moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

One of the best natural cleansers you can use is coconut oil. To wash with coconut oil:

Apply coconut oil directly to your face and massage in for 30 seconds to one minute. Then lay a warm towel over your face. This encourages your pores to open up. Leave on for up to one minute. Then, wet the washcloth with warm water and gently remove the oil in a circular motion. Coconut oil is great for removing grim (it has antibacterial and antifungal properties) but keeping moisture.

But here’s a warning about coconut oil: It is a heavy oil, and it can over moisturize if you use it too often (i.e. more than once a day). Therefore, be cautious of your usage and start slow if you’re not accustomed to this type of cleanser.

You can also go with another natural cleanser duo: Honey and lemon! both lemon and honey contain natural antibacterial agents and can cleanse your face. Lemon can reveal a natural brightness to your face while honey, being a humectant, attracts and maintains moisture. As a result, this dynamic duo will leave you with shinier, healthier skin.

To make your own honey and lemon facial cleanser, combine two parts honey to one part fresh lemon juice. Then, apply the mixture to your face. Leave until dry and then rinse off with warm water. It’s quite refreshing!

Of course, be cautious in case you have any allergies to any of the above ingredients. If you’re not sure, do a 24-hour skin test to guard against an allergic reaction or irritation.

Forgo the Foundation

Now that you have fresh, bright, and moisturized skin, let’s discuss how to apply makeup in a way that looks natural and not overpowering.

You can also apply makeup without foundation, but many of us love to have a little coverage over our skin to combat discoloration and unevenness. If you’d prefer to have some coverage, here’s the solution: Opt for a tinted moisturizer.

Tinted moisturizers are part foundation, part moisturizing cream. While tinted, these products contain far less color pigment than a traditional foundation. There’s a hint of color, but it’s not at all overpowering. Tinted moisturizers are perfect for creating the natural look because they offer very light coverage but at maximum hydration. In other words, they won’t have that “caked on” look like many medium to full coverage foundations do. Tinted moisturizers allow your skin to show through which makes them natural makeup-friendly.

Next up, let’s discuss concealers. Concealers are something that a lot of us crave. From dark circles to pimples to old scars that never go away, concealers definitely save the day. You don’t have to avoid using a concealer just because you want to look au naturale. Just go with a light hand when you do conceal.

When you embrace the natural look, you also embrace the fact that your skin has unique characteristics. Don’t go crazy in an attempt to cover every perceived imperfection and create a flawless face. Instead, only cover major no-no’s (like zits and redness), and allow the rest to be part of your signature beauty.

One trick is to apply concealer while looking directly at yourself in the eyes. This stops you from focusing on all of the individual problem areas and allows you to focus on the glaring blemishes only. It’s a practical trick because you’ll see yourself as most people do. Remember that most people do not scan your entire face to look for blemishes while talking to you, so you shouldn’t either— at least not when you’re going for the natural look.

Go for the Eyes

Natural makeup look

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and the soul of the all-natural look. To truly nail the barely there look, you must get the eyes right. But how? Let’s break it down:

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The best eyeshadow for a natural look is soft and neutral. Go for a soft brown color that’s a shade or two darker than your natural hue. This allows you to contour your eyes and create your desired shape subtly. You can also use a neutral shimmer on your eyelids to attract light, but be careful not to go over-the-top sparkly. Subtle is the name of the game.

Eye Liner

When choosing an eyeliner for a natural look, always opt for a pencil. Pencils give off a more organic presentation. If you have black or brunette hair, opt for a brown-black pencil. If you have blonde or red hair, go with a brown pencil.

Consider tight lining your eyes. Tight lining is when you apply eyeliner to the inside area of your lash line (also known as your water line). It gives off a more natural look because you’re defining your lash line instead of over-drawing it.


Mascara is the cornerstone of your natural look. It’s quite easy to go overboard with mascara. Here’s how to make it look as natural as possible:

Only apply mascara to the top lashes twice. When you apply to the bottom lashes, avoid going all the way to the end of the lash. Instead, wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes to get definition and color but don’t drag the brush all the way through.

By the way, be sure to check out our popular lash conditioning mascara here. Grow stronger, healthier natural lashes while wearing our high performance, smudge proof, allergy-proof mascara.

If you opt to use falsies, choose individual lashes instead of strips. This allows you to control the fullness of your lash lines.

Make Rosy Cheeks

A natural makeup look should always include blush. Blush adds dimension, warmth, and color to your face. If you’re looking for the perfect blush that flatters all skin tones, check out our Gotta Glow blush. This shimmer peachy pink will bring a soft radiance to your cheeks.

Go Soft With the Lips

Natural makeup look

To create natural lips, avoid bold colors and mattes. Go for softer, satin shades in the hues of pink, brown, or purple to compliment your skin tone. If your skin pairs perfectly with purple, don’t think you’re stuck with just one type of lipstick. You may look best in light purple, medium purple, or dark purple.

To reveal your perfect natural lip color, bite your lip (gently) and see the natural color that shows up. That’s a good indication of the lip shade you should consider. Also, avoid testing your lipstick on your arm. It doesn’t provide the right insight because the skin of your arm is very different from the skin on your lips.

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