Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial with Kissimmee Lipstick

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Let’s talk easy makeup! I love shades that multi-task (like Brownie Points eyeshadow , and unexpected neutrals that add interest without drawing all the attention (like Golden Girl eyeshadow). 

Using just three eyeshadows, Primetime eye primer,  Charcoal eyeliner, and The Lash Project mascara you can get this look done in 10 minutes. 

I’ve used basic eyeshadow placement, so using this same technique – you can swap out any shades that you love as long as they’re bright (inner eye), soft and light (eyelid), and darker (crease/hood). 

Biggest tips for looking youthful and pulled together:

  • Eyebrows! I can’t stress it enough. A filled in brow, frames your face, brings youth to your eyes and draws your face upward.  This is especially important if you wear glasses or have hooded eyes!
  • Wiggle your mascara wand up your lashes vs. just swiping. Wiggling as you work the wand up, gets them thicker and allows the lashes to stay separated and in the proper place
  • Wear 2+ coats of mascara. Lashes pull your whole look together, and more than one coat (no matter what mascara you wear) will make your eyes pop!
  • Match your lipstick to something in your outfit. Be it a portion of your hat, a part of the pattern on your shirt, or your earrings…a slight hint of the color of your lipstick in your outfit will look intentional and pulled together. The exceptions of course are neutrals: black, brown, white, and tan appreciate a complementary lipstick that looks great on you! 

This neutral eyeshadow look can be paired with any lipstick you love. It looks spectacular with both Kissimmee and Red Apple Red  You can find this look paired with Red Apple Red during our summer sale for a bundled discount.

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