Never Have Dry Mascara Again

The Lash Project is being released in early July 2014!! Woo hoo!!

We have long awaited the completion of this project and I know you have too.  I wanna tell you things about this mascara as I think of them, so you can get the full picture.

First off, if you haven’t already – REGISTER for the mascara release sale!! You can do this two ways.

Way #1: register for our new summer makeup sale (happening June 7th) and once you do, you’ll be taken to a page where you can put a downpayment of $5 on your future mascara order AND get a FREE RALLYE BALM!! The people who do this will get first dibs when we release this amazing mascara!!  Go here:   And YES, that $5 goes toward your final mascara order.  This is a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Way #2: go to and register on the right of the page.

Just FYI, in case you are wondering – the reason we have people register for sales and new releases is two fold.

1. We want to know how many extra people we need to bring into the shipping department for the week of the sale

2. We don’t want to bother our entire fan base/email list with tons of reminders and details about a sale if they’re not interested

If you’ve already registered, THANK YOU! You will love your new mascara – trust me, I’m a mascara fiend and it’s UH-MAZING!!


Now onto what I have recently discovered about The Lash Project.

It lasts a really long time.  You know how most mascaras (if you use them daily) “dry out” after a couple months??  What always frustrated me, is that you would realize this only AFTER you applied your mascara and found it was clumpy and dried out and gross.  The worst part?? You KNOW there is more mascara left in that tube, it’s just dried out!!!  So you have to toss it, and go buy another one. Ugh!

Well, I’m here to tell you, ours doesn’t dry out.  Now, does it run out…of course it does.  I don’t apply makeup everyday.  (Gasp!)  haha

I apply makeup about 5 out of 7 days – sometimes I just like my face and eyes to breathe – and yes I do own a makeup company…weird, right??

Anyway, I have beta tested our new mascara since I perfected the formula a little less than a year ago.  It lasts me about 4 months, using it the way I do.  2 coats, 5 times a week.

But, when it gets “empty”, I know it’s really empty, because the amount of mascara on the “spoolie” or wand is just not as much as it used to be…but NOT the same amount of mascara as before and just dry and clumpy!

I’m astounded and excited.

Our mascara does cost more than other mascaras you might find online, in Ulta, and certainly the drug store.

But just know it’s because we are not using cheap, harmful ingredients that all those other brands use.  Even the “fancy” brands that cost $25-30 – yep, even they use cheap ingredients…they just use their brand name to get more money out of you.  Do I sound like a cynic??  Well, I am.  It’s frustrating to compare a high-end brand name mascara with a drug-store mascara and find that they are virtually the SAME INGREDIENTS.  Yeah, I get irritated…don’t get me on my soap box.

Hence why our mascara actually will condition your lashes, help them become healthier, and DOESN’T DRY OUT, because we use high-quality ingredients and leave out all the bad stuff!!

Here’s a few secrets:

1. Don’t pump the wand into the mascara, it allows air to enter the mascara – and YES this activity WILL dry it out.

2. Sign up for our VIP club now! It’s free, and you will receive monthly discounts that you can use toward our mascara.  Sign up here!

(i.e. you will never pay full price if you’re in the VIP club, for ANY of our products)

3. Because our mascara is above $25 you will always receive free shipping

4. We have a 100% money back guarantee on ALL our products.  If you don’t like what you purchased, you have SIX months to return it or exchange it.  YES, I’m totally serious!  Read more about our return policy here.


The price of The Lash Project will be $42 minus your VIP discount AND free shipping!  Your lashes will look better than ever.  Your follicles will be happy and healthy.  And with your VIP discount, you will never pay full price.

Now, remember if you go register for our new summer collection sale right now, then immediately after that, you’ll get to put $5 down AND automatically get a FREE Rallye Balm when you complete your mascara order in July.  <– That deal is really hard to pass up!   Register here.


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